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In Memoriam: Dean Daughtry (1946 – 2023)

Dean Daughtry (September 8, 1946 – January 26, 2023) was an American musician. He was the keyboard player with the Classics IV after Joe Wilson departed. They had a 1968 #3 US/#46 UK/#1 Can hit with “Spooky”. He co-founded the Atlanta Rhythm Section in 1971, and was their sole constant member until retiring in 2020. They had two US top ten hits: “So in to You” (in 1977) and “Imaginary Lover” (in 1978), both of which reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 survey, and #2 and #9 in Canada.

Daughtry died in Huntsville, Alabama, on January 26, 2023, at the age of 76.

In Memoriam: Floyd Sneed (1942 – 2023)

Floyd Chester Sneed (November 22, 1942 – January 27, 2023) was a Canadian drummer, best known for his work with the band Three Dog Night.

Born on November 22, 1942, in the Canadian city of Calgary, Sneed grew up in a musical family (his parents were both musicians at their church) and became interested in drums at an early age. His first drum kit was a gift from his older sister Maxine, who at the time was married to the musician-actor Tommy Chong. He was in a band called the “Calgary Shades” that included his pianist older brother Bernie Sneed (1940–2016). He soon began performing in the Vancouver area as part of Chong’s band, Little Daddy and the Bachelors.

In 1966, Sneed formed his own band and moved to Los Angeles, California. In 1968, he met a trio of vocalists (Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron and Cory Wells), who had a contract with Dunhill Records and were looking for backing musicians. Sneed joined their new band, Three Dog Night, which became a commercial success in the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s. Sneed sang backup on only one song with the band; he did the deep vocal on “Joy to the World”, singing the lyric “I wanna tell you.” After Three Dog Night broke up in 1977, he continued to work with other groups, including an extended tour with The Ohio Players. He and other backing musicians from Three Dog Night worked together in a short-lived group named SS Fools. He reappeared briefly with the reincarnated Three Dog Night in the mid-1980s. In 1990, he had a minor role playing a drummer in a Chong film, Far Out Man. In 2002, he toured and recorded with the band K.A.T.T., and has formed his own band called Same Dog New Tricks.

Sneed died on January 27, 2023, at the age of 80.

In Memoriam: Tom Verlaine (1949 – 2023)

Tom Verlaine (born Thomas Miller, December 13, 1949 – January 28, 2023) was an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, best known as the frontman of the New York City rock band Television.

Verlaine was born Thomas Miller into a Jewish family in Denville, New Jersey, on December 13, 1949. He moved to Wilmington, Delaware, with his family at age of six. He began studying piano at an early age, but switched to saxophone in middle school after hearing a record by Stan Getz. Jazz saxophonists such as John Coltrane and Albert Ayler inspired him. Verlaine initially was unimpressed with the role of the guitar in both rock music and jazz, but was inspired to take up the instrument after hearing the Rolling Stones’ “19th Nervous Breakdown” during his adolescence, at which point he began a long period of experimentation to develop a personal style. A later musical influence of Verlaine’s became jazz musician Miles Davis’ electric-period recordings, particularly the Japanese LPs Agharta (1975) and Dark Magus (1977), which he was able to obtain as imports.

Verlaine released a self-titled solo album that began a fruitful 1980s solo career. He took up residence in England for a brief period in response to the positive reception his work had received there and in Europe at large. David Bowie covered Verlaine’s Kingdom Come for his Scary Monsters and Super Creeps album in 1980. In the 1990s he collaborated with different artists, including Patti Smith, and composed a film score for Love and a .45. In the early 1990s, Television reformed to record one studio album (Television) and a live recording (Live at the Academy, 1992); they reunited periodically for touring. Verlaine released his first new album in many years in 2006, titled Songs and Other Things. In the 2010s, he kept on touring with Television, performing Marquee Moon it its entirety: he notably toured in Europe in 2014 and 2016.

Verlaine died in New York City on January 28, 2023, after a brief illness, at the age of 73.

In Memoriam: Barrett Strong (1941 – 2023)

Barrett Strong (February 5, 1941 – January 29, 2023) was an American singer and songwriter. Strong was the first artist to record a hit for Motown, although he is best known for his work as a songwriter, particularly in association with producer Norman Whitfield. Among his most famous work at Motown, Strong wrote the lyrics for many of the songs recorded by the Temptations.

After Motown moved its operations base from Detroit, Michigan, to Los Angeles, California, Strong left the label and resumed his singing career. He signed with Epic in 1972. Strong left the label for Capitol Records, where he recorded two albums in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, Strong recorded “Rock It Easy” on an independent label, and wrote “You Can Depend on Me”, which appeared on their The Second Time album (1988). He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004.

Strong released his album, Stronghold II, which he wrote and composed in collaboration with Eliza Neals in 2008, in digital format only.

In 2010, Strong appeared in “Misery”, his first music video in his fifty years of recording music, co-produced by Eliza Neals and Martin “Tino” Gross with Strong at the helm.

Strong died on January 29, 2023, at the age of 81.

Saturday 1/28/23 6pm ET: Feature LP: Journey – Frontiers (1983)

Frontiers is the eighth studio album by the American rock band Journey, released on January 23, 1983 on Columbia Records. This was the band’s last album to feature bassist Ross Valory until 1996’s Trial by Fire.

The album reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and would garner four top 40 singles: “After the Fall” (No. 23), “Send Her My Love” (No. 23), “Faithfully” (No. 12), and “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” (No. 8), and a rock radio hit in “Chain Reaction”. The album would later achieve the RIAA certification of six times platinum.

The album had been sequenced and prepped for pressing when, in a last-minute conference with Journey’s A&R man Michael Dillbeck, two songs were pulled from the original lineup, “Ask the Lonely” and “Only the Young”. These two tracks were replaced with “Back Talk” and “Troubled Child”. “Ask the Lonely” was utilized in the soundtrack for the film Two of a Kind. “Only the Young” would find its way into the Top Ten two years later, as part of the soundtrack of the movie Vision Quest.

The band recorded a song called “All That Really Matters,” with keyboardist Jonathan Cain singing lead, during the album sessions. It didn’t see release until the 1992 release of the Time3 box set.

Frontiers was the band’s highest-charting album in the United Kingdom, reaching No. 6 on the UK Albums Chart in 1983.

  1. “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” 5:23
  2. “Send Her My Love” 3:55
  3. “Chain Reaction” 4:21
  4. “After the Fall” 5:01
  5. “Faithfully” 4:27
  6. “Edge of the Blade” 4:30
  7. “Troubled Child” 4:29
  8. “Back Talk” 3:17
  9. “Frontiers” 4:10
  10. “Rubicon” 4:19
  11. “Only the Young” 4:18
  12. “Ask the Lonely” 3:55
  13. “Liberty” 2:54
  14. “Only Solutions” 3:33

Steve Perry – lead vocals
Neal Schon – lead guitar, backing vocals
Jonathan Cain – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Ross Valory – bass guitar, backing vocals
Steve Smith – drums, percussion
Randy Jackson – bass guitar on “After the Fall”

Saturday 1/28/23 6am ET: Feature LP: Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction (1987)

Appetite for Destruction is the debut studio album by American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. It was released on July 21, 1987, by Geffen Records. The album was released to little mainstream attention in 1987. It was not until the following year that Appetite for Destruction became a commercial success, after the band had toured and received significant airplay with the singles “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child o’ Mine”. The album peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200 and became the seventh best-selling album of all time in the United States, as well as the best-selling debut album. With over 30 million copies sold worldwide, it is also one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Although critics were originally ambivalent toward the album, Appetite for Destruction has received retrospective acclaim and has been viewed as one of the greatest albums of all time. In 2018, it was re-released as a remastered box set to similar acclaim.

  1. “Welcome to the Jungle” 4:31
  2. “It’s So Easy” 3:21
  3. “Nightrain” 4:26
  4. “Out ta Get Me” 4:20
  5. “Mr. Brownstone” 3:46
  6. “Paradise City” 6:46
  7. “My Michelle” 3:39
  8. “Think About You” 3:50
  9. “Sweet Child o’ Mine” 5:55
  10. “You’re Crazy” 3:16
  11. “Anything Goes” 3:25
  12. “Rocket Queen” 6:13

W. Axl Rose – lead vocals, synthesizer on “Paradise City”, percussion
Slash – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, talk box, backing vocals
Izzy Stradlin – rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Duff “Rose” McKagan – bass guitar, backing vocals
Steven Adler – drums

Friday 1/27/23 11pm ET: Feature LP: White Reaper – Asking For A Ride (2023)

White Reaper is an American garage punk band based in Louisville, Kentucky. The band is composed of Tony Esposito (guitar/vocals), Ryan Hater, Hunter Thompson, Nick Wilkerson, and Sam Wilkerson. The band has released two EPs and three full-length albums, their first album in 2015 White Reaper Does It Again, and The World’s Best American Band in 2017. White Reaper released their third studio album You Deserve Love on October 18, 2019, their major label debut.

Asking For A Ride released January 27, 2023

1 Asking for a Ride 2:55
2 Bozo 2:35
3 Fog Machine 3:13
4 Getting into Trouble w/ the Boss 2:59
5 Funny Farm 2:04
6 Pink Slip 3:18
7 Heaven or Not 3:16
8 Crawlspace 3:01
9 Thorn 3:23
10 Pages 2:34

Tony Esposito – guitar, vocals
Ryan Hater – keyboard
Hunter Thompson – guitar
Nick Wilkerson – drums, percussion
Sam Wilkerson – bass