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Thursday 12/8/22 10pm ET: Feature LP: UFO – Lights Out (1977)

Lights Out is the sixth studio album by the British rock band UFO, released in May 1977. All songs are band originals except for “Alone Again Or” which is a cover of a song by the band Love. Reaching number 23 on the Billboard 200, it remains the band’s highest-charting album in the United States. In the UK it hit number 54 and stayed on the chart for two weeks.

The album was UFO’s first to feature lush string arrangements alongside more complex song structures than their previous albums. Producer Ron Nevison brought in Alan McMillan to handle the string and horn arrangements. The most notable song to feature the orchestral colouring was “Love to Love”. It is also the first UFO album to feature Paul Raymond on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

In 1994, a CD comprising this album and No Heavy Petting was released by BGO Records. 2008 EMI’s remastered edition includes four live bonus tracks recorded at The Roundhouse, London. The album cover erroneously states that these tracks were recorded in 1976, but the correct year is 1977. EMI did correct the writing credits, with Paul Raymond finally being credited for his contributions.

The title track and “Love to Love” were featured in the 1999 movie Detroit Rock City. “Love to Love” was also covered by Djali Zwan for the 2002 movie Spun and by Europe for their 2008 live album Almost Unplugged. An instrumental version of “Too Hot to Handle” is used at the beginning of Mark Madden’s radio show on WXDX-FM in Pittsburgh, Madden being a longtime fan of UFO.

Kerrang! magazine listed the album at No. 28 among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”.

  1. “Too Hot to Handle” 3:37
  2. “Just Another Suicide” 4:58
  3. “Try Me” 4:49
  4. “Lights Out” 4:33
  5. “Gettin’ Ready” 3:46
  6. “Alone Again Or” 3:00
  7. “Electric Phase” 4:20
  8. “Love to Love” 7:38

Phil Mogg – lead vocals
Michael Schenker – lead guitar
Paul Raymond – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Pete Way – bass guitar
Andy Parker – drums

Monday 8/15/22 11:15pm ET: Feature LP: UFO – Force It (1975)

Force It is the fourth studio album by the British rock band UFO, released in July 1975. It was their first album to chart in the United States. The album was produced by Ten Years After bass player Leo Lyons. Another Ten Years After member, Chick Churchill, played Fender Rhodes electric piano keyboard, the first use of that instrument on a UFO record.

  1. “Let It Roll” 3:57
  2. “Shoot Shoot” 3:40
  3. “High Flyer” 4:08
  4. “Love Lost Love” 3:21
  5. “Out in the Street” 5:18
  6. “Mother Mary” 3:49
  7. “Too Much of Nothing” 4:02
  8. “Dance Your Life Away” 3:35
  9. “This Kid’s” 6:13

Phil Mogg – vocals
Andy Parker – drums
Pete Way – bass
Michael Schenker – guitar
Chick Churchill – keyboards

Friday 7/1/22 1am ET: Live Track Show

Tonight we feature:

Paul McCartney & Wings, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Mariah Carey, Three Dog Night, Paul Young, Elton John, John Mellencamp, REM, Billy Joel, Doobie Brothers, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Richie Sambora, Joe Cocker, Neil Young, Santana, UFO, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz

Monday 9/21/2020 2am ET: Feature LP: UFO – Strangers In The Night Live (1979)

Strangers in the Night (originally subtitled A Double Live Album) is a live album by British hard rock band UFO, first released in 1979 on the Chrysalis label.

The original double LP album was recorded in autumn 1978 at shows in Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky. This was UFO’s last concert recording with guitarist Michael Schenker before the band’s reunion in 1993. Schenker left the band during this tour; this led to the band having to recruit former bandmate & ex-Lone Star guitarist Paul Chapman. It has been rumoured that Schenker refused to record any overdubs for the album, which would make this an accurate account of his live guitar work. When he has discussed the album, Schenker has spoken of disappointment with the chosen tracks, saying “there were better takes they could’ve used”.

Strangers in the Night peaked at No. 7 on the UK charts and No. 42 on the US charts. Strangers in the Night is often listed by critics and fans as one of the greatest live rock albums of all time. Kerrang! magazine listed the album at No. 47 among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”. Slash, guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, has stated that this is his favorite live album. Founding UFO members Pete Way (bass) and Andy Parker (drums) both say it’s their favorite UFO record.

Two live EPs in 1979 also proved successful for the band. In February, “Doctor Doctor” (taken from the album), coupled with “On with the Action” (recorded on the same 1978 US tour) and the studio cut “Try Me”, reached No. 35 in the UK Singles Chart; this was the first time the band had made the UK Top 40. “Shoot Shoot”, coupled with “Only You Can Rock Me” and “I’m a Loser”, would make No. 48 in the UK in April.

Some of the songs were recorded from a show from UFO’s tour with Blue Öyster Cult.

“Hot ‘n’ Ready” – 3:26
“Cherry” – 3:44
“Let It Roll” – 4:48
“Love to Love” – 7:58
“Natural Thing” – 3:57
“Out in the Street” – 5:07
“Only You Can Rock Me” – 4:08
“Mother Mary” – 3:25
“This Kid’s” – 5:11
“Doctor Doctor” – 4:42
“I’m a Loser” – 4:13
“Lights Out” – 5:09
“Rock Bottom” – 11:22
“Too Hot to Handle” – 4:26
“Shoot Shoot” – 4:07

Phil Mogg – vocals
Michael Schenker – lead guitar
Paul Raymond – rhythm guitar, keyboards , Backing Vocals
Pete Way – bass
Andy Parker – drums , Backing Vocals
Ron Nevison – producer, engineer
Mike Clink – assistant engineer
Brian Chubb – live sound engineer
Alan McMillan – horn arrangements, string arrangements
Hipgnosis – artwork