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Tuesday 6pm ET: The Chain with Ron Kovacs

A new edition of The Chain with Ron Kovacs – Featuring music from, Chainsmokers, Elton John, Simple Minds, Better Than Ezra, Bee Gees, Meredith Brooks, Patsy Cline, Lady Gaga and more . . . 

Thursday 6pm: The Chain with Ron Kovacs

Another edition of The Chain.  This week we feature a listener submitted listed.  Randy Hayes a listener from Boston MA.  Enjoy listening.  If you would like to have your song chain, create a list matching song titles and submit.  We’ll let you know.  Email chain@radiomaxmusic.com



Monday 2pm: The Chain with Ron Kovacs

Another installment of the Chain with Ron Kovacs.  We start with “Make A Little” and 2pm.  Listen as we chain the tunes all afternoon on RadioMaxMusic.  We received a few requests for the playlist, if you would like a copy of the entire list, and we’ll send you a copy.