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Wednesday 3/9/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Uncle Kracker – No Stranger to Shame (2002)

No Stranger to Shame is the second studio album by American recording artist Uncle Kracker. It was released on August 27, 2002 via Lava Records. The album peaked at number 43 on the Billboard 200, spawning two charted singles “In a Little While” and “Drift Away”, which peaked at 26 and 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. It was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on July 29, 2003.

1. “Keep It Comin'” 3:22
2. “Thunderhead Hawkins” 3:48
3. “In a Little While” 4:09
4. “I Wish I Had a Dollar” 4:04
5. “Drift Away” 4:15
6. “Baby Don’t Cry” 4:26
7. “I Do” 3:11
8. “Memphis Soul Song” 3:58
9. “I Don’t Know” 3:57
10. “To Think I Used to Love You” 3:29
11. “Letter to My Daughters” 3:08
12. “No Stranger to Shame” 3:40

Matthew Shafer – lead vocals, co-producer
Jimmie “Bones” Trombly – background vocals (tracks 2, 10), organ & piano (tracks: 1, 8), drums (track 9)
Michael Bradford – background vocals (tracks: 4, 10), additional vocals (tracks: 5, 12), keyboards (tracks: 1-9, 11-12), guitar (tracks: 1-11, 12), bass guitar (tracks: 1-9, 12), drums (tracks: 2-4, 8), mixing, producer
Dobie Gray – vocals (track 5)
Beth Hart – background vocals (track 7)
Mark McGrath – additional vocals (track 12)
Richard Baker – piano (track 5)
Dean Parks – guitar (tracks: 5, 10)
Philip Sayce – guitar (track 6)
Wanda Vick – dobro, fiddle and mandolin (track 10)
Jimmy Johnson – bass guitar (track 10)
Larry Paxton – upright bass (track 11)
Russ Kunkel – drums (tracks: 5, 10)
Scott Krauss – drums (track 6)
Jeffrey Fowlkes – drums (tracks: 7, 8)
Dan Higgins – saxophone (track 7)
Bill Reichenbach Jr. – saxophone (track 7)
Jerry Hey – trumpet (track 7)

Artist Countdown: Uncle Kracker Top 25 Tracks @radiomax @unclekracker


Matthew Shafer (born June 6, 1974) is an American rock musician known as Uncle Kracker. His singles include “Follow Me”, “Smile”, and “Drift Away“. His music was more rap rock-based at the start of his career before turning in a more country rock influenced direction on later releases.

Shafer was born in Mississippi but raised in Harrison Township, Michigan. In 1987, with his brother Mike Shafer, he visited a nightclub in Clawson, Michigan where a turntables competition was occurring. His older brother was competing against a then-unknown musician, Kid Rock. Shafer then spent a lot of time with Kid Rock, and they became “best friends”. In those times, he was mainly rapping. He went to L’Anse Creuse High School. In 1994, Kid Rock asked Shafer to play turntables for his band called Twisted Brown Trucker. Shafer knew nothing of using turntables, but since his brother was an experienced DJ, he agreed. He only performed at live shows at the time, until he began recording for Rock’s album, Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp; Shafer was a featured vocalist on some of the tracks. He then began working on a solo album, but he continued being the DJ for Kid Rock. Upon the release of Rock’s multi-platinum album, The History Of Rock, Shafer decided that it was time to release his first solo album, Double Wide.

Shafer has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Melanie Haas, since 1998. They have three daughters. (Source: wikipedia)

1 Follow Me
2 Smile
3 In a Little While
4 Drift Away (featuring Dobie Gray)
5 My Girlfriend
6 When the Sun Goes Down (with Kenny Chesney)
7 Good to Be Me (featuring Kid Rock)
8 Four Letter Word
9 Main Street
10 The Weight
11 I Don’t Know
12 Hey Hey Hey
13 Blue Skies
14 Livin’ The Dream
15 In Between Disasters
16 You Got That Thing
17 To Think I Used To Love You
18 Another Love Song
19 Rescue
20 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
21 Songs About Me, Soongs About You
22 Memphis Soul Song
23 Nobody’s Sad on a Saturday Night
24 My Hometown
25 Writing It Down