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Saturday Live with Ron Kovacs 10a ET @RadioMax

radiomax_5-200b2The Saturday Schedule has changed a little bit on RadioMax…(See updated list below)

Today we start at 10a with your request and the Top 5 Hits of the week and at12p we go all 80s with your 80s requests and feature the TOP 5 hits from this week in 1981.

So join us and enjoy more of the best music on the internet.

12A – (Encore) The Bounce with Mike Singh
02A – Hed Kandi Radio Show
04A – 
King of Clubs Show with Mikey Gallgher
05A – (Encore) Pidcast with Stu Ritchie
06A – (Encore) Dave Graham Show
07A – TBA
08A – (Encore) Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B
10A – 
Saturday Live with Ron Kovacs
02P – 
Weekend Experience Live with Dave Graham 
05P – Great Soul Performances The 80s with Bobby Jay
07P – Great Soul Performances with Bobby Jay
09P – The Bounce with Mike Singh
11P – (Encore) Pidcast with Stu Ritchie

Artist Countdown: Johnny Lee Top 30 Hits 8pm ET #artistcountdown @RadioMax

JohnLeeJohn Lee Ham (born July 3, 1946) is an American country music singer, known professionally as Johnny Lee. His 1980 single, “Lookin’ for Love” not only spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard country singles chart in the second half of 1980 but also went to the Top 5 on the Pop charts, and Top 10 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary survey. He racked up a series of country hits in the early and mid-80s. (Source: Wikipedia)

1 Lookin’ for Love
2 Bet Your Heart on Me
3 One in a Million
4 The Yellow Rose (with Lane Brody)
5 Hey Bartender
6 You Could’ve Heard a Heart Break
7 Pickin’ Up Strangers
8 Prisoner of Hope
9 Be There for Me Baby
10 Sounds Like Love
11 Rollin’ Lonely
12 Save the Last Chance
13 Cherokee Fiddle
14 My Baby Don’t Slow Dance
15 When You Fall in Love
16 Country Party
17 One More Shot
18 They Never Had to Get Over You
19 Red Sails in the Sunset
20 Ramblin’ Rose
21 This Time
22 I Could Get Used to This (with Lane Brody)
23 Rode Hard and Put Up Wet
24 I Can Be a Heartbreaker Too
25 The Loneliness in Lucy’s Eyes (The Life Sue Ellen Is Living)
26 Dear Alice
27 Sometimes
28 Maybe I Won’t Love You Anymore
29 You Can’t Fly Like an Eagle
30 I’m Not Over You