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Saturday 12/5/2020 12:30am ET: Feature LP: Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band- Greatest Hits (1994)

Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, released in 1994. Certified Diamond by the RIAA, it is Seger’s most successful album to date. In December 2009, Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan confirmed that with nearly nine million copies sold, Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits was the decade’s best-selling catalog album in the United States, even out-selling The Beatles’ 1 and Michael Jackson’s Number Ones. By September 2011, the album had sold a total of 9,062,000 copies in the United States.

1. “Roll Me Away” 4:36
2. “Night Moves” 5:25
3. “Turn the Page (Live)” 5:03
4. “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” 3:59
5. “Hollywood Nights” 4:59
6. “Still the Same” 3:19
7. “Old Time Rock and Roll” 3:12
8. “We’ve Got Tonite” 4:38
9. “Against the Wind” 5:32
10. “Mainstreet” 3:42
11. “The Fire Inside” 5:53
12. “Like a Rock” 5:53
13. “C’est la Vie” (Chuck Berry) 2:58
14. “In Your Time” 3:05

Saturday 12/5/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Climax Blues Band – Gold Plated (1976)

Gold Plated is a 1976 album by the Climax Blues Band. It made #56 on the UK Albums Chart and #27 on the Billboard Album Chart, becoming their highest-selling album in either region.

1. “Together and Free” 3:52
2. “Mighty Fire” 4:31
3. “Chasing Change” 4:49
4. “Berlin Blues” 3:35
5. “Couldn’t Get It Right” 3:19
6. “Rollin’ Home” 3:10
7. “Sav’ry Gravy” 4:56
8. “Extra” 3:38

Colin [Thunderguts] Cooper – saxophones, vocals, guitar
Peter Haycock – guitar, vocals, 6-string bass
Richard Jones – keyboards, vocals, guitar
Derek Holt – Fender Jazz and Fender Precision basses, vocals
John Cuffley – drums, percussion

Friday 12/4/2020 12:30am ET: Feature LP: Jethro Tull – Benefit (1970)

Benefit is the third studio album by the British rock band Jethro Tull, released in April 1970. It was the first Tull album to include pianist and organist John Evan – though he was not yet considered a permanent member of the group – and the last to include bass guitarist Glenn Cornick who was fired from the band upon completion of touring for the album. It was recorded at Morgan Studios, the same studio where the band recorded its previous album Stand Up however the band experimented with more advanced recording techniques.

Frontman Ian Anderson said that he considers Benefit to be a much darker album than Stand Up, owing to the pressures of an extensive U.S. tour and frustration with the music business.

1. “With You There to Help Me” 6:20
2. “Nothing to Say” 5:13
3. “Alive and Well and Living In” 2:48
4. “Son” 2:53
5. “For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me” 3:49
6. “To Cry You a Song” 6:16
7. “A Time for Everything?” 2:45
8. “Inside” 3:38
9. “Play in Time” 3:49
10. “Sossity; You’re a Woman” 4:37
11. “Singing All Day” 3:07
12. “Sweet Dream” 4:03
13. “17” 6:20
14. “Teacher (UK Single Version)” 4:58
15. “Teacher (US Album Version)” 4:03

Ian Anderson – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar (uncredited), flute, balalaika, keyboards, production
Martin Barre – electric guitar
Glenn Cornick – bass guitar, Hammond organ (uncredited)
Clive Bunker – drums, percussion
Dee Palmer – orchestral arrangements
John Evan – piano, organ

Friday 12/4//2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Atlanta Rhythm Section – A Rock and Roll Alternative (1977)

Atlanta Rhythm Section – A Rock and Roll Alternative

A Rock and Roll Alternative is an album by the southern rock band Atlanta Rhythm Section, released in 1976. This album includes the band’s biggest hit, “So in to You”, which peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 11 on the Easy Listening chart.

“Sky High” – 5:17
“Hitch-Hikers’ Hero” – 3:38
“Don’t Miss the Message” – 3:27
“Georgia Rhythm” – 4:52
“So in to You” – 4:20
“Outside Woman Blues” – 4:53
“Everybody Gotta Go” – 4:10
“Neon Nites” – 3:57

Ronnie Hammond – vocals, background vocals
Barry Bailey – guitar
J.R. Cobb – rhythm guitar, background vocals
Dean Daughtry – keyboards
Paul Goddard – bass guitar
Robert Nix – percussion, drums, vocals, background vocals

Thursday 12/3/2020 1am ET: Feature LP: Shelby Lynne – Just A Little Lovin’ (2008)

Just a Little Lovin’ is the tenth studio album by Shelby Lynne, released in the United States and Canada on January 29, 2008. The album is a tribute to British singer Dusty Springfield, and features covers of nine songs popularized by her, in addition to “Pretend”, an original song written by Lynne. In contrast to the more fully instrumented original versions Dusty Springfield recorded, Lynne’s remakes featured sparse arrangements, favoring acoustic guitars and pianos rather than a string or horn section.

1. “Just a Little Lovin'” 5:19
2. “Anyone Who Had a Heart” 3:13
3. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” 4:11
4. “I Only Want to Be with You” 3:50
5. “The Look of Love” 3:21
6. “Breakfast in Bed” 3:21
7. “Willie and Laura Mae Jones” T 4:08
8. “I Don’t Want to Hear It Anymore” 4:37
9. “Pretend”  3:06
10. “How Can I Be Sure” 3:37

Thursday 12/3/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Chris Stapleton – Starting Over (2020)

Starting Over is the fourth studio album by country music singer Chris Stapleton. The album was released on November 13, 2020, by Mercury Nashville.

1. “Starting Over” 4:00
2. “Devil Always Made Me Think Twice” 3:51
3. “Cold” 5:09
4. “When I’m with You” 3:43
5. “Arkansas” 2:58
6. “Joy of My Life” 4:34
7. “Hillbilly Blood” 4:05
8. “Maggie’s Song” 3:31
9. “Whiskey Sunrise” 3:22
10. “Worry B Gone” 3:15
11. “Old Friends” 4:01
12. “Watch You Burn” 4:03
13. “You Should Probably Leave” 3:33
14. “Nashville, TN” 3:35

Wednesday 12/2/2020 11pm ET: Feature LP: Tony Banks – Still (1991)

Still is the third solo studio album by English keyboardist and songwriter Tony Banks, released in 1991 on Virgin Records in the UK and Giant Records in the U.S. The album was originally going to be named after the track Still It Takes Me by Surprise, but was later shortened to Still. Despite a fairly heavy promotional effort by Giant Records, the album failed to sell well.

“Red Day on Blue Street” – 5:53
“Angel Face” – 5:23
“The Gift” – 4:00
“Still It Takes Me by Surprise” – 6:32
“Hero for an Hour” – 5:01
“I Wanna Change the Score” – 4:34
“Water Out of Wine” – 4:43
“Another Murder of a Day” – 9:13
“Back to Back” – 4:38
“The Final Curtain” – 5:01

Wednesday 12/2/2020 8pm ET: Feature Artist / LP: Scott Wieland – 12 Bar Blues (1998)

On this anniversary of Scott Wieland’s passing, we feature his first solo album.  12 Bar Blues is the debut solo album from Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland. Released March 31, 1998. Its sound and style differ greatly from STP’s previous releases. The design concept of the cover is a homage to the cover design of John Coltrane’s Blue Train album. The title name comes from the simple chord progression known as “twelve-bar blues.”

“Desperation #5” – 4:05
“Barbarella” – 6:36
“About Nothing” – 4:48
“Where’s the Man” – 4:55
“Divider” – 4:23
“Cool Kiss” – 4:55
“The Date” – 5:21
“Son” – 5:04
“Jimmy Was a Stimulator” – 3:58
“Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” – 5:26
“Mockingbird Girl” – 5:02
“Opposite Octave Reaction” – 4:18

Scott Weiland – lead vocals, beatbox, guitar, keyboards, piano, bass, synthesized bass, drum loops
Tracy Chisolm – theremin
Blair Lamb – beatbox
Holly Reiger – guitars
Jeff Nolan, Zander Schloss – guitars
Sheryl Crow – accordion
Brad Mehldau – piano
Peter DiStefano – guitars, bass
Victor Indrizzo – vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, drums
Daniel Lanois – synthesizers
Tony Castaneda – guitars, bass
Martyn LeNoble – bass, cello
Michael Weiland – drums, percussion, drum loops
Suzie Katayama – cello
Novi Novog – viola
Joel Derouin, Robin Lorentz – violin

Wednesday 12/2/2020 12am ET: America – 50th Anniversary: The Collection (2019)

America celebrates its half-centennial this year with a trio of compilations that follow the iconic Grammy-winning band to the top of the pop charts, across musical eras, and deep into the hearts of innumerable fans. The multi-platinum-selling group led by founding members Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell and known for their memorable and dynamic live performances–have also announced a series of live dates celebrating the anniversary and are on tour now.

The three-disc version of 50th ANNIVERSARY: THE COLLECTION, released July 12, 2019 brings the core of America’s recorded legacy together with choice rarities like an early studio recording of “Ventura Highway,” a live performance of “Riverside,” and an unreleased demo for the #1 hit “Sister Golden Hair.” All of the band’s Top 10 singles are included here: “Horse With No Name,” “Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man,” “Lonely People” and more.

1 A Horse with No Name 4:12
2 I Need You 3:03
3 Sandman 5:08
4 Here 5:27
5 Rainy Day 2:54
6 Three Roses 3:53
7 Riverside (Live on Old Grey Whistle Test) 3:01
8 Children (Live on Old Grey Whistle Test) 3:10
9 Everyone I Meet Is from California (Single Version) 3:05
10 Ventura Highway 3:31
11 To Each His Own 3:14
12 Don’t Cross the River 2:29
13 Only in Your Heart 3:17
14 Cornwall Blank 4:19
15 Till the Sun Comes up Again 2:12
16 Head and Heart 3:49
17 Hat Trick 8:26
18 Muskrat Love 3:06
19 Green Monkey 3:37
20 Submarine Ladies 3:13
21 Molten Love 3:08
22 It’s Life 4:00
23 Rainbow Song 3:52
24 She’s Gonna Let You Down 3:40
25 Tin Man 3:29
26 Another Try 3:21
27 Lonely People 2:30
28 Hollywood 2:53
29 Baby It’s up to You 2:26
30 Old Man Took 3:15
31 Mad Dog (Demo) 2:45
32 Midnight 2:43
33 Sister Golden Hair 3:17
34 Daisy Jane 3:06
35 Woman Tonight 2:22
36 Old Virginia 3:31
37 Company 3:26
38 Today’s the Day 3:16
39 Amber Cascades 2:51
40 Watership Down (Alternate Mix) 4:59
41 Letter 3:07
42 God of the Sun 3:16
43 Political Poachers 2:41
44 Sarah 2:47
45 Are You There 2:53
46 You Can Do Magic 3:57
47 Sergeant Darkness (Demo) 2:55
48 Ventura Highway (Early Take 4) 4:00
49 Sister Golden Hair (Demo) 3:22
50 A Horse with No Name (Live) 4:21

Tuesday 12/1/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Soundtrack- Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a 1982 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Amy Heckerling and written by Cameron Crowe adapted from his 1981 book of the same title. Crowe went undercover at Clairemont High School in San Diego and wrote about his experiences.

The film was the directorial debut of Amy Heckerling and chronicles a school year in the lives of sophomores Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) and their older friends Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates) and Mike Damone (Robert Romanus), both of whom believe themselves wiser in the ways of romance than their younger counterparts. The ensemble cast of characters form two subplots with Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), a perpetually stoned surfer, facing off against uptight history teacher Mr. Hand (Ray Walston), and Stacy’s older brother, Brad (Judge Reinhold), a senior who works at a series of entry-level jobs in order to pay off his car and ponders ending his two-year relationship with his girlfriend, Lisa (Amanda Wyss).

In addition to Penn, Reinhold, Cates, and Leigh, the film marks early appearances by several actors who later became stars, including Nicolas Cage, Forest Whitaker, Eric Stoltz, and Anthony Edwards. Among these actors, Penn, Cage, and Whitaker later won the Academy Award for Best Actor, with Penn winning twice.

In 2005, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

1. “Somebody’s Baby” Jackson Browne 4:05
2. “Waffle Stomp” Joe Walsh 3:40
3. “Love Rules” Don Henley 4:05
4. “Uptown Boys” Louise Goffin 2:45
5. “So Much in Love” Timothy B. Schmit 2:25

1. “Raised on the Radio” The Ravyns 3:43
2. “The Look In Your Eyes” Gerard McMahon 4:00
3. “Speeding” The Go-Go’s 2:11
4. “Don’t Be Lonely” Quarterflash 3:18
5. “Never Surrender” Don Felder 4:15

1. “Fast Times (The Best Years of Our Lives)” Billy Squier 3:41
2. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” Sammy Hagar 3:36
3. “I Don’t Know (Spicoli’s Theme)” Jimmy Buffett 3:00
4. “Love Is the Reason” Graham Nash 3:31
5. “I’ll Leave It Up to You” Poco 2:55

1. “Highway Runner” Donna Summer 3:18
2. “Sleeping Angel” Stevie Nicks 4:43
3. “She’s My Baby (And She’s Outta Control)” Palmer/Jost 2:53
4. “Goodbye, Goodbye” Oingo Boingo 4:34

Monday 11/30/2002 11pm ET: Feature LP: The Who – Who’s Next (1971)

Who’s Next (is the fifth studio album by English rock band the Who. It developed from the aborted Lifehouse project, a multi-media rock opera written by the group’s Pete Townshend as a follow-up to the band’s 1969 album Tommy. The project was cancelled owing to its complexity and to conflicts with Kit Lambert, the band’s manager, but the group salvaged some of the songs, without the connecting story elements, to release as their next album. Eight of the nine songs on Who’s Next were from Lifehouse, the lone exception being the John Entwistle-penned “My Wife”. Ultimately, the remaining Lifehouse tracks would all be released on other albums throughout the next decade.

The Who recorded Who’s Next with assistance from recording engineer Glyn Johns. After producing the song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” in the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio, they relocated to Olympic Studios to record and mix most of the album’s remaining songs. They made prominent use of synthesizer on the album, particularly on “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Baba O’Riley”, which were both released as singles. The cover photo was shot by Ethan Russell; it made reference to the monolith in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, as it featured group members standing by a concrete piling protruding from a slag heap, apparently having urinated against it.

Who’s Next was an immediate success when it was released in August 1971. It has since been viewed by many critics as the Who’s best record and one of the greatest albums of all time. It was reissued on CD several times, with additional songs originally intended for Lifehouse.

1. “Baba O’Riley” 5:08
2. “Bargain” 5:34
3. “Love Ain’t for Keeping” 2:10
4. “My Wife” 3:41
5. “The Song Is Over” 6:14

1. “Getting in Tune” 4:50
2. “Going Mobile” 3:42
3. “Behind Blue Eyes” 3:42
4. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” 8:32

Roger Daltrey – vocals
John Entwistle – bass, brass, vocals, piano on “My Wife”
Keith Moon – drums, percussion
Pete Townshend – guitar, VCS 3, organ, ARP synthesizer, vocals, piano on “Baba O’Riley”
Dave Arbus – violin on “Baba O’Riley”
Nicky Hopkins – piano on “The Song Is Over” and “Getting in Tune”
Al Kooper – Hammond organ on alternate version of “Behind Blue Eyes”[78]
Leslie West – lead guitar on Record Plant sessions including “Baby, Don’t You Do It” and “Love Ain’t for Keeping” (electric version)

Monday 11/30/2020 10pm ET: Feature LP: Heart – Bébé le Strange (1980)

Bébé le Strange is the fifth studio album by the American rock band Heart. It was released on February 14, 1980, by Epic Records. It was the first album without founding member Roger Fisher on lead guitar, who had left the band months prior along with his brother Michael.

The album was a commercial success, peaking at number five on the US Billboard 200 and spending 22 weeks on the chart. On May 5, 1980, it was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Bébé le Strange spawned the singles “Even It Up” (backed by the Tower of Power horn section) and the title track. Some of the backing vocals were provided by Don Wilhelm, who had been in a group called The Army with Steve Fossen and Roger Fisher in the 1960s.

On June 29, 2004, the album was re-released by Epic and Legacy Recordings in a remastered expanded edition, containing two bonus track: the studio outtake “Jackleg Man” and a live version of “Break”.

1. “Bebe le Strange” 3:38
2. “Down on Me” 4:46
3. “Silver Wheels” 1:22
4. “Break” 2:32
5. “Rockin Heaven Down” 5:52
6. “Even It Up” 5:10
7. “Strange Night” 4:16
8. “Raised on You” 3:21
9. “Pilot” 3:15
10. “Sweet Darlin” 3:18

Sunday 11/29/2020 9pm ET: Feature LP: Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime (1988)

Operation: Mindcrime is the third studio album by the American progressive metal band Queensrÿche. Originally released on May 3, 1988, the album was reissued on May 6, 2003, with two bonus tracks, and again in 2006 as a deluxe box set.

A concept album and a rock opera, its story follows Nikki, a drug addict who becomes disillusioned with the corrupt society of his time and reluctantly becomes involved with a revolutionary group as an assassin of political leaders. In January 1989, it ranked at No. 34 on Kerrang! magazine’s “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”.

The album was certified by the RIAA as gold a year after its release, and it was certified as platinum in 1991. A sequel, Operation: Mindcrime II, was released on April 4, 2006.

1. “I Remember Now” 1:17
2. “Anarchy—X” 1:27
3. “Revolution Calling” 4:42
4. “Operation: Mindcrime” 4:43
5. “Speak” 3:42
6. “Spreading the Disease” 4:07
7. “The Mission” 5:45
8. “Suite Sister Mary” 10:41
9. “The Needle Lies” 3:08
10. “Electric Requiem” 1:22
11. “Breaking the Silence” 4:34
12. “I Don’t Believe in Love” 4:23
13. “Waiting for 22” 1:05
14. “My Empty Room” 1:25
15. “Eyes of a Stranger” 6:39

Geoff Tate – lead vocals, keyboard, whistles and blurbs
Chris DeGarmo – guitar (lead guitar on tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, and 15; six- and twelve-string guitar acoustic guitars, lap steel guitar), guitar synthesizer
Michael Wilton – guitar (lead guitar on tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, and 12; twelve-string acoustic guitar)
Eddie Jackson – bass
Scott Rockenfield – drums, percussion, keyboard on track 10

Pamela Moore – as Sister Mary
Anthony Valentine – as Dr. X
Debbie Wheeler – as the Nurse
Mike Snyder – as the Anchorman
Scott Mateer – as Father William
The Moronic Monks of Morin Heights – choir

Sunday 11/29/2020 8pm ET: Feature LP: Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick (1972)

Thick as a Brick is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Jethro Tull, released in March 1972. The album contains a continuous piece of music, split over two sides of an LP record, and is a parody of the concept album genre. The original packaging, designed like a newspaper, claims the album to be a musical adaptation of an epic poem by fictional eight-year-old genius Gerald Bostock, though the lyrics were actually written by the band’s frontman, Ian Anderson.

The album was recorded in late 1971, featuring music composed by Anderson and arranged with the contribution of all band members. The album was the first to include drummer Barriemore Barlow, replacing the band’s previous drummer Clive Bunker. The live show promoting the album included the playing of the full suite, with various comic interludes. Thick as a Brick is considered by critics to be the first Jethro Tull release to entirely consist of progressive rock music. It received mixed reviews upon its release, but was a commercial success and topped various charts in 1972. Today it is regarded as a classic of progressive rock, and has received several accolades. Anderson produced a follow-up to the album in 2012, focusing on the adult life of the fictional Gerald Bostock.

1. “Thick as a Brick, Part I” 22:40
2. “Thick as a Brick, Part II” 21:06

Ian Anderson – vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, violin, trumpet, saxophone
Martin Barre – electric guitar, lute
John Evan – piano, organ, harpsichord
Jeffrey Hammond (as “Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond”) – bass guitar, spoken word
Barriemore Barlow – drums, percussion, timpani
David Palmer – orchestral arrangements
Terry Ellis – executive producer
Robin Black – engineer

Sunday 11/29/2020 5pm ET: Feature LP: Cyndi Lauper – Gold Greatest Hits (2008)

1. Girls Just Want To Have Fun 3:56
2. Money Changes Everything 5:03
3. Who Let In The Rain 4:37
4. She Bop 3:49
5. Time After Time 4:02
6. I Drove All Night 4:13
7. Hat Full Of Stars 4:29
8. Change Of Heart 4:25
9. Sisters Of Avalon 4:21
10. All Through The Night 4:30
11. When You Were Mine 5:03
12. True Colors 3:49

1. Unhook The Stars 3:59
2. Goonies R Good Enough 3:38
3. Witness 3:40
4. I’ll Kiss You 4:06
5. Yeah Yeah 3:16
6. Maybe He’ll Know 4:26
7. Boy Blue 4:47
8. Calm Inside The Storm 3:56
9. Iko Iko 2:10
10. Faraway Nearby 3:01
11. 911 3:17
12. One Track Mind 3:43

1. Like A Cat 3:26
2. Heading West 3:54
3. Night To Remember 3:44
4. I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend 4:23
5. Kindred Spirit 1:17
6. That’s What I Think 4:39
7. Broken Glass 5:32
8. Dear John 3:40
9. Someone Like Me 4:05
10. Part Hate 4:54
11. Product Of Misery 4:11
12. Sally’s Pigeons 3:49