Saturday 7pm: Great Soul Performances with Bobby Jay

On this eve of “Super Bowl 52”, I’ve got something special for you on “Great Soul Performances” this evening, that I have to thank Clarence Booker, Jr. for planting the seed and inspiring me to do this. You see, a few weeks ago, Clarence sent me a copy of the WWRL “Top 100 of 1971 Countdown,” so that’s just what we’re gonna do.

We will begin that countdown at number 100, and over the course of the next few months, (because we’re not going to do this every week) we’ll get all the way to number 1. As I used to say when; as the voice of “The Big ‘RL,” who voiced all the promos, sweepers, liners and contests, “And If That Weren’t Enough,” I’m going to take you back to those days when “Super Sixteen” was not only one of the top general market radio stations in “Greater New York,” but prior to the advent of WBLS, the top R&B and Soul station in the nation.

You’ll hear the sounds of “The Great Entertainer” as well the voices of some of best radio personalities ever! Enoch Hawthorne Gregory (The Dixie Drifter), Frankie Crocker (The Love Man), Jeffrey Troy (The Devilish Angel), Gerry Bledsoe (Jolly Jerry B.), Hank Spann (The Soul Server), Gary Byrd (The Gary Byrd Experience), Bob Law (The Urban Preacher) and as times goes on, Al Gee (The Master), Hal Jackson (The Dean of Radio), Chuck Leonard, Rocky Groce (Whirlin’ Rock G), Bob Tarring (Hairy Bob T.), Reggie LaVong (the 3rd Dr. Jive), Don “Early” Allen, Sonny Taylor, and of course, yours truly. I noticed today several people including my twin brother Shelly Buchansky were waying in and saying some nice things about WWRL, so I think you’re gonna love this. For those who remember the way radio ways, and who hope and pray it could be that way again, and for the younger ones among us who weren’t there “back in the day,” here’s your chance.

It starts at 7PM ET, 6PM CT, 5PM MT & 4PM PT. “Great Soul Performances” salutes WWRL later this evening right here on RadioMaxMusic.Com. All the best to the Eagles and the Patriots tomorrow at Super Bowl 52, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and fans of a very talented man who I shared the stage with many times, and who left us yesterday all too soon, Dennis Edwards of the Temptations and the Contours. R.I.P. Dennis.

Great Soul Performances Special with Bobby Jay 7pm ET @radiomax

clarenceburkedellsOn this Saturday, June 1, 2013, we remember and reflect on the careers of Marvin Junior and Clarence Burke, Jr. We lost them both this past week, so on “Great Soul Performances” this evening we will salute musically the Dells and the Five Stairsteps. I’m privileged to have known and to have appeared on stage with both groups during my career and will share those fond memories. You’ll hear the voices of Marvin Junior and the Dells in the studio with me when I conducted an interview with them back at WWRL in New York City. I urge everyone to tune in and listen to many great hits by these two influential vocal groups at 7PM ET, when we spotlight, salute and remember the late Marvin Junior, and Clarence Newton Burke, Jr., the Dells and the Stairsteps on RadioMaxMusic.com.


Encore: Great Soul Performances with Bobby Jay 10pm ET

It’s Saturday, and time once again for “Great Soul Performances.” On the broadcast this evening you’ll hear: Sylvester, Bruno Mars, the Chi-Lites, Joe Bataan the O’Jays, Luther Vandross “live,” my recording disc jockey friends; Imhotep Gary Byrd (WWRL), Enoch Gregory, the “Dixie Drifter” (WWRL) and E. Rodney Jones (WVON) plus many more. It should be a lot of fun.  – Bobby Jay