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Artist Countdown: John Waite Top 30 Featuring Babys & Bad English 6pm ET @John_Waite #artistcountdown

JohnWaiteJohn Charles Waite (born 4 July 1952) is an English musician. He was lead vocalist for The Babys and Bad English. As a solo artist, he scored several international hits, including 1984’s “Missing You”, a #1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 and a top ten hit on the UK Singles Chart.

The Babys are a British rock group best known for their songs “Isn’t It Time” and “Every Time I Think of You”. Both songs were composed by Jack Conrad and Ray Kennedy, and reached #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in the late 1970s. The 1976–1978 Babys line-up consisted of keyboardist/guitarist Michael Corby, vocalist/bassist John Waite, drummer Tony Brock and guitarist Wally Stocker.

After Corby was unexpectedly sacked by Chrysalis in August 1978, a replacement was sought and the company brought in two musicians: Jonathan Cain as keyboardist and Ricky Phillips to take over as bassist. From 1979 until the final breakup in 1981, The Babys line-up consisted of vocalist Waite, drummer Brock, bassist Phillips, guitarist Stocker, and keyboardist Cain.

John Waite went on to produce a major solo hit, “Missing You”, in 1984. Stocker and Brock worked with Rod Stewart and other mainstream artists including Elton John and Air Supply. Cain left to join Journey. Waite, Cain and Phillips joined Bad English in the late 1980s. Phillips currently plays for Styx.
In 2013 it was announced that Brock and Stocker had reformed the band, alongside vocalist/bassist John Bisaha and Italian guitarist JP Cervoni.

Bad English was an American/British hard rock supergroup formed in 1987, reuniting keyboardist Jonathan Cain with singer John Waite and bassist Ricky Phillips, his former bandmates in The Babys. (Source: Wikipedia)

1 Missing You
2 When I See You Smile (Bad English)
3 Price of Love (Bad English)
4 Every Step of the Way
5 Tears
6 Straight to Your Heart (Bad English)
7 These Times Are Hard for Lovers
8 Forget Me Not (Bad English)
9 Isn’t It Time (The Baby’s)
10 Heaven Is a 4 Letter Word (Bad English)
11 Restless Heart
12 If Anybody Had a Heart
13 How Did I Get By Without You?
14 Every Time I Think of You (The Baby’s)
15 Change
16 Time Stood Still (Bad English)
17 Possession (Bad English)
18 New York City Girl
19 Going to the Top
20 Back On My Feet Again (The Baby’s)
21 Missing You (with Alison Krauss)
22 Turn and Walk Away (The Baby’s)
23 Silver Dreams (The Baby’s)
24 Midnight Rendezvous (The Baby’s)
25 Head First (The Baby’s)
26 Deal for Life
27 Don’t Lose Any Sleep
28 Welcome to Paradise
29 If You’ve Got the Time (The Baby’s)
30 In Dreams