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Friday 12am ET: Feature LP: Styx – The Mission (2017)

The Mission is the sixteenth studio album by the band Styx, released on June 16, 2017 through UMe. It is the band’s first studio album since 2005’s Big Bang Theory and their first release of original material since 2003’s Cyclorama. The album reached #45 on the Billboard 200, propelled by pre-sales prior to its official release date, but fell off the chart after 2 weeks. Reaching the Top 100 in four other countries, the concept album tells the story of a mission to the planet Mars in the year 2033. The album’s story was written by Tommy Shaw and Will Evankovich. Evankovich played a significant role, serving as producer and co-writing all but 1 of the full length tracks.

The album was conceived in 2015 when Tommy Shaw composed the guitar riff that became the record’s closing track, “Mission to Mars.” The first lines Shaw wrote were “Now we can say it / This is the day / We’ll be on our way / On our mission to Mars.” The story was then formed around this idea.

Styx announced the album in conjunction with the release of the lead single “Gone Gone Gone,” while “Radio Silence” and “Hundred Million Miles from Home” were later made available prior to the album’s release. The LP was expanded in 2018 and re-released in 5.1 surround sound (both DTS Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD) on a blu-ray disc with visualizations for each song as well as a various music videos from the album and a “Making of the Mission” documentary.

1. “Overture” 1:23
2. “Gone Gone Gone” 2:07
3. “Hundred Million Miles from Home” 3:39
4. “Trouble at the Big Show” 2:30
5. “Locomotive” 5:03
6. “Radio Silence” 4:17
7. “The Greater Good” 4:10
8. “Time May Bend” 2:30
9. “Ten Thousand Ways” 1:22
10. “Red Storm” 6:04
11. “All Systems Stable” 0:17
12. “Khedive” 2:04
13. “The Outpost” 3:51
14. “Mission to Mars” 2:43

Friday 12am ET: Feature LP: Styx – Come Sail Away / The Styx Anthology (2004)

Come Sail Away – The Styx Anthology is a musical album by Styx, released on May 4, 2004. It is a compilation consisting of two compact discs and contains a thorough history of the band. The album encompasses many of the band’s most popular and significant songs, ranging from the band’s first single from their self-titled album, “Best Thing”, through the song “One with Everything”, a track included on Styx’s most recent album at the time of release, Cyclorama.

The most notable omission from the compilation is “Don’t Let It End”, Dennis DeYoung’s top-10 single from their 1983 album, Kilroy Was Here. Another omission includes the top-30 hit “Love at First Sight” from 1990’s Edge of the Century. Additionally, no material from their 1999 album, Brave New World, is included.

This is the only Styx compilation album to date to combine the original versions of songs from the band’s early Wooden Nickel albums with their later material. Their Wooden Nickel breakout hit “Lady” was included on the 1995 Greatest Hits collection, but as a note-for-note re-recording, labelled “Lady ’95”. As such, this is the first truly career-spanning collection for the band ever compiled.

In 2006, the album was re-released and repackaged as part of the Gold series.

1. “Best Thing” 3:15
2. “You Need Love” 3:44
3. “Lady” 2:58
4. “Winner Take All” 3:05
5. “Rock and Roll Feeling” 3:02
6. “Light Up” 4:21
7. “Lorelei” 3:23
8. “Prelude 12” 1:20
9. “Suite Madame Blue” 6:33
10. “Shooz” 4:47
11. “Mademoiselle” 4:00
12. “Crystal Ball” 4:34
13. “The Grand Illusion” 4:37
14. “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)” 5:31
15. “Come Sail Away” 6:05
16. “Miss America” 4:58
17. “Man in the Wilderness” (Extended version previously unissued) 6:57

1. “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” 4:06
2. “Sing for the Day” 4:57
3. “Renegade” 4:13
4. “Pieces of Eight” 4:45
5. “Lights” 4:38
6. “Babe” 4:27
7. “Borrowed Time” 4:59
8. “Boat on the River” 3:13
9. “A.D. 1928” 1:07
10. “Rockin’ the Paradise” 3:35
11. “Too Much Time on My Hands” 4:33
12. “The Best of Times” 4:19
13. “Snowblind” 4:59
14. “Mr. Roboto” 5:28
15. “Love Is the Ritual” 3:49
16. “Show Me the Way” 4:37
17. “Dear John” 3:04
18. “One with Everything” 5:56

Wednesday 8pm ET: Feature Artist – Styx

Styx is an American rock band from Chicago that formed in 1972 and became famous for its albums released in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are best known for melding hard rock guitar balanced with acoustic guitar, synthesizers mixed with acoustic piano, upbeat tracks with power ballads, and incorporating elements of international musical theatre. The band established itself with a progressive rock sound in the 1970s, and began to incorporate pop rock and soft rock elements in the 1980s.

Styx is best known for the following hit songs that hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100: “Lady”, “Come Sail Away”, “Babe”, “The Best of Times”, “Too Much Time on My Hands”, “Mr. Roboto”, “Don’t Let It End”, and “Show Me the Way”. Other notable songs include “Renegade”, “The Grand Illusion”, “Blue Collar Man”, “Crystal Ball”, “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)”, “Rockin’ the Paradise”, “Boat on the River”, and “Suite Madame Blue”. Styx has had four consecutive albums certified multi-platinum by the RIAA, as well as 16 top-40 singles in the US, eight of which hit the top 10. Of their eight Top 10 singles, seven were written and sung by founding member and former lead singer Dennis DeYoung, including their #1 chart topper, “Babe”. DeYoung has not been part of the band since 1999, after being ousted by guitarists James “J.Y.” Young and Tommy Shaw in an acrimonious split.

Tuesday 4pm ET: Sounds of The 80s

This week on the Sounds of The 80s we feature music from:  Tom Petty, Steely Dan, Toto, Huey Lewis and The News, Steve Perry, Styx, Billy Idol, Stars On 45, Traveling Wilburys, Michael Jackson, George Harrison and many more . . .

Tuesday 11pm: Top 100 Albums of The 70’s – #83 – Styx – The Grand Illusion (1977)

The Grand Illusion is the seventh studio album by Styx, it was released on July 7, 1977.

It launched the band to stardom, spawned the hit singles “Come Sail Away” and “Fooling Yourself”, and sold over three million copies in the US (Triple Platinum). Along with Pieces of Eight, it is their best-selling album to date.

The album was recorded at Paragon Recording Studios in Chicago.

The album cover art, created by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse, is an homage to a painting by René Magritte entitled “Le Blanc-Seing”.

1. “The Grand Illusion” 4:36
2. “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)” 5:29
3. “Superstars” 3:59
4. “Come Sail Away” 6:07
5. “Miss America” 5:02
6. “Man in the Wilderness” 5:51
7. “Castle Walls” 5:59
8. “The Grand Finale” 1:57

Tuesday 11pm: Top 100 Albums of The 70’s – #90 – Styx – Pieces of Eight (1978)

Styx - Pieces of EightPieces of Eight is the eighth studio album by Styx, released on September 1, 1978.

Like the band’s previous album, The Grand Illusion (1977), it managed to achieve triple platinum certification, thanks to the hit singles “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” and “Renegade”.

The band members produced and recorded the album (like their previous three efforts) at Paragon Studios in Chicago with recording engineer Barry Mraz and mixing engineer Rob Kingsland. “I’m O.K.” was recorded at Paragon and St. James Cathedral. This would be the last album to be produced at Paragon Studios.

The album’s cover was done by Hipgnosis. DeYoung stated in the 1991 interview with Redbeard on the “In the Studio” episode that he initially hated the cover but grew to like it as he got older.

1. “Great White Hope” 4:22
2. “I’m O.K.” 5:41
3. “Sing for the Day” 4:57
4. “The Message” 1:08
5. “Lords of the Ring” 4:33
6. “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” 4:05
7. “Queen of Spades” 5:38
8. “Renegade” 4:13
9. “Pieces of Eight” 4:44
10. “Aku-Aku” Shaw 2:57

Thursday 2pm: Sounds of The Seventies

Another installment of Sounds of The 70s.   This week: Styx, Bee Gees, Tycoon, California, Helen Reddy, Brothers Johnson and many many more. . .   2 – 6pm.

Saturday 12pm / Sunday 6am: Brit Rock with Dominic Forbes

This week on Brit Rock – Michael Schenker Group, Scorpions, Focus, Concrete Kingdoms, Meme Detroit, Survival Code, Green Day, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Styx, Procol Harem, Marillion, Dio, Motorhead, Don Henley, Foreigner, Chicago, Queen, Deep Purple, Genesis, Night Ranger, Allman Bros Band, Fleetwood Mac, REM, Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Mountain, Rembrandts, C.C.S., Rod Stewart, Aerosmith.  Join Dominic Forbes 12pm or the encore Sunday 6am on RadioMaxMusic.

Tuesday 8pm: All 80’s Show

all80sThis week on the All 80’s Show, music from Split Enz, Steve Miller Band, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Bow Wow Wow, War, Joe Jackson, Billy Vera, Styx, Ramones, Bronski Beat, Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Kim Carnes and much more . . .

Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B 10am ET

CR-VRPThis week on the Vinyl Resting Place, Classic Rock of the 70s featuring: Loggins & Messina, Styx, David Bowie, Van Halen, Pat Benatar, Tim Curry, Ian Hunter, Meat Loaf, Ace Frehley, Bruce Springsteen, Eagles, Toto, Elton John, Robert Palmer, AC/DC and many more. Join your host Mr. Willie B 10am ET and also check out the RadioMax on-demand area for more VRP progams!

Sounds of The 70s with Dan Varroney 7pm ET

summer-kickoffIt’s the “Seventies Summer Kick-Off” with Dan Varroney tonight at 7:00 pm ET. We’ll feature popular summer tunes from the Bee Gees, Eddie Money, The Jackson 5, Grass Roots, Gordon Lightfoot, Joe Cocker, Derek and the Dominos, Heatwave, Lobo, Elton John, Steve Miller Band, Maynard Ferguson, Orleans, Skylark, Wings, Frankie Valli, Gallery, Pilot, Deep Purple, The Eagles, Dobie Gray, Styx, The Partridge Family, Billy Joel, Elvis Presley and so much more.

Artist Countdown: Styx Top 35 Hits 6pm ET @STYXtheBand

styx2Styx is an American rock band from Chicago that became famous for its albums from the mid-1970s and early 1980s. They are best known for melding the style of prog-rock with the power of hard-rock guitar, strong ballads and elements of international musical theater.

Styx is best known for the hit songs “Lady” (#6, 1973), “Come Sail Away” (#8, 1977), “Babe” (#1, 1979), “The Best of Times” (#3, 1981), “Too Much Time on My Hands” (#9, 1981) and “Mr. Roboto” (#3, 1983). Other hits include “Show Me the Way” (#3, 1990), “Don’t Let It End” (#6, 1983), “Renegade” (#16, 1978) and “Boat on the River”, a big hit in much of Europe. The band has four consecutive albums certified multi-platinum by the RIAA as well as sixteen top 40 singles in the US. – Wikipedia

1 The Best of Times
2 Babe
3 Mr. Roboto
4 Don’t Let It End
5 Lady
6 Too Much Time on My Hands
7 Show Me the Way
8 Love at First Sight
9 Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
10 Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
11 Come Sail Away
12 Love Is the Ritual
13 Lorelei
14 Why Me
15 Mademoiselle
16 Nothing Ever Goes as Planned
17 Boat on the River
18 Rockin’ the Paradise
19 Renegade
20 Borrowed Time
21 Snowblind
22 Paradise
23 Lights
24 Waiting for Our Time
25 Music Time
26 Sing for the Day
27 High Time
28 Best Thing
29 On My Way
30 You Need Love
31 Crystal Ball
32 First Time
33 Everything Is Cool
34 I Am the Walrus
35 Locomotive Breath