Friday, March 24, 2023 2am ET: Feature Live LP: Jason Mraz – Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess: Live On Earth (2009)

Jason Mraz’s Beautiful Mess: Live on Earth is a live album and DVD by the American singer/songwriter Jason Mraz, released November 6, 2009. It was recorded on August 13, 2009, in Chicago at the Charter One Pavilion.

“Sunshine Song”
“Traveler”/”Make It Mine”
“Anything You Want”
“Live High”
“Only Human”
“The Remedy”
“The Dynamo of Volition”
“A Beautiful Mess”
“I’m Yours”
“All Night Long”
“The Boy’s Gone”

Thursday, March 23, 2023 11pm ET: Feature LP: John Mellencamp – Dance Naked (1994)

Dance Naked is the thirteenth studio album by American singer-songwriter John Mellencamp released on June 21, 1994. The album was released in response to the record company’s accusations that Mellencamp’s previous album, Human Wheels, didn’t “fit the format.” Mellencamp was irritated with this remark, feeling that none of his albums ever fit the format. As a result, he wrote several purposely radio-friendly songs and recorded them within the span of 14 days at his Belmont Mall recording studio in Belmont, Indiana, intending to show the lack of effort required to produce the type of album they were asking for.

Although Mellencamp claims that Dance Naked was merely an easy output to give the record company what they wanted, the album was still well received and earned a Platinum certification by the RIAA. The most notable accomplishment was the largely successful single “Wild Night”, a cover of the 1971 song by Van Morrison. The song featured Me’shell Ndegeocello on a duet with Mellencamp as well as the prominent bass lead. The single reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and charted at No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary List for 8 weeks.

The album itself reached No. 13 on the Billboard 200 and produced several music videos: two versions for “Wild Night,” another for the title track “Dance Naked,” and unreleased videos for “L.U.V.” and “Another Sunny Day 12/25.”

Dance Naked was re-mastered and re-released on July 19, 2005, along with three other Mellencamp albums. The re-mastered edition includes an acoustic version of “Wild Night” as a bonus track.

Spin Magazine named Dance Naked the 20th best album of 1994.

  1. “Dance Naked” 3:00
  2. “Brothers” 3:14
  3. “When Margaret Comes to Town” 3:20
  4. “Wild Night” 3:27
  5. “L.U.V.” 3:01
  6. “Another Sunny Day 12/25” 3:02
  7. “Too Much to Think About” 3:02
  8. “The Big Jack” 3:23
  9. “The Breakout” 3:37

John Mellencamp – vocal, guitar
Kenny Aronoff – drums, percussion
Toby Myers – bass
Mike Wanchic – guitars, organ, backing vocals
Andy York – guitars, organ, bass, percussion
Mike “Spud” Dupke – drums and percussion on “L.U.V.”
Lisa Germano – backing vocals on “L.U.V.”
Missy – backing vocals on “Dance Naked”
Me’shell Ndegeocello – bass and vocals on “Wild Night” and “The Big Jack”
Pat Peterson – backing vocals on “L.U.V.”
Jimmy Ryser – acoustic guitar on “L.U.V.”
RYM Rating 3.14 / 5.0 from 296 ratings
Ranked #776 for 1994

Thursday, March 23, 2023 10pm ET: Feature LP: Midnight Star – Headlines (1986)

Headlines is an album by the R&B group Midnight Star, released in 1986. It was the last album to include the Calloway brothers, who left to form Calloway. The album peaked at No. 42 on the UK Albums Chart.

“Headlines” 7:49
“Midas Touch” 5:00
“Stay Here by My Side” 4:40
“Close to Midnight” 4:33
“Get Dressed” 4:58
“Engine No. 9” 5:23
“Close Encounter” 4:20
“Dead End” 4:24
“Searching for Love” 5:01

Belinda Lipscomb: Vocals
Bo Watson: Vocals, keyboards, synth programming
Melvin Gentry: Lead guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Jeff Cooper: Rhythm guitar, synth programming
Kenneth Gant: Bass guitar, vocals
Bill Simmons: Saxophone, keyboards, synth programming
Reggie Calloway: Keyboards, trumpet, flute, vocals
Vincent Calloway: Keyboards, trumpet, trombone, vocoder
Bobby Lovelace: Drums, drum programming, percussion
Marcus Miller: Bass on track 6
RYM Rating 2.91 / 5.0 from 19 ratings
Ranked #1,466 for 1986

Thursday, March 23, 2023 9pm ET: Feature LP: Squeeze – East Side Story (1981)

East Side Story is the fourth studio album by new wave group Squeeze, released May 15, 1981. The album peaked at number 19 in the UK Albums Chart, spending 26 weeks in the listing.

The album marked a shift from the new wave sound of their earlier work, as it contained songs influenced by rockabilly, R&B, blue-eyed soul, Merseybeat, and psychedelia among other genres. It also contained Squeeze’s last top 10 UK single, “Labelled with Love”. It was the first album to feature new keyboardist Paul Carrack, replacing Jools Holland who had departed in early 1981. He sang lead on the track “Tempted”, which became Squeeze’s first U.S. chart hit. Shortly after the release of this album, Carrack left the band for a solo career, but he returned to Squeeze for a time in the early 1990s, playing and singing on the Some Fantastic Place album.

In the UK, East Side Story was reissued on CD in 1997 with two album outtakes, as part of the band’s Six of One… box set. The set included the band’s first six studio albums, all digitally remastered. A year later, each separate CD (including the expanded East Side Story) was made available for individual purchase. In 2007, the album was digitally remastered and released in Japan. It contained two extra bonus tracks, both taken from B-sides from the album’s singles; “Trust” and “Yap, Yap, Yap”.

“In Quintessence” 2:55
“Someone Else’s Heart” 3:00
“Tempted” 4:02
“Piccadilly” 3:26
“There’s No Tomorrow” 3:27
“Heaven” 3:49
“Woman’s World” 3:42
“Is That Love” 2:31
“F-Hole” 4:41
“Labelled with Love” 4:44
“Someone Else’s Bell” 3:08
“Mumbo Jumbo” 3:13
“Vanity Fair” 3:09
“Messed Around” 2:42

Chris Difford – rhythm guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Someone Else’s Heart” and “Heaven”
Glenn Tilbrook – lead vocals, lead guitars
Paul Carrack – keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Tempted”
John Bentley – bass, backing vocals
Gilson Lavis – drums
Del Newman – orchestra arrangements
Elvis Costello – additional vocals on “Tempted”, backing vocals on “There’s No Tomorrow”
RYM Rating 3.72 / 5.0 from 21 ratings
Ranked #7,053 overall

Thursday, March 23, 2023 8pm ET: Feature LP: Ten Years After – A Space In Time (1971)

A Space in Time is the sixth studio album by the British blues rock band Ten Years After. It was released in August 1971 by Chrysalis Records in the United Kingdom and Columbia Records in the United States. A departure in style from their previous albums, A Space in Time is less ‘heavy’ than previous albums and includes more acoustic guitar, perhaps influenced by the success of Led Zeppelin who were mixing acoustic songs with heavier numbers. It reached number 17 on the Billboard 200.

The third track on the album, “I’d Love to Change the World”, is also their biggest hit. By combining a melodic acoustic chorus with challenging electric guitar riffs, they managed to produce a sound that hit number 10 in the charts in Canada[citation needed] and number 40 in the US. Although this was their biggest hit, they rarely played it live. “Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll You” also charted, peaking at number 61 in the US,[4] and reaching number 54 in Canada.

“One of These Days” – 5:52
“Here They Come” – 4:27
“I’d Love to Change the World” – 3:42
“Over the Hill” – 2:28
“Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll You” – 2:10
“Once There Was a Time” – 3:20
“Let the Sky Fall” – 4:19
“Hard Monkeys” – 3:12
“I’ve Been There Too” – 5:40
“Uncle Jam” – 1:54

Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals
Leo Lyons – bass
Ric Lee – drums
Chick Churchill – keyboards
RYM Rating 3.71 / 5.0 from 1,704 ratings
Ranked #127 for 1971, #4,390 overall

Thursday, March 23, 2023 5pm ET: Feature LP: Go West (1985)

Go West is the debut studio album by English pop duo Go West, released in April 1985 by Chrysalis Records. The album brought the band into the limelight, scoring them a string of top 40 hits in the UK and New Zealand. “We Close Our Eyes” was the most successful single, reaching No. 4 in New Zealand and No. 5 in the UK. The album itself reached No. 8 in the UK.

  1. “We Close Our Eyes” 3:50
  2. “Don’t Look Down” 3:55
  3. “Call Me” 4:11
  4. “Eye to Eye” 3:34
  5. “Haunted” 3:18
  6. “S.O.S.” 4:01
  7. “Goodbye Girl” 5:08
  8. “Innocence” 4:10
  9. “Missing Persons” 5:25
  10. “We Close Our Eyes” (The Total Overhang Mix)
  11. “Man in My Mirror”

Peter Cox – vocals, keyboards, guitars
Richard Drummie – vocals, keyboards, bass
Dave West – keyboards, linguistaphone, additional arrangements
Neil Drake – acoustic piano solo on “Missing Persons”
Alan Murphy – guitars, guitar solos
Gary Stevenson – guitars
Pino Palladino – fretless bass
Graham Broad – drums, percussion
Timmy Goldsmith – drums
Mel Collins – saxophone
Katie Humble – backing vocals
Ranked #519 for 1985

Thursday, March 23, 2023 4pm ET: That JJ Kane Show with JJ Kane FRSA @caravanmediapr

JJ Kane on Twitter (Encore from 3/14/23)

More new music Listen Live:

Queen Ft David Bowie – Under Pressure
Lemzi – Bagel Shop Love
Kwazi – Pull Up
STAARKS – Over Thinking
Balanced Medic – Follow The Dream
Fletcher Christian – Broken Romance
John Prine – Crazy As A Loon
Willie Nelson – You Were Always On My Mind
Nancy Hays – Friends For a Day and Age
Elton John – I Don’t Wanna go On With You Like that
eMolecule – My You
Phil Collins – Groovy Kind Of Love
Chris Issac – Wicked Game
Neventies – Moving on
Doolin – Darkest way
Amenazar – Miss You Like I should

Thursday, March 23, 2023 6am ET: Across The Tracks: World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day was established in 1951 to commemorate the World Meteorological Organization creation on March 23, 1950. This organization announces a slogan for World Meteorological Day every year, and this day is celebrated in all member countries.

Under are a few of the themes of recent years:

The future of weather, climate and water across generations, March 2023
Early Warning and Early Action, March 2022
The Ocean, Our Climate and Weather, March 2021
Climate and Water, March 2020
The Sun, the Earth and the Weather, March 2019
Weather-ready, climate-smart, March 2018

Today we’ll feature Weather, and Sky versions today on Across The Tracks

In Memoriam: Wayne Swinny (1964 – 2023)

Wayne Swinny (1964 – 2023), founding member and guitarist of the band Saliva, is dead after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

A rep for the band tells us, “It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Wayne Swinny, the guitarist of Saliva. Wayne passed away this afternoon from a spontaneous brain hemorrhage while on tour.”

The tragic news comes only hours after the band revealed Wayne was in the ICU after having the medical emergency. (Reported by TMZ)

Saliva is an American rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996. Saliva released their self-titled debut album in 1997 through Rockingchair Records, a label owned and operated by Mark Yoshida. The release was recorded and produced by Bill Pappas at Rockingchair Studios.

They were signed to Island Def Jam Records and went on to release their second studio album Every Six Seconds. Saliva later released their third studio album titled Back into Your System in 2002, which reached No. 19 on the Billboard 200. Back into Your System launched one of Saliva’s most successful songs, “Always”, reaching No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Modern Rock Chart. Three years after Survival of the Sickest, Saliva released Blood Stained Love Story in 2007, repeating Back into Your System’s chart performance at No. 19 on the Billboard 200. Its first single, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, peaked at No. 2 on the Mainstream Rock Chart.