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Saturday 9/19/2020 6pm ET: Tina Turner Collection

From 1974, rereleased in 2005 – Tina Turners Keeps On Rockin’

Saturday 9/18/2020 1am ET: Feature LP: Pete Townshend – White City: A Novel (1985)

White City: A Novel is the fourth solo studio album by English rock musician Pete Townshend, released on November 11, 1985 by Atco Records. Chris Thomas produced the album (who had also produced Townshend’s previous two albums, Empty Glass and All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes) and it was recorded by Bill Price at three separate recording studios in London, England, which were both of the Eel Pie studios, and A.I.R.

The album peaked at No. 70 on the UK Albums Chart, and at No. 26 on the US Billboard 200. The album also reached the Top 20 in five other countries, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland.

1. “Give Blood” 5:44
2. “Brilliant Blues” 3:06
3. “Face the Face” 5:51
4. “Hiding Out” 3:00
5. “Secondhand Love” 4:12
6. “Crashing by Design” 3:14
7. “I Am Secure” 4:00
8. “White City Fighting” 4:40
9. “Come to Mama” 4:40

Pete Townshend – vocals; guitar
John “Rabbit” Bundrick – keyboards
Tony Butler – bass guitar
Phil Chen – bass guitar
Chucho Merchan – bass guitar
Pino Palladino – bass guitar
Steve Barnacle – bass guitar
Mark Brzezicki – drums
Simon Phillips – drums
Clem Burke – drums
David Gilmour – guitar (tracks 1, 8)
Peter Hope-Evans – harmonica
Kick Horns: Simon Clarke, Roddy Lorimer, Tim Sanders, Peter Thoms
Ewan Stewart – voice (spoken word)
Emma Townshend – backing vocals
Jackie Challenor – backing vocals
Mae McKenna – backing vocals
Lorenza Johnson – backing vocals
Justine Frischmann – backing vocals on “Night School”

Saturday 9/19/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Peter Gabriel – Us (1992)

Us is the sixth studio album by the English singer-songwriter and musician Peter Gabriel, released on 28 September 1992 by Real World Records. Following the release of his soundtrack album Passion in 1989, Gabriel started work on new material for a new album, his first since So, which became his biggest selling release. Gabriel focused on personal themes on Us, including his divorce in the late 1980s, his subsequent relationship with actress Rosanna Arquette, and the growing distance between himself and his first daughter.

Us was promoted with an early form of interactive multimedia software for Macintosh computers entitled Xplora1: Peter Gabriel’s Secret World, which featured several music videos from the album. The album was a worldwide chart success, reaching No. 2 in the UK and the US and the top-ten in twelve other countries. Four singles were released: “Digging in the Dirt”, “Steam”, “Blood of Eden”, and “Kiss That Frog”, with “Steam” reaching No. 10 in the UK. Gabriel supported the album with his Secret World Tour in 1993 and 1994 which was documented on the Secret World Live album and same-titled concert film, both released in 1994. Us was reissued in 2002 and 2010.

1. “Come Talk to Me” (with Sinéad O’Connor) 7:06
2. “Love to Be Loved” 5:18
3. “Blood of Eden” (with Sinéad O’Connor) 6:38
4. “Steam” 6:03
5. “Only Us” 6:30
6. “Washing of the Water” 3:52
7. “Digging in the Dirt” 5:18
8. “Fourteen Black Paintings” 4:38
9. “Kiss That Frog” 5:20
10. “Secret World” 7:03

Peter Gabriel – vocals (all tracks), keyboards (all tracks), triangle (track 1), programming (tracks 1, 2, 7–10), synth bass (tracks 1, 3, 7, 9, 10), percussion (tracks 2, 4, 9), valiha (track 2), horn arrangement (track 4), harmonica (track 9), Mexican flute (track 10)
Tony Levin – bass guitar (tracks 1–7 and 10)
David Rhodes – guitar (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7–10), twelve-string guitar (track 3), solo guitar (track 4)
Manu Katché – drums (tracks 1, 6, 7), electric drums (tracks 2, 4, 5, 10), percussion (track 10)
The Babacar Faye Drummers – sabar drums (tracks 1 and 4)
Doudou N’Diaye Rose – programming (tracks 1 and 10)
David Bottrill – programming (tracks 1–4, 7, 10), additional programming (tracks 5 and 9), studio engineer
Chris Ormston – bagpipes (track 1)
Daniel Lanois – shaker (track 1), guitar (tracks 1, 10), additional vocals (track 1), hi-hat (track 3), vocals (track 3), horn arrangements (track 4), dobro on (tracks 8, 10)
Richard Blair – additional verse keyboards (track 1), programming (tracks 4, 5, 7, 9), additional programming (tracks 2, 3)
Levon Minassian – duduk (tracks 1, 3, 8)
Sinéad O’Connor – vocals (tracks 1, 3)
Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble (Russian: Ансамбль Дмитрия Покровского) – vocals (track 1)
Hossam Ramzy – tabla (track 2), surdo (track 7)
Daryl Johnson – drums (track 2)
William Orbit – programming (track 2), additional programming (track 5)
Bill Dillon – guitar (tracks 2, 5)
Mark Rivera – alto saxophone (tracks 4, 6)
Brian Eno – additional keyboards (track 2)
L. Shankar – violin (tracks 2, 3, 5, 8)
Caroline Lavelle – cello (tracks 2, 6, 10), string arrangement (track 2)
Wil Malone – string arrangement (track 2, 6)
Jonny Dollar – string arrangement (track 2, 6)
Richard Evans – additional engineering (track 2), mix engineer (track 8), mandolin (track 8)
Gus Isidore – bridge guitar (track 3)
Richard Chappell – bridge section mix (track 3)
Leo Nocentelli – guitar (tracks 4, 7)
Tim Green – tenor saxophone (tracks 4, 6)
Reggie Houston – baritone saxophone (tracks 4, 6)
Renard Poché – trombone (tracks 4, 6)
Wayne Jackson – trumpet (track 4), cornet (track 6)
Kudsi Erguner – ney flute (track 5), shaker (track 4)
Ayub Ogada – vocals (track 5, 7)
Malcolm Burn – horn arrangement (track 6), additional synth cello (track 10), additional production ideas (track 10)
Mark Howard – horns recording (track 6)
Babacar Faye – djembe (tracks 7, 8)
Assane Thiam – tama (track 7), talking drum (track 8)
Peter Hammill – vocals (track 7)
Richard Macphail – vocals (track 7)
John Paul Jones – surdo (track 8), bass (track 8), keyboards (track 8)
Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble – additional percussion loop (track 9)
Manny Elias – Senegalese shakers (track 9)
Marilyn McFarlane – vocals (track 9)

Friday 9/18/2020 1am ET: Feature LP: 3 Doors Down – Away From The Sun (2002)

Away from the Sun is the second studio album recorded by American rock band 3 Doors Down, It was released by Universal Music Group on November 12, 2002. The singles released for the album were as follows: “When I’m Gone”, “The Road I’m On”, “Here Without You”, and “Away from the Sun”. The recording sessions took place during the summer of 2002 with producer and engineer Rick Parashar at London Bridge Studio, in Seattle, Washington. Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson performed live with the band during their premiere party in Biloxi for Away from the Sun. The album has sold eight million copies worldwide, including well over four million in the US alone.

1. “When I’m Gone” 4:21
2. “Away from the Sun” 3:53
3. “The Road I’m On” 3:59
4. “Ticket to Heaven” 3:27
5. “Running Out of Days” 3:31
6. “Here Without You” 3:58
7. “I Feel You” 4:07
8. “Dangerous Game” 3:36
9. “Changes” 3:56
10. “Going Down in Flames” 3:28
11. “Sarah Yellin'” 3:17
12. “This Time” 5:18

Brad Arnold – lead vocals
Matt Roberts – lead guitar, backing vocals
Chris Henderson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Todd Harrell – bass guitar
Josh Freese – drums
Additional musicians

David Campbell – strings
Rick Hopkins – Hammond B3
Matthew Burgess – percussion

Zach Blackstone – assistant
David Campbell – string arrangements, orchestral arrangement, string conductor, concertmaster
Sandy Brummels – creative director
Steve Churchyard – engineer
Joel Derouin – concertmaster
Ted Jensen – mastering
Suzie Katayama – orchestra manager
Dean Maher – engineer, digital editing, mixing assistant
George Marino – mastering
Frank Ockenfels – photography
Geoff Ott – engineer, digital editing, overdub engineer
Rick Parashar – producer, engineer, digital editing
Bill Richards – product manager
Paul Silveira – mixing assistant
Honchol Sin – assistant engineer, assistant
Gordon Sran – assistant, overdub assistant
Randy Staub – mixing
Tom Sweeney – assistant engineer, assistant
Latif Tayour – assistant engineer, assistant, overdub assistant
Karen Walker – art direction, design

Friday 9/18/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Stevie Wonder – Hotter Than July (1980)

Hotter than July is the nineteenth studio album by American singer, songwriter and musician Stevie Wonder, originally released on Motown’s Tamla label on September 29, 1980. The recording sessions were primarily done at Wonderland Studios, which Wonder had recently acquired, in Los Angeles where he became responsible for writing, producing and arranging his own material for the new album.

Following the commercial and critical disappointment of Wonder’s Journey through the Secret Life of Plants, Wonder felt struggle at the turn of the new decade. He insisted to the media that Journey through the Secret Life of Plants was not as critically acclaimed as his albums during his “classic period” because of Motown’s weak promotion for the album.

Hotter than July peaked at number three on the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on February 3, 1981. It was Wonder’s most successful album in the UK, peaking at number two on the UK Albums Chart and producing four top ten singles there. The first, third and fourth single were released with music videos.

Hotter than July was nominated for Favorite Soul/R&B Album at the 1982 American Music Awards. Writing for The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), J. D. Considine found the album “buoyantly tuneful” and said fans viewed it as a return to form after the commercial disappointment of Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants.

“Did I Hear You Say You Love Me” – 4:07
“All I Do” – 5:06
“Rocket Love” – 4:39
“I Ain’t Gonna Stand for It” – 4:39
“As If You Read My Mind” – 3:37
“Master Blaster (Jammin’)” – 5:07
“Do Like You” – 4:25
“Cash in Your Face” – 3:59
“Lately” – 4:05
“Happy Birthday” – 5:57

Stevie Wonder – vocals, synthesizer, drums, Fender Rhodes, bass guitar, clavinet, background vocals, ARP, vocoder, piano, harpsichord, celeste, keyboards, harmonica, cabasa, percussion, bells, handclaps, flute
Nathan Watts – bass guitar, background vocals
Benjamin Bridges – guitar, background vocals
Dennis Davis – drums on “Did I Hear You Say You Love Me,” “As If You Read My Mind” and “Master Blaster (Jammin’)”
Earl DeRouen – percussion, background vocals
Isaiah Sanders – keyboards, piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, background vocals
Hank Redd – saxophone, handclaps
Robert Malach – saxophone
Larry Gittens, Nolan A. Smith Jr. – trumpet
Paul Riser – string arrangement
Hank DeVito – steel guitar
Rick Zunigar – guitar
Angela Winbush, Mary Lee Whitney Evans, Susaye Greene Brown, Alexandra Brown Evans, Shirley Brewer, Eddie “Bongo” Brown, Charlie Collins, Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, Michael Jackson, Jamil Raheem, Betty Wright, Ronnie J. Wilson, Charles K. Wilson, Syreeta Wright, Marva Holcolm, Melody McCulley, Delores Barnes – background vocals
Stephanie Andrews, Bill Wolfer, Trevor Lawrence, Dennis Morrison, Kimberly Jackson – handclaps


Thursday 9/17/2020 11pm ET: Feature LP 2020: Seether – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (2020)

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum is the eighth studio album by South African rock band Seether. It was released on August 28, 2020 through Fantasy Records and was produced by lead vocalist Shaun Morgan. The album’s first single, “Dangerous”, was released ahead of the album in June 2020, as well as “Bruised and Bloodied” in July and “Beg” in August

1. “Dead and Done” 3:27
2. “Bruised and Bloodied” 3:37
3. “Wasteland” 3:59
4. “Dangerous” 3:49
5. “Liar” 4:18
6. “Can’t Go Wrong” 3:47
7. “Buried in the Sand” 4:17
8. “Let It Go” 4:08
9. “Failure” 3:51
10. “Beg” 3:40
11. “Drift Away” 4:52
12. “Pride Before the Fall” 4:12
13. “Written in Stone” 3:37

Shaun Morgan – lead vocals, guitar, production
Dale Stewart – bass
Corey Lowery – guitar, vocals, engineering
John Humphrey – drums
Additional personnel

Matt Hyde – engineering, mixing
Ted Jensen – mastering
Matt Marshall – A&R
Shawn Coss – artwork
Florian Mihr – package design

Thursday 9/17/2020 10pm ET: Feature LP 2020: Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos (2020)

We Are Chaos (stylized in all caps) is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Marilyn Manson. It was released on September 11, 2020 by Loma Vista Recordings and Concord Music. It was produced by Manson himself and Shooter Jennings.

Upon release, the album received positive reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has an average score of 80 based on nine reviews, indicating “generally favorable reviews”, the highest score for any of the band’s albums. Album of the Year collected 12 reviews and calculated an average of 82 out of 100. Aggregator AnyDecentMusic? gave the album 7.9 out of 10, based on their assessment of the critical consensus.

Consequence of Sound said the production, musicianship and songwriting found on the album was among the best of the band’s entire discography. Clash described it as a concise record, noting the absence of filler, and said that despite being disparate musicians, Manson and Jennings have “created, if not perfected, a rousing ballad of angst for the Millennials.” NME also complimented the collaboration between the two, praising Manson for focusing more on songwriting than “spectacle” with the album’s lyrics while saying that Jennings’s production resulted in the record being a “stately and varied listen with subtlety to match the spookiness.” They went on to describe it as Manson’s “most human work so far.”

Similarly, Metal Hammer described the lyrics on the record as “more wounded and emotionally raw than [Manson has] ever been”, while Kerrang! said the production evokes a “sense of stateliness at times” and a “sleazy rock club stench at others”, and complimented Manson’s “razor-sharp lyrical tongue”. They went on to say of the album: “It’s not pared back, but WE ARE CHAOS is a less immediately antagonistic and forward prospect than [the band’s] recent output. But that’s a good thing that’s been mastered to darkly brilliant effect here. Unexpected, bold and artistic, Manson remains an artist it is dangerous to underestimate.”

Both Cleveland.com and The Oakland Press dubbed it the album of the week.

1. “Red Black and Blue” 5:03
2. “We Are Chaos” 4:00
3. “Don’t Chase the Dead” 4:17
4. “Paint You with My Love” 4:29
5. “Half-Way & One Step Forward” 3:16
6. “Infinite Darkness” 4:15
7. “Perfume” 3:33
8. “Keep My Head Together” 3:49
9. “Solve Coagula” 4:22
10. “Broken Needle” 5:23
11. “We Are Chaos” (acoustic version) 4:05
12. “Broken Needle” (acoustic version) 5:21

Marilyn Manson – songwriting, vocals, instrumentation, production and artwork
Shooter Jennings – songwriting, instrumentation and production
Juan Alderete – bass
Jamie Douglass – drums
Ted Russell Kamp – bass
Brandon Pertzborn – drums
Aubrey Richmond – fiddle
John Schreffler – guitars, pedal steel guitar
Paul Wiley – guitars

Tony Ciulla – management
Christopher Leckie – layout design
Steve Olmon – session assistant
Mark Rains – engineering
David Spreng – engineering, additional instrumentation, “second layer additional mix”

Thursday 9/17/2020 9pm ET: Feature LP 2020: Old 97’s – Twelfth (2020)

Old 97’s is an American alternative country band from Dallas, Texas. Formed in 1993, they have since released twelve studio albums, two full extended plays, shared split duty on another, and have one live album. Their most recent release is Twelfth.

They are recognized as pioneers of the alt-country movement during the mid-to-late 1990s, along with Uncle Tupelo, Drive-By Truckers, Whiskeytown, The Jayhawks, and The Bottle Rockets.

Lead vocalist and primary songwriter Rhett Miller has described the band’s style as “loud folk”.

The Old 97’s announced that their next studio album, aptly named Twelfth, is set for release August 21, 2020, by ATO Records. The twelve tracks were produced by Vance Powell, who produced Graveyard Whistling. The band noted that the recording sessions in Nashville started on the night of a deadly tornado outbreak and right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Here are the tracks featured in tonight’s installment of Feature LP 2020.

1 The Dropouts 03:44
2 This House Got Ghosts 03:46
3 Turn Off the TV 02:44
4 I Like You Better 04:41
5 Happy Hour 04:10
6 Belmont Hotel 02:46
7 Confessional Boxing 03:12
8 Diamonds on Neptune 03:07
9 Our Year 04:03
10 Bottle Rocket Baby 03:27
11 Absence (What We’ve Got) 03:21
12 Why Don’t We Ever Say We’re Sorry 03:36


Thursday 9/17/2020 2pm ET: Tina Turner Collection

Another installment of the Tina Turner Collection

What’s Love Got to Do with It is the eighth solo studio album by Tina Turner, released on Parlophone in 1993. It was the soundtrack album for the 1993 Tina Turner biographical film of the same name, which was released by Touchstone Pictures the same year.

1. “I Don’t Wanna Fight” 6:06
2. “Rock Me Baby” (1993 version) 3:57
3. “Disco Inferno” 4:03
4. “Why Must We Wait Until Tonight” 5:53
5. “Nutbush City Limits” (1993 version) 3:19
6. “(Darlin’) You Know I Love You” (1993 version) 4:27
7. “Proud Mary” (1993 version) 5:25
8. “A Fool in Love” (1993 version) 2:54
9. “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine” (1993 version) 2:49
10. “Stay Awhile” 4:50
11. “I Might Have Been Queen” (1993 version) 4:20
12. “What’s Love Got to Do with It” 3:49



Thursday 9/17/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Firefall – Elan (1978)

Elan is the third album by Firefall, released in 1978. It featured the single “Strange Way” which reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #24 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

“Strange Way” – 4:41
“Sweet and Sour” – 3:29
“Wrong Side of Town” – 2:43
“Count Your Blessings” – 3:29
“Get You Back” – 4:10
“Anymore” – 3:56
“Baby” – 3:45
“Goodbye, I Love You” – 4:19
“Sweet Ann” – 3:20
“Winds of Change” – 3:24
“New Man” – 3:15
“Headed For A Fall” Acoustic Version – 4:10
“Sharpshootin’ At The Senator” – 5:00

Rick Roberts – lead vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar
Larry Burnett – lead vocals, rhythm electric and acoustic guitars
Jock Bartley – lead electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals, electric slide guitar,
David Muse – keyboards, organ, Moog synthesizer, tenor saxophone, flute, harmonica
Mark Andes – bass, backing vocals
Michael Clarke – drums


Wednesday 9/16/2020 4pm ET: Tina Turner Collection (Twenty Four Seven)

Twenty Four Seven is the tenth and final solo studio album by Tina Turner, released on Parlophone/Virgin on October 28, 1999. It is Turner’s last studio album before her retirement from recording.

The album was produced by Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling, the team behind Cher’s Believe, Johnny Douglas (Kylie Minogue, George Michael, All Saints etc.), Terry Britten and Absolute, best known for their work with British pop acts like Lisa Stansfield, Will Young, Atomic Kitten, Gareth Gates, and S Club 7. Bryan Adams guests on both the title track and “Without You”.

In 2000 the album was released as a limited edition special pack with a bonus disc including live recordings from Turner’s 60th birthday celebration in London in November 1999 as well as the promo videos for “When the Heartache Is Over” and “Whatever You Need”.

Twenty Four Seven is Turner’s last full-length studio album before her retirement from recording.

1. “Whatever You Need” 4:49
2. “All the Woman” 4:03
3. “When the Heartache Is Over” 3:44
4. “Absolutely Nothing’s Changed” 3:43
5. “Talk to My Heart” 5:08
6. “Don’t Leave Me This Way” 4:19
7. “Go Ahead” 4:20
8. “Without You” 4:06
9. “Falling” 4:21
10. “I Will Be There” 4:37
11. “Twenty Four Seven” 3:47

Tina Turner – lead vocals
Background vocals – Tracy Ackerman, Bryan Adams, Terry Britten
Acoustic guitar – Pete Lincoln
Bass guitar – Pino Palladino
Guitar – Terry Britten, Phil Hudson, Milton McDonald, Phil Palmer, Adam Phililps, Alan Ross
Harmonica – Peter Hope-Evans
Horns – Duncan Mackay, Mike Stevens, Nichol Thompson
Other instrumentation – Absolute, Marcus Brown, Dave Clews, Johnny Douglas, Graham Stack, Mark Taylor
Keyboards – Mark Taylor
Programming – Bruno Bridges
Strings – The London Musicians Orchestra
Trumpet – Steve Sidwell

Wednesday 9/16/2020 1am ET: Feature LP 2020: Lemon Twigs – Songs For The General Public (2020)

The Lemon Twigs are an American rock band from Long Island, New York, fronted by brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario. Both brothers are vocalists, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, and are joined live by Daryl Johns on bass, Tommaso Taddonio on keyboards and Andres Valbuena on drums.

On March 2, 2020, the band announced that Songs for the General Public, their third studio album, was scheduled to be released on May 1, 2020. The single “The One” was released the same day. However, due to complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album’s release was changed to August 21, 2020.

1 Hell on Wheels 3:39
2 Live in Favor of Tomorrow 3:23
3 No One Holds You (Closer Than The One You Haven’t Met) 3:30
4 Fight 2:56
5 Somebody Loving You 3:50
6 Moon 4:06
7 The One 2:26
8 Only a Fool 3:25
9 Hog 4:23
10 Why Do Lovers Own Each Other? 2:45
11 Leather Together 3:28
12 Ashamed 5:19

Brian D’Addario – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, trumpet, violin (2014–present)
Michael D’Addario – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion (2014–present)

Daryl Johns – bass, vocals (2018–present)
Tommaso Taddonio – keyboards (2018–present)
Andres Valbuena – drums (2018–present)

Wednesday 9/16/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Daryl Hall – Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine (1986)

Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine is a 1986 solo album by Daryl Hall. The album features his only Top 10 solo single, “Dreamtime”, which peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. The single, “Foolish Pride”, reached the Top 40, peaking at number 33.

The two sides of the vinyl record album were not labeled “Side 1” and “Side 2”, nor “Side A” and “Side B”, but rather, “Side 1” and “Side A”, a convention which was maintained on the cassette tape release.

1. “Dreamtime” 4:45
2. “Only a Vision” 4:34
3. “I Wasn’t Born Yesterday” 4:24
4. “Someone Like You” 5:33
5. “Next Step” 4:48
6. “For You” 5:49
7. “Foolish Pride” 3:57
8. “Right as Rain” 4:23
9. “Let It Out” 3:51
10. “What’s Gonna Happen To Us” 5:39
11. “Dreamtime” Ext 7:42
12. “Foolish Pride” Ext 7:24

Daryl Hall – lead and backing vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, drum programming
Ric Morcombe – guitar
G.E. Smith – guitar
Jamie West-Oram – guitar
David A. Stewart – guitar, guitar solo (1), drum programming
Robbie McIntosh – guitar, guitar solo (4)
Robbie Kilgore – keyboards
Mike Klvana – keyboards, Synclavier programming
Patrick Seymour – keyboards, E-mu Emulator II sampling
Stephen Gillifant – E-mu Emulator II sampling
Tom “T-Bone” Wolk – bass guitar, guitar, mandolin
Tony Beard – drums, additional percussion
Michel De La Porte – percussion
Steve Ferrone – additional percussion
Olle Romo – additional percussion
Jimmy Bralower – drum programming
Manu Guiot – drum programming
Steve Harvey – drum programming
Bob Riley – drum programming
Lenny Pickett – saxophone
Dick Morrissey – saxophone solo (3)
Michael Kamen – string arrangements and conductor (1)
June Montana – additional backing vocals (1)
Kate St. John – additional backing vocals (1)
Bob Geldof – additional backing vocals (2, 5)
Joni Mitchell – additional backing vocals (8)

Tuesday 9/15/2020 4pm ET: Tina Turner Collection (Foreign Affair / Wildest Dreams)

Foreign Affair is the seventh solo studio album by Tina Turner, released on Capitol Records September 13, 1989. It was Turner’s third album release after her massively successful global comeback five years earlier, and although the album was not a major success in Turner’s native United States, it was a huge international success in Europe. The album reached number one on the UK Albums Chart, her first number one album there. The album includes the single “The Best” which has gone on to become one of Turner’s best-known songs.

1. “Steamy Windows” 4:03
2. “The Best” 5:30
3. “You Know Who (Is Doing You Know What)” 3:45
4. “Undercover Agent for the Blues” 5:20
5. “Look Me in the Heart” 3:46
6. “Be Tender with Me Baby” 4:18
7. “You Can’t Stop Me Loving You” 4:00
8. “Ask Me How I Feel” 4:46
9. “Falling Like Rain” 4:03
10. “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” 4:20
11. “Not Enough Romance” 4:04
12. “Foreign Affair” 4:27

Wildest Dreams is the ninth solo studio album by Tina Turner, released on Parlophone/Virgin on April 22, 1996 earning double platinum certifications in the United Kingdom and in Europe.

1. “Do What You Do” 4:23
2. “Whatever You Want” 4:52
3. “Missing You” 4:36
4. “On Silent Wings” 6:12
5. “Thief of Hearts” 4:05
6. “In Your Wildest Dreams” 5:33
7. “GoldenEye” (Single edit) 3:27
8. “Confidential” 4:39
9. “Something Beautiful Remains” 4:20
10. “All Kinds of People” 4:43
11. “Unfinished Sympathy” 4:30
12. “Dancing in My Dreams/Something Beautiful Remains 6:09



Tuesday 9/15/2020 1am ET: Tommy Bolin – Private Eyes (1976)

Private Eyes is the second solo album by guitarist Tommy Bolin. This was Bolin’s last album, as he died of a drug overdose while on the promotional tour, opening for Jeff Beck. Release September 1976

“Bustin’ Out for Rosey” – 4:24
“Sweet Burgundy” – 4:13
“Post Toastee” – 9:03
“Shake the Devil” – 3:47
“Gypsy Soul” – 4:05
“Someday We’ll Bring Our Love Home” – 3:05
“Hello, Again” – 3:39
“You Told Me That You Loved Me” – 5:15

Tommy Bolin – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Piano
Reggie McBride – Bass, Vocals
Mark Stein – Keyboards, Vocals
Carmine Appice – Drums on “Someday We’ll Bring Our Love Home”
Bobby Berge – Percussion, Drums
Bobbye Hall – Percussion
Norma Jean Bell – Percussion, Vocals, Saxophone
Del Newman – string arrangements