Friday 9pm: Feature LP – The Pollies – Transmissions (2018)

Pollies – Transmissions

Jay Burgess was raised in, on, and by the music of Muscle Shoals – He’s been a “young pup” to many of the Shoals music scene stalwarts for practically his entire adult life – as a young guitar slinger, as a songwriter encouraged in his early efforts by Jason Isbell, and as founder of the Pollies, the band he’s used as a prism to reflect some of the weirder, prettier strains of Southern rock music. While the quality and professionalism of his native Shoals have always informed their music, the Pollies don’t simply ape the R&B-influenced rock for which their hometown scene is famous. Some peg their music to decidedly non-Southern influences like Wilco or Neil Young, but the true spirit of the Pollies’ music is reflective of a long tradition bearing no resemblance to Molly Hatchett or the like. The sounds of Southern bands who don’t fit within the genre “Southern rock,” foremost among them the legendary Big Star from up the highway in Memphis, echo throughout the Pollies’ slightly weird, sometimes noisy, always pretty rock songs. There is more connecting Memphis and Muscle Shoals than the fabled Highway 72, and with “Transmissions” the Pollies continue to show that rock music is Southern music and that Southern rock, whether flowing from Memphis, Athens, Chapel Hill or Muscle Shoals, is anything but a cliché of hairy 70s bands singing about whiskey with rebel flags on the kick drum.

The Pollies are a true “band” – whether rocking their own music or backing acclaimed artists. Their history of collaborations includes current tours backing Dylan LeBlanc and Nicole Atkins, records with Browan Lollar of St. Paul & the Broken Bones and the late Chris Porter, and backing gigs with John Paul White. Years of well-received touring behind LeBlanc have helped cement the present lineup and their lovely yet gritty sound, like a Southern Crazy Horse veering between delicate beauty and a not-quite-chaotic freight train roar. Jay’s recent marriage spawned a batch of songs with a clear-eyed view of love and how we express it, the core of ‘Transmissions.’ This is an album, a journey from beginning to end with one foot in the deep traditions of Shoals music and the other firmly planted in the strange cosmos of independent Southern rock. TiAM invites you to tune in to ‘Transmissions’ – a collection of compelling, crazy, lovely, noisy songs about love and life. Turn it up, and come along for the ride!

Pollies are:

Jay Burgess – Guitars / Vox
Spencer Duncan – Bass
Jon Davis – Drums / Percussion
Clint Chandler – Keys & Things

Pollies – Fell In Love (18) (2:30)
Pollies – Hold On My Heart (18) (2:48)
Pollies – Knocking At My Door (18) (4:40)
Pollies – Lonely (18) (3:27)
Pollies – Love Is All We Want (18) (4:00)
Pollies – Love’s To Fault (18) (2:56)
Pollies – Note He Wrote (18) (3:06)
Pollies – Postcard Symphony (18) (5:44)
Pollies – Summertime Suicide (18) (3:34)
Pollies – Unknown Legend (18) (4:18)
Pollies – You Want It (18) (2:20)