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Monday 8/29/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Devo – Freedom of Choice (1980)

Freedom of Choice is the third studio album by the American new wave band Devo. It was originally released May 16, 1980 on the Warner Bros. label. The album contained their biggest hit, “Whip It”, which hit No. 8 and No. 14 on the Billboard Club Play Singles and Pop Singles charts, respectively. Freedom of Choice peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart.

  1. “Girl U Want” 2:55
  2. “It’s Not Right” 2:20
  3. “Whip It” 2:37
  4. “Snowball” 2:28
  5. “Ton o’ Luv” 2:29
  6. “Freedom of Choice” 3:28
  7. “Gates of Steel” 3:26
  8. “Cold War” 2:30
  9. “Don’t You Know” 2:14
  10. “That’s Pep!” 2:17
  11. “Mr. B’s Ballroom” 2:45
  12. “Planet Earth” 2:45

Mark Mothersbaugh – lead and background vocals, keyboards, guitar
Gerald Casale – lead and background vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
Bob Casale – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Bob Mothersbaugh – guitar, backing vocals
Alan Myers – drums

Wednesday 1/5/22 8pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1981 (by title) A to Z – Part 2

This RadioMax special features our Library of music from 1981 A2Z.

We continue with letter A and move into B. We feature music from: Oak Ridge Boys, Iggy Pop, Jim Steinman, Kinks, Sugarhill Gang, Mitch Ryder, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Joe Jackson, Devo, Kenny Rogers, AC/DC, Smokey Robinson, Spider, April Wine and many more. . .

8pm to 12am ET

Wednesday 12/29/21 8pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1980 A to Z – Part 24

This RadioMax special features our Library of music from 1980 A2Z.

We are moving into the final segments of 1980 music. This installment features music from Dickey Lee, Barbra Streisand, Rossington-Collins Band, Jerry Reed, Pat Benatar, Hoyt Axton, Red Rider, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Rockpile, Romantics, Devo, Poco, Journey and many more. Tomorrow we feature the completion of this segment and start our travel into 1981 next Tuesday.

8pm – 12am ET

In Memoriam: Bob Casale [Devo] (1953 – 2014) 9p ET

Bob CasaleWe feature the music of Devo 9p ET

Devo is an American rock band formed in 1972 consisting of members from Kent and Akron, Ohio. The classic line-up of the band included two sets of brothers, the Mothersbaughs (Mark and Bob) and the Casales (Gerald and Bob), along with Alan Myers. The band had a No. 14 Billboard chart hit in 1980 with the single “Whip It”, and has maintained a cult following throughout its existence. Their style over time has shifted between punk, art rock, post-punk, and New Wave. Their music and stage show mingle kitsch science fiction themes, deadpan surrealist humor, and mordantly satirical social commentary. Their often discordant pop songs feature unusual synthetic instrumentation and time signatures that have proven influential on subsequent popular music, particularly New Wave, industrial and alternative rock artists. Devo was also a pioneer of the music video, creating many memorable clips for the Laser Disc format, with “Whip It” getting heavy airplay in the early days of MTV.

Alan Myers died of stomach cancer in Los Angeles, California on June 24, 2013. He was 58 years old. News reports at the time of his death incorrectly cited brain cancer as the cause.

Bob Casale died February 17, 2014 at the age of 61; according to his brother Gerald, it was a “sudden death from conditions that led to heart failure”.

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