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Feature LP: Night Ranger – High Road (2014) 10pm ET

Night Ranger - High RoadAmazon Review By Cory T. Shaeffer on June 10, 2014

Night Ranger made a comeback of sorts in 2011 with the release of “Somewhere in California,” which actually charted briefly on the Billboard 200. Perhaps the reason for that is the fact that “California” was easily the strongest album by the band on over 2 decades. Like it, “High Road” takes the high road by offering the best of both worlds: it’s the rare album that has some great standout songs that could be great singles, but it also plays through the whole way in a very solid, cohesive manner. That’s what makes “High Road” and “California” such huge successes. It is exactly what is missing from rock today – a solid rock album from start to finish, as opposed to one or two songs being good.

“High Road” kicks off with a bunch of great tracks. The fifth track in particular, “I’m Coming Home,” is as good or better than any rock ballad on mainstream (or even country) radio today. “Knock Knock Never Stop” is a party-themed rocker in the vein of “Rock in America,” the trademark Night Ranger sound. Things do drop off a bit after the first five tracks, however the song “Brother” is an exceptional track near the end of the record. They say that rock albums and bands who produce them are a dying breed, but Night Ranger shows no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact, they look like they had fun making this record. Best Buy version includes 2 extra tracks. 4.5 stars.

1 High Road 3:54
2 Knock Knock Never Stop 3:41
3 Rollin’ On 4:44
4 Don’t Live Here Anymore 5:39
5 I’m Coming Home 4:50
6 X Generation 4:56
7 Only for You Only 4:38
8 Hang On 5:38
9 St. Bartholomew 4:26
10 Brothers 4:30
11 L.A. No Name 4:26