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Monday 5/16/22 10am ET: Feature LP: Eric Clapton – Just One Night (1980)

Just One Night is a 1980 double album by Eric Clapton, recorded live at the Budokan Theatre, Tokyo, Japan, December 1979 when Clapton was touring to support Backless, his latest record at that time. The sleeve contains a Japanese painting by Ken Konno. The album reached No. 2 in the U.S. and No. 3 in the UK, and was certified gold by RIAA. Released April 16, 1980.

“Tulsa Time” 4:00
“Early in the Morning” 7:11
“Lay Down Sally” 5:35
“Wonderful Tonight” 4:42
“If I Don’t Be There by Morning” 4:26
“Worried Life Blues” 8:28
“All Our Past Times” 5:00
“After Midnight” 5:38
“Double Trouble” 8:17
“Setting Me Up” 4:35
“Blues Power” 7:23
“Rambling On My Mind”/”Have You Ever Loved A Woman” 8:48
“Cocaine” 7:39
“Further on Up the Road” 7:17

Eric Clapton – electric guitar, lead and backing vocals
Albert Lee – electric guitar, backing and lead vocals (“Setting Me Up”), organ (“Worried Life Blues”)
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Dave Markee – bass guitar
Henry Spinetti – drums

Monday 5/16/22 9am ET: Feature LP: Simon & Garfunkel – Bookends (1968)

Bookends is the fourth studio album by American music duo Simon & Garfunkel. Produced by Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and Roy Halee, the album was released on April 3, 1968, in the United States by Columbia Records. The duo had risen to fame two years prior with the albums Sounds of Silence and Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme and the soundtrack album for the 1967 film The Graduate.

Bookends is a concept album that explores a life journey from childhood to old age. Side one of the album marks successive stages in life, the theme serving as bookends to the life cycle. Side two largely consists of previously-released singles and of unused material for The Graduate soundtrack. Simon’s lyrics concern youth, disillusionment, relationships, old age, and mortality. Much of the material was crafted alongside producer John Simon (no relation), who joined the recording when Paul Simon suffered from writer’s block. The album was recorded gradually over the period of a year, with production speeding up around the later months of 1967.

Initial sales for Bookends were substantial in the US, and the album produced the number-one single “Mrs. Robinson”. The album sold well in the US and in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number one. Bookends was considered a breakthrough for the duo, placing them on the same level as artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones at the forefront of the cultural movement in the 1960s. The album has continued to receive critical acclaim and is debated by critics as to whether it or Bridge Over Troubled Water is Simon & Garfunkel’s best album.

  1. “Bookends Theme” 0:32
  2. “Save the Life of My Child” 2:49
  3. “America” 3:35
  4. “Overs” 2:14
  5. “Voices of Old People” 2:07
  6. “Old Friends” 2:36
  7. “Bookends Theme” 1:16
  8. “Fakin’ It” 3:17
  9. “Punky’s Dilemma” 2:12
  10. “Mrs. Robinson” 4:02
  11. “A Hazy Shade of Winter” 2:17
  12. “At the Zoo” 2:23
  13. “You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies” 2:18
  14. “Old Friends” (Demo version) 2:10

Paul Simon – vocals, guitar
Art Garfunkel – vocals, tapes, percussion
Hal Blaine – drums, percussion
Joe Osborn – bass guitar
Larry Knechtel – piano, keyboards, bass guitar on “Mrs Robinson”
John Simon – synthesizer on “Save The Life Of My Child”

Monday 5/16/22 8am ET: Feature LP: Rolling Stones – Out of Our Heads (1965)

Out of Our Heads is the 3rd British and 4th American studio album by the English rock band the Rolling Stones, released in two editions with different covers and track listings. In the US, London Records released it on July 30, 1965, while Decca Records released its UK edition on September 24, 1965.

Besides the key band members of singer Mick Jagger, guitarists Brian Jones and Keith Richards, bassist Bill Wyman, and drummer Charlie Watts, the album also contains musical contributions from former Rolling Stones member Ian Stewart. It was produced by the group’s manager Andrew Loog Oldham.

As with the prior two albums, it consists mostly of covers of American blues, soul and rhythm and blues songs, though the group wrote some of their own material for this album (4 out of the 12 tracks on the UK version, and 6 out of 12 for the USA version). The American version contains “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, which would be the band’s first number one US hit, and would go on to top the charts in 10 other countries, including the band’s native UK, and being ranked as the second greatest song of all time by Rolling Stone.

Out of Our Heads became the group’s first number one on the American Billboard 200 album chart; in the UK it charted at number two.

  1. “Mercy, Mercy” 2:45
  2. “Hitch Hike” 2:25
  3. “The Last Time” 3:41
  4. “That’s How Strong My Love Is” 2:25
  5. “Good Times” 1:58
  6. “I’m All Right” 2:25
  7. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” 3:42
  8. “Cry to Me” 3:09
  9. “The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man” 3:07
  10. “Play with Fire” 2:13
  11. “The Spider and the Fly” 3:39
  12. “One More Try” 1:58

Mick Jagger – lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonica (on “The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man”), tambourine (on “Play with Fire”)
Keith Richards – electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar (on “The Last Time” and “Play with Fire”)
Brian Jones – electric guitar, acoustic guitar (on “Good Times” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”), harmonica (on “The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man” and “One More Try”), backing vocals
Bill Wyman – bass guitar, backing vocals
Charlie Watts – drums
Jack Nitzsche – percussion, piano (on “Satisfaction”), organ (on “Cry to Me”), harpsichord (on “Play with Fire”)[citation needed]
Phil Spector – tuned-down electric guitar (on “Play with Fire”)[citation needed]
Ian Stewart – piano, marimba (on “Good Times”)

Monday 5/16/22 12am ET: Feature LP: Tony Banks – Still (1991)

Still is the third solo studio album by English keyboardist and songwriter Tony Banks, released in 1991 on Virgin Records in the UK and Giant Records in the U.S. The album was originally going to be named after the track Still It Takes Me by Surprise, but was later shortened to Still. Despite a fairly heavy promotional effort by Giant Records, the album failed to sell well.

“Red Day on Blue Street” – 5:53
“Angel Face” – 5:23
“The Gift” – 4:00
“Still It Takes Me by Surprise” – 6:32
“Hero for an Hour” – 5:01
“I Wanna Change the Score” – 4:34
“Water Out of Wine” – 4:43
“Another Murder of a Day” – 9:13
“Back to Back” – 4:38
“The Final Curtain” – 5:01

Sunday 5/15/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Charlie Daniels Band – Full Moon (1980)

Full Moon is the eleventh studio album by Charlie Daniels and the eighth as the Charlie Daniels Band, released on July 18, 1980. It produced two hit singles for the band, In America and The Legend of Wooley Swamp. The group dedicated the album to Tommy Caldwell, who had died on April 28, 1980.

“The Legend of Wooley Swamp” 4:18
“Carolina (I Remember You)” 5:13
“Lonesome Boy from Dixie” 4:45
“No Potion for the Pain” 4:25
“El Toreador” 3:26
“South Sea Song” 4:32
“Dance, Gypsy, Dance” 3:34
“Money” 3:58
“In America” 3:21

Charlie Daniels – Guitar, fiddle, vocals
Tom Crain – Guitar, vocals
Taz DiGregorio – keyboards, vocals
Fred Edwards – drums, percussion
Charles Hayward – Bass
James W. Marshall – drums, percussion
Bergen White – String arrangements

Sunday 5/15/22 6pm ET: Feature LP: Elton John – 17-11-70 (1971)

17-11-70 (known as 11-17-70 in the United States) is the fifth official album release for English musician Elton John and his first live album. Released April 1, 1971

The recording was taken from a live radio broadcast on November 17, 1970, hence the album’s title. According to John, a live album was never planned as a release. Recordings of the broadcast, however, were popular among bootleggers which, according to John’s producer, Gus Dudgeon, eventually prompted the record label to release it as an album. It has been said that the release by an eastern bootlegger of the whole 60-minute air cast rather than the 48 minutes selected by Dick James Music significantly cut into the US sales of the live album. However, the entire concert was an 80-minute affair, and double-LPs containing the entire concert were more common than those containing only 60 minutes. Another contributing factor to the original album’s soft sales could have been the glut of Elton John product on the market at the time. John also had in release 2 full studio albums (Elton John and Tumbleweed Connection) and a movie soundtrack (Friends) when the live LP was issued. Nonetheless, it became the fourth of John’s records simultaneously to land in the Top 100, making him the first act to do so since The Beatles.

According to longtime NYC radio personality Dave Herman (who can be heard at the beginning and end of the album), Elton John cut his hand at some point during the performance, and by the end of the show, the piano keys were covered with blood.

John and his band performed 13 songs during the radio broadcast. The original album included only six of the songs; a seventh, “Amoreena,” appeared as a bonus track on the album’s 1996 CD reissue. The other six performances remained until 2017 officially unreleased: “I Need You to Turn To”, “Your Song”, “Country Comfort”, “Border Song”, “Indian Sunset” and “My Father’s Gun”.

John has stated in several interviews that he believes that this recording is his best live performance. He has also cited the album as a great showcase for the musicianship of drummer Nigel Olsson and bassist Dee Murray. It is also the only officially released example of what John’s live band sounded like prior to the arrival of guitarist Davey Johnstone, who wouldn’t be a member until the release of Honky Château in 1972.

To commemorate the 10th Record Store Day, on April 22, 2017, John served as the first-ever worldwide Record Store Day Legend and released an expanded, double-vinyl version of the album. Retitled 17-11-70+, the release reinstates seven additional songs from the concert, making it the most complete official edition of the show available in any format. “Amoreena,” previously available on the 1996 CD reissue, makes its first appearance on vinyl.

“I Need You to Turn To”
“Your Song”
“Country Comfort”
“Border Song”
“Indian Sunset”
“Bad Side of the Moon”
“Take Me to the Pilot”
“Sixty Years On”
“Honky Tonk Women”
“Can I Put You On”
“Burn Down the Mission” (including “My Baby Left Me” & “Get Back”)
“My Father’s Gun” (encore)

Elton John – piano, lead vocals
Dee Murray – bass, backing vocals
Nigel Olsson – drums, backing vocals

Sunday 5/15/22 5pm ET: Feature LP: Men At Work – Business As Usual (1982)

Business as Usual is the debut studio album by Australian new wave band Men at Work, which was released November 1981 in Australia, June 1982 in the United States. It spent nine weeks at the top of the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart from December 1981 through to March 1982. The Australian version had a black and white cover design; overseas releases had a similar design, but in a black and yellow color scheme. Business as Usual was one of the most successful albums internationally by an Australian group. It spent an unprecedented 15 weeks at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 from late 1982 to early 1983; and five weeks at No. 1 in the United Kingdom Albums Chart in early 1983. Business as Usual was also one of the highest selling Australian albums in the early 1980s, with 6 million copies shipped in the US, Surprisingly, the disc also made it to No. 31 on Billboard’s Black Albums chart.

In February 2010, a Federal Court judge in Sydney found that the flute riff from “Down Under” had been plagiarized from the Australian song “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree”, written in 1934 by Marion Sinclair. The Federal Court determined that the copyright was still current (Sinclair died in 1988) and had been assigned to Larrikin Music. The judge found that “a substantial amount of the original song” had been reproduced in “Down Under”. Larrikin Music had suggested 60% of the royalties would be appropriate compensation, but the court decreed they shall receive only 5%, and only on mechanical rights for the song since 2002, and on future profits.

In October 2010, Business as Usual was listed in the book 100 Best Australian Albums.

  1. “Who Can It Be Now?” 3:21
  2. “I Can See It in Your Eyes” 3:29
  3. “Down Under” 3:42
  4. “Underground” 3:03
  5. “Helpless Automaton” 3:21
  6. “People Just Love to Play with Words” 3:29
  7. “Be Good Johnny” 3:35
  8. “Touching the Untouchables” 3:39
  9. “Catch a Star” 3:28
  10. “Down by the Sea” 6:53
  11. “Crazy” 2:37
  12. “Underground” (live) 3:49
  13. “Who Can It Be Now?” (live) 3:58
  14. “F-19” 3:52

Colin Hay – guitar (all tracks), lead vocals (tracks 1–4, 6–13)
Greg Ham – flute, keyboards, saxophone, “fiddly things” (attributed in the liner notes) (all tracks), background vocals (tracks 1–4, 6–10, 12–13), lead vocals (tracks 5, 11)
Ron Strykert – guitar, background vocals (all tracks), lead vocals (track 11)
John Rees – bass, background vocals
Jerry Speiser – drums, background vocals

“Who Can It Be Now?” was the first single released from the album. It was released as a single in Australia in June 1981 and in the U.S. in May 1982. It reached #2 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart in August 1981.
“Down Under” was the second single released from the album. It was released as a single on 2 November 1981. The single peaked at #1 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart for six weeks.
“Be Good Johnny” was the third single and final single released from the album. It was released in April 1982 and reached #8 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart.

Sunday 5/15/22 4pm ET: Feature LP: Monkees – More of The Monkees (1967)

More of the Monkees is the second studio album by the American pop rock band the Monkees. It was recorded in late 1966 and released on January 9, 1967. It displaced the band’s debut album from the top of the Billboard 200 chart and remained at No.1 for 18 weeks—the longest of any Monkees album. Combined, the first two Monkees albums were at the top of the Billboard chart for 31 consecutive weeks. More of the Monkees also went to No.1 in the UK. In the U.S. it has been certified quintuple platinum by the RIAA with sales of more than five million copies. More of the Monkees is also notable for being the first pop/rock album to be the best-selling album of the year in the U.S.

  1. “She” 2:40
  2. “When Love Comes Knockin’ (At Your Door)” 1:49
  3. “Mary, Mary” 2:16
  4. “Hold On Girl” 2:29
  5. “Your Auntie Grizelda” 2:30
  6. “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” 2:25
  7. “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)” 2:16
  8. “The Kind of Girl I Could Love” 1:53
  9. “The Day We Fall in Love” 2:26
  10. “Sometime in the Morning” 2:30
  11. “Laugh” 2:30
  12. “I’m a Believer” 2:50
  13. “Don’t Listen to Linda” (First Recorded Version) 2:28
  14. “I’ll Spend My Life with You” 2:30
  15. “I Don’t Think You Know Me” 2:19
  16. “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)” (Extended Mix) 2:53
  17. “I’m a Believer” (Early Version) 2:53

Lead vocal: Micky Dolenz
Lead vocal: Davy Jones
Lead vocal: Peter Tork
Lead vocal: Michael Nesmith
Backing vocals: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Ron Hicklin
Electric guitars: Al Gorgoni, Sal DiTroia
Acoustic guitar: Neil Diamond
Organ: Stan Free
Electric piano: George Butcher
Tambourine: George Devens
Bass: Russ Savakus
Bass: Ray Pohlman
Drums: Buddy Saltzman
Guitar: Wayne Erwin, Gerry McGee, Louie Shelton
Guitar: Peter Tork, James Burton, Glen Campbell, Al Casey, Mike Deasey
Acoustic Guitar: Tommy Boyce
Bass: Bob West
Drums: Hal BlaineBass: Larry Taylor
Drums: Billy Lewis
Drums: Hal Blaine
Percussion: Gene Estes
Saxophone: Jim Seals
Percussion: Gary Coleman and Jim Gordon
Piano: Michael Cohen and Larry Knechtel

Sunday 5/15/22 3pm ET: Feature LP: Foreigner – Double Vision (1978)

Double Vision is the second studio album by the British-American rock band Foreigner, released on June 20, 1978 by Atlantic Records. Recorded between December 1977 and March 1978, it was Foreigner’s only album co-produced by Keith Olsen and the last recording with bass guitarist Ed Gagliardi who would be later replaced by Rick Wills.

Double Vision was the first in the line of many other recordings in which A&R executive John Kalodner would simply have his name listed twice in liner notes, as a play on the title of this album. The phrase “John Kalodner: John Kalodner” originated when the producer Olsen was wondering just how to credit Kalodner’s involvement in the band and the album. In keeping with the double vision theme, guitarist Mick Jones came up with an idea of doubling the name.

“Tramontane” is the only instrumental track Foreigner have released to date on a studio album and Mick Jones takes the lead vocals on “Back Where You Belong” and “I Have Waited So Long”.

  1. “Hot Blooded” 4:28
  2. “Blue Morning, Blue Day” 3:12
  3. “You’re All I Am” 3:24
  4. “Back Where You Belong” 3:14
  5. “Love Has Taken Its Toll” 3:29
  6. “Double Vision” 3:44
  7. “Tramontane” 3:56
  8. “I Have Waited So Long” 4:07
  9. “Lonely Children” 3:37
  10. “Spellbinder” 4:45
  11. “Hot Blooded” (Live) 6:58
  12. “Love Maker” (Live) 6:49

Lou Gramm – lead vocals, percussion
Mick Jones – lead guitar, backing vocals, acoustic piano, lead vocals (4, 8)
Ian McDonald – guitars, keyboards, reeds, vocals
Al Greenwood – keyboards
Ed Gagliardi – bass, vocals
Dennis Elliott – drums
Ian Lloyd – backing vocals
David Paich – string arrangements

Sunday 5/15/22 2pm ET: Feature LP: Soft Cell – Happiness Not Included (2022)

Happpiness Not Included is the sixth studio album by British synth-pop duo Soft Cell, released on May 6, 2022 through BMG Rights Management. It is their first studio album in 20 years, following Cruelty Without Beauty (2002). It was preceded by the release of the singles “Bruises on All My Illusions” in 2021 as well as the title track and “Purple Zone” in 2022, the latter a collaboration with fellow British synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys.

  1. “Happy Happy Happy” 4:46
  2. “Polaroid” 4:41
  3. “Bruises on All My Illusions” 4:45
  4. “Purple Zone” (with Pet Shop Boys) 3:11
  5. “Heart Like Chernobyl” 3:24
  6. “Light Sleepers” 4:41
  7. “Happiness Not Included” 4:55
  8. “Nostalgia Machine” 4:34
  9. “Nighthawks” 5:14
  10. “I’m Not a Friend of God” 4:34
  11. “Tranquiliser” 3:50
  12. “New Eden” 6:29

Sunday 5/15/22 1pm ET: Feature LP: Rod Stewart – Camouflage (1984)

Camouflage is Rod Stewart’s 13th studio album, released on June 18, 1984 by Warner Bros. Records. The three singles from the album were “Infatuation”, “Some Guys Have All the Luck”, and a cover of the Free hit, “All Right Now”. The album marked a reunion of sorts between Stewart and Jeff Beck, who plays guitar on several tracks, as the two had been members of the influential 1960s group The Jeff Beck Group.

“Infatuation” 5:13
“All Right Now” 4:41
“Some Guys Have All the Luck” 4:33
“Can We Still Be Friends” 3:46
“Bad For You” 5:17
“Heart Is on the Line” 4:02
“Camouflage” 5:19
“Trouble” 4:42

Rod Stewart – lead vocals
Jeff Beck – guitar solo on “Infatuation”, “Can We Still Be Friends” and “Bad for You”
Jim Cregan, Michael Landau, Robin Le Mesurier – guitar
Jay Davis – bass guitar
Tony Brock – drums
Kevin Savigar – keyboards
Michael Omartian – keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, horn arrangements
Jimmy Zavala – harmonica
Gary Herbig – saxophone
Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Kim Hutchcroft, Charlie Loper, Gary Grant – horns

Friday 5/13/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Abba – Arrival (1976)

Arrival is the fourth studio album by the Swedish pop group ABBA. It was originally released in Sweden on October 11, 1976 by Polar Records. It became one of ABBA’s most successful albums to date, producing three of their biggest hits: “Dancing Queen”, “Money, Money, Money” and “Knowing Me, Knowing You”. The track “Fernando”, which had been recently released as a single in March 1976, was included on the Australian and New Zealand versions of the album. Arrival was the best-selling album of 1977 in the United Kingdom and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

  1. “When I Kissed the Teacher” 3:00
  2. “Dancing Queen” 3:50
  3. “My Love, My Life” 3:52
  4. “Dum Dum Diddle” 2:50
  5. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” 4:02
  6. “Money, Money, Money” 3:05
  7. “That’s Me” 3:15
  8. “Why Did It Have to Be Me?” 3:20
  9. “Tiger” 2:55
  10. “Arrival” 3:00
  11. “Fernando” 4:12
  12. “Happy Hawaii” 4:25
  13. “Fernando” (Spanish version) 4:17
  14. “La reina del baile” (Spanish version of Dancing Queen) 4:04
  15. “Conociéndome, conociéndote” (Spanish version of Knowing Me, Knowing You) 4:04
  16. “Fernando” (Frida’s Swedish solo version) 4:14

Agnetha Fältskog – vocals
Anni-Frid Lyngstad – vocals
Björn Ulvaeus – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Benny Andersson – piano, synthesizer, accordion, chimes, marimba, backing vocals
Ola Brunkert – drums
Roger Palm – drums, tambourine and hi-hat percussion on “Dancing Queen”
Malando Gassama – percussion
Rutger Gunnarsson – bass, string arrangements on “My Love, My Life”
Janne Schaffer – electric guitar on “My Love, My Life”, “Knowing Me, Knowing You” (rhythm), “That’s Me” and “Why Did It Have To Be Me?”
Lasse Wellander – acoustic guitar on “Dum Dum Diddle”, electric lead guitar on “Knowing Me, Knowing You” and “Tiger”
Anders Glenmark – electric guitar on “Money, Money, Money”
Lars Carlsson – saxophone on “Why Did It Have To Be Me?”
Sven-Olof Walldoff – string arrangements on “Dancing Queen”
Anders Dahl – string arrangements on “Arrival”

Friday 5/13/22 10pm ET: Feature LP: Florence + The Machine – Dance Fever (2022)

Dance Fever is the fifth studio album by English indie rock band Florence and the Machine. It was released on May 13, 2022, by Polydor Records. The album cover was shot by American photographer and film director Autumn de Wilde, who also shot the music videos and single covers for the album’s first four singles.

Work on the album was originally scheduled for early 2020 in New York, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all recording was transferred to London. Welch has cited Iggy Pop as the biggest musical influence on the album which features a variety of styles and genres, ranging from progressive pop to indie pop, disco, and industrial. The title and conception of the album came after Welch’s fascination with choreomania.

Its release was preceded by the singles “King”, “My Love” and “Free” and the promotional single “Heaven Is Here”. To promote the album, the band will embark on the Dance Fever Tour with three legs in North America, Europe and Oceania.

  1. “King” 4:40
  2. “Free” 3:54
  3. “Choreomania” 3:33
  4. “Back in Town” 3:56
  5. “Girls Against God” 4:40
  6. “Dream Girl Evil” 3:47
  7. “Prayer Factory” 1:13
  8. “Cassandra” 4:18
  9. “Heaven Is Here” 1:51
  10. “Daffodil” 3:34
  11. “My Love” 3:51
  12. “Restraint” 0:48
  13. “The Bomb” 2:45
  14. “Morning Elvis” 4:22

Florence Welch – lead vocals, percussion (2007–present)
Isabella Summers – keyboards, piano, synthesisers, backing vocals (2007–present)
Robert Ackroyd – lead guitar (2007–present)
Tom Monger – harp, xylophone, percussion, backing vocals (2007–present)
Cyrus Bayandor – bass (2018–present)
Aku Orraca-Tetteh – percussion, backing vocals (2018–present)
Dionne Douglas – violin, backing vocals (2018–present)
Hazel Mills – keyboards, backing vocals (2018–present)
Sam Doyle – drums (2022–present)

Christopher Lloyd Hayden – drums, percussion, backing vocals, guitar (2007–2018)
Mark Saunders – bass, backing vocals (2009–2018)
Rusty Bradshaw – piano, hammond organ, rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2011–2018)
Loren Humphrey – drums (2018–2022)

Friday 5/13/22 9pm ET: Feature LP: Black Keys – Dropout Boogie (2022)

Dropout Boogie is the eleventh studio album by American rock duo the Black Keys. It was released on May 13, 2022, by Easy Eye Sound and Nonesuch Records. The album was preceded by the lead single “Wild Child”, which was released on March 10, 2022, in conjunction with the album announcement.

  1. “Wild Child” 2:44
  2. “It Ain’t Over” 3:48
  3. “For the Love of Money” 3:31
  4. “Your Team Is Looking Good” 3:05
  5. “Good Love” (featuring Billy F Gibbons) 3:37
  6. “How Long” 3:20
  7. “Burn the Damn Thing Down” 2:57
  8. “Happiness” 3:44
  9. “Baby I’m Coming Home” 3:08
  10. “Didn’t I Love You” 4:01

Dan Auerbach – vocals, bass, guitar, production (all tracks); synthesizer (1, 2, 6), Hammond organ (5)
Patrick Carney – drums, production (all tracks); bass (1), guitar (1, 4), synthesizer (1–3, 6), percussion (2, 3, 5, 9)
Andy Gabbard – background vocals (1–3, 5–10), Wurlitzer (1), piano (7), guitar (5, 7)
Sam Bacco – percussion (1–7, 9, 10)
Ray Jacildo – Hammond organ (3, 6); harpsichord, piano (6)
Sierra Ferrell – background vocals (4)
Billy F Gibbons – featured guitar (5)

Friday 5/13/22 8pm ET: Feature LP: Lyle Lovett – 12th of June (2022)

Lyle Pearce Lovett (born November 1, 1957) is an American singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. Active since 1980, he has recorded 13 albums and released 25 singles to date, including his highest entry, the number 10 chart hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, “Cowboy Man”. Lovett has won four Grammy Awards, including Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Album. His most recent album is 12th of June, released May 13, 2022 and featured here.

“Cookin at the Continental”
“Pants Is Overrated”
“Straighten Up and Fly Right”
“Gee Baby Ain’t I Good to You”
“Peel Me a Grape”
“Her Loving Man”
“12th of June”
“Pig Meat Man”
“The Mocking Ones”
“Are We Dancing”
“On a Winters Morning”