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Wednesday 6/22/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Steve Hackett – Cured (1981)

Cured is the fifth solo album from Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Released August 1981. The cover photo was taken by Kim Poor.

In 2007, Cured was remastered and re-released on Virgin Records. The new edition features updated liner notes and three bonus tracks.

“Hope I Don’t Wake” – 3:48
“Picture Postcard” – 3:55
“Can’t Let Go” – 5:43
“The Air-Conditioned Nightmare” – 4:42
“Funny Feeling” – 4:07
“A Cradle of Swans” – 2:49
“Overnight Sleeper”– 4:37
“Turn Back Time” – 4:23
“Tales of the Riverbank” – 2:00
“Second Chance” – 2:00
“The Air-Conditioned Nightmare” (Live) – 4:08

Steve Hackett – guitars, bass guitar, vocals
Nick Magnus – keyboards, LM-1 drum machine
John Hackett – flute on “Overnight Sleeper”, bass pedals on “The Air-Conditioned Nightmare”
Bimbo Acock – saxophone on “Picture Postcard”

Wednesday 9/23/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Steve Hackett – Voyage of the Acolyte (1975)

Voyage of the Acolyte is the first studio album by English guitarist, songwriter, and singer Steve Hackett, released in October 1975 on Charisma Records as his only album recorded and released while he was a member of Genesis. Hackett recorded the album during a break in group activity in mid-1975 and used guest musicians, including Genesis bassist Mike Rutherford and drummer Phil Collins, to play on the record. It has a loose concept with the title and lyrics of each track inspired by a Tarot card.

Voyage of the Acolyte reached No. 26 in the UK and No. 191 in the US. It was reissued in 2005 with bonus tracks. A surround upmix of the album is included in Premonitions: The Charisma Recordings 1975–1983 (2015).

1. “Ace of Wands” 5:23
2. “Hands of the Priestess, Part I” 3:28
3. “A Tower Struck Down” 4:53
4. “Hands of the Priestess, Part II” 1:31
5. “The Hermit” 4:49
6. “Star of Sirius” 7:08
7. “The Lovers” 1:50
8. “Shadow of the Hierophant” 11:44
9. “Ace of Wands (Live)” 6:32
10. “Shadow of the Hierophant (Extended Playout Version)” 17:01

Steve Hackett – electric and acoustic guitars, Mellotron, harmonium, bells, autoharp, vocals on “The Hermit”, effects
John Hackett – flute, ARP synthesizer, bells
Mike Rutherford – bass guitar, fuzz-bass, 12-string guitar, bass pedals
Phil Collins – drums, vibes, percussion, vocals on “Star of Sirius”
John Acock – Elka synthesizer, Mellotron, harmonium, piano
Sally Oldfield – vocals on “Shadow of the Hierophant”
Robin Miller – oboe on “Star of Sirius”, English horn on “The Hermit”
Nigel Warren-Green – cello on “The Hermit”
Percy Jones – additional bass guitar on “A Tower Struck Down”
Johnny Gustafson – bass guitar on “Star of Sirius”

Artist Countdown: Genesis – Top 30 Hits – 7pm ET

GenesisGenesis are an English rock band that formed in 1967. The band currently consists of its three longest-tenured members – Tony Banks (keyboards) and Mike Rutherford (bass, guitar), who were founder members; and Phil Collins (vocals, drums), who first joined in 1970. Past members Peter Gabriel (vocals, flute), Steve Hackett (guitar) and Anthony Phillips (guitar) also played major roles in the band in its early years. Genesis are among the top 30 highest-selling recording artists of all time, with approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide.

In the late 1960s, with the release of their first album, Genesis’s music was initially regarded by the band and the fans as a pop experiment, referring to then-popular melodic pop. Then, over the course of a year, (beginning with their second album in mid-1970) they quickly evolved into a progressive rock band with the incorporation of complex song structures and elaborate instrumentation. Their concerts became theatrical experiences with innovative stage design, pyrotechnics, extravagant costumes and on-stage stories. This second phase was characterised by lengthy performances such as the 23-minute “Supper’s Ready” and the 1974 concept album, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. In the late ’70s and early ’80s the band’s musical direction changed once again, becoming more pop oriented and commercially accessible. This resulted in their first top 40 single in the US with “Follow You Follow Me“, their first number one album in the United Kingdom, Duke, and their only number one single in the United States, “Invisible Touch”. – Wikipedia

1 No Son of Mine
2 I Can’t Dance
3 Mama
4 Land of Confusion
5 Follow You Follow Me
6 Jesus He Knows Me
7 Invisible Touch
8 That’s All
9 Abacab
10 Hold on My Heart
11 In Too Deep
12 Congo
13 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
14 Paperlate
15 Throwing It All Away
16 Misunderstanding
17 Never a Time
18 Man on the Corner
19 No Reply at All
20 Tell Me Why
21 Match of the Day
22 Turn It on Again
23 Many Too Many
24 Illegal Alien
25 Your Own Special Way
26 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
27 Keep It Dark
28 Shipwrecked
29 Duchess
30 Not About Us