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Tuesday 10/12/21 1am ET: Feature LP: Queen – Jazz (1978)

Jazz is the seventh studio album by the British rock band Queen. It was released on November 10, 1978 by EMI Records in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, the album artwork was suggested by Roger Taylor, who previously saw a similar design painted on the Berlin Wall. The album’s varying musical styles were alternately praised and criticized. It reached number two in the UK Albums Chart and number six on the US Billboard 200.

  1. “Mustapha” 3:03
  2. “Fat Bottomed Girls” 4:14
  3. “Jealousy” 3:14
  4. “Bicycle Race” 3:04
  5. “If You Can’t Beat Them” 4:15
  6. “Let Me Entertain You” 3:01
  7. “Dead on Time” 3:23
  8. “In Only Seven Days” 2:30
  9. “Dreamer’s Ball” 3:30
  10. “Fun It” 3:29
  11. “Leaving Home Ain’t Easy” 3:15
  12. “Don’t Stop Me Now” 3:29
  13. “More of That Jazz” 4:12
  14. “Fat Bottomed Girls” (1991 remix) 4:22
  15. “Bicycle Race” (1991 remix) 4:59
  16. “Fat Bottomed Girls” (Single Version) 3:23
  17. “Bicycle Race” (Instrumental) 3:09
  18. “Don’t Stop Me Now” (With long-lost guitars) 3:34
  19. “Let Me Entertain You” (live at the Montreal Forum, November 1981) 2:48
  20. “Dreamer’s Ball” (Early acoustic take, August 1978) 3:40

Freddie Mercury – vocals, acoustic piano
Brian May – guitars, vocals
Roger Taylor – drums, vocals, percussion, electric guitar, bass
John Deacon – bass, guitars

Monday 7/19/21 11pm ET: Feature LP: Queen – A Night At The Opera (1975)

A Night at the Opera is the fourth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on November 21, 1975 by EMI Records in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker and Queen, it was reportedly the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release. The album’s title is taken from the Marx Brothers film of the same name.

A Night at the Opera was recorded at various studios across a four-month period in 1975. Due to management issues, Queen had received almost none of the money they earned for their previous albums. Subsequently, they ended their contract with Trident Studios and did not use their studios for the album (with the sole exception being “God Save the Queen”, which had been recorded the previous year). They employed a complex production that extensively used multitrack recording, and the songs incorporated a wide range of styles, such as ballads, music hall, dixieland, hard rock and progressive rock influences. Aside from their usual equipment, Queen also utilised a diverse range of instruments such as a double bass, harp, ukulele and more.

Upon release, A Night at the Opera topped the UK Albums Chart for four non-consecutive weeks. It peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200 and became the band’s first platinum-certified album in the US. It also produced the band’s most successful single in the UK, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which became their first UK number one. Despite being twice as long as the average length of singles during the 1970s, the song became immensely popular worldwide.

Contemporary reviews for A Night at the Opera were mixed, with praise for its production and the diverse musical themes, and recognition as the album that established Queen as worldwide superstars. At the 19th Grammy Awards, it received Grammy Award nominations for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus and Best Arrangement for Voices. Retrospective reviews have hailed it as Queen’s best album, and one of the greatest albums in rock music history. In 2020, Rolling Stone ranked it at number 128 on its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In 2018, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

  1. “Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…)” 3:43
  2. “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” 1:08
  3. “I’m in Love with My Car” 3:05
  4. “You’re My Best Friend” 2:50
  5. “’39” 3:30
  6. “Sweet Lady” 4:01
  7. “Seaside Rendezvous” 2:13
  8. “The Prophet’s Song” 8:21
  9. “Love of My Life” 3:38
  10. “Good Company” 3:26
  11. “Bohemian Rhapsody” 5:55
  12. “God Save the Queen” 1:11
  13. “Keep Yourself Alive” (long-lost retake, June 1975) 4:05
  14. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (operatic section a cappella mix 2011) 1:05
  15. “You’re My Best Friend” (backing track mix 2011) 2:58
  16. “I’m in Love with My Car” (guitar & vocal mix 2011) 3:21
  17. “’39” (Live at Earl’s Court, June 7, 1977) 3:47
  18. “Love of My Life” (South American live single, June 1979) 3:44

Freddie Mercury – lead vocals (1, 2, 4, 6–9, 11), backing vocals (1–9, 11), piano (1–3, 7, 9, 11)
Brian May – electric guitar (all but 7), backing vocals (1, 3–6, 8, 10, 11), acoustic guitar (5, 8, 9), lead vocals (5, 10), koto (8), harp (9), ukulele (10)
Roger Taylor – drums (1–4, 6–8, 10–12), backing vocals (1, 3–8, 11), percussion (2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12), lead vocals (3), electric guitar (3)
John Deacon – bass guitar (1–4, 6–11), electric piano (4), double bass (1, 5)

Wednesday 7/7/21 12am ET: Feature LP: Queen – The Game (1980)

The Game is the eighth studio album by the British rock band Queen. It was released on June 30, 1980 by EMI Records in the UK and by Elektra Records in the US. The Game features a different sound from its predecessor, Jazz (1978). The Game was the first Queen album to use a synthesizer (an Oberheim OB-X). “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Sail Away Sweet Sister”, “Coming Soon” and “Save Me” were recorded from June to July 1979. The remaining songs were recorded between February and May 1980.

A critical and commercial success, The Game became the only Queen album to reach No. 1 in the US, and became their best-selling studio album in the US, with four million copies sold to date, tying with the sales for News of the World. Notable songs on the album include the bass-driven “Another One Bites the Dust” and the rockabilly “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, both of which reached No. 1 in the US. Reissued in May 2003 on DVD-Audio with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and DTS 5.1. The 5.1 mix of “Coming Soon” features an alternate backing track, as the final master tapes could not be found when mixing the album to 5.1.

  1. “Play the Game” 3:30
  2. “Dragon Attack” 4:18
  3. “Another One Bites the Dust” 3:35
  4. “Need Your Loving Tonight” 2:50
  5. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” 2:42
  6. “Rock It (Prime Jive)” 4:33
  7. “Don’t Try Suicide” 3:52
  8. “Sail Away Sweet Sister” 3:33
  9. “Coming Soon” 2:51
  10. “Save Me” 3:48
  11. “Save Me” (Live at the Montreal Forum, November 1981) 4:18
  12. “A Human Body” 3:44
  13. “Sail Away Sweet Sister” (Take 1 with guide vocal, February 1980) 2:34
  14. “It’s a Beautiful Day” (Original spontaneous idea, April 1980) 1:31
  15. “Dragon Attack” (Live at the Milton Keynes Bowl, June 1982) 5:15

Freddie Mercury – lead vocals (1-5, 7, 9, 10), co-lead vocals (6, 8), backing vocals (all tracks), piano (1, 7, 8), synthesizer (1), acoustic guitar (5)
Brian May – electric guitar (all tracks), backing vocals (1, 2, 4-8, 10), acoustic guitar (7, 8, 10), synthesizer (8, 10), piano (10), lead vocals (8)
Roger Taylor – drums (all tracks), backing vocals (all but 3), electric guitar (6, 9), synthesizer (6, 9), lead vocals (6, “A Human Body”), co-lead vocals (9), percussion
John Deacon – bass guitar (all tracks), electric guitar

Wednesday 6/2/21 12am ET: Feature LP: Queen – News of The World (1977) 40th Anniversary

News of the World is the sixth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on 28 October 1977 by EMI Records in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States. News of the World was the band’s second album to be recorded at Sarm West and Wessex Sound Studios, London, and engineered by Mike Stone, and was co-produced by the band and Stone.

In 1977, punk rock acts, most notably the Sex Pistols, sparked massive backlash against progressive rock artists such as Queen, to which the band responded by simplifying their symphonic rock sound and gearing towards a more spontaneous hard rock sound. The album subsequently went 4× platinum in the United States, reaching number 3 on the US Top Albums chart, number 4 on the UK Albums Chart and achieving high certifications around the world. It has sold over 4 million copies in United States. Its lead single, “We Are the Champions”, reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and number four on the Billboard Hot 100. Critical reaction to News of the World was initially mixed, with many reviewers commenting on the band’s change in musical style. However, it has since come to be regarded as one of Queen’s greatest albums, while “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You” have since become rock anthems.

The multi-format deluxe box set, released in 2017, contains previously unreleased outtakes and rarities from the band’s archives, as well as a newly created “alternative” version of the entire album, dubbed Raw Sessions. The box set includes a pure analogue vinyl LP, cut from the original analogue master mix tapes, and a brand new one-hour DVD documentary created from backstage material filmed during the North American leg of Queen’s 1977 News of the World tour.

  1. “We Will Rock You” 2:01
  2. “We Are the Champions” 2:59
  3. “Sheer Heart Attack” 3:26
  4. “All Dead, All Dead” 3:10
  5. “Spread Your Wings” 4:34
  6. “Fight from the Inside” 3:03
  7. “Get Down, Make Love” 3:51
  8. “Sleeping on the Sidewalk” 3:06
  9. “Who Needs You” 3:05
  10. “It’s Late” 6:26
  11. “My Melancholy Blues” 3:29
  12. “We Will Rock You” (Alterative Version) 2:26
  13. “We Are the Champions” (Alternative Version) 4:33
  14. “Sheer Heart Attack” (Original Rough Mix) 4:17
  15. “All Dead, All Dead” (Original Rough Mix) 3:08
  16. “Spread Your Wings” (Alternative Take) 4:56
  17. “Fight from the Inside” (Demo Vocal Version) 3:08
  18. “Get Down, Make Love” (Early Take) 4:02
  19. “Sleeping on the Sidewalk” (Live in Boston, November 1977) 3:49
  20. “Who Needs You” (Acoustic Take) 2:49
  21. “It’s Late” (Alternative Version) 6:44
  22. “My Melancholy Blues” (Original Rough Mix) 3:36
  23. “Feelings Feelings” (Take 10, July 1977) 1:55
  24. “We Will Rock You” (BBC Session) 1:36
  25. “We Will Rock You (Fast)” (BBC Session) 2:52
  26. “Spread Your Wings” (BBC Session) 5:33
  27. “It’s Late” (BBC Session) 6:39
  28. “My Melancholy Blues” (BBC Session) 3:13
  29. “We Will Rock You” (Backing Track) 2:03
  30. “We Are the Champions” (Backing Track) 2:59
  31. “Spread Your Wings” (Instrumental) 4:23
  32. “Fight from the Inside” (Instrumental) 3:02
  33. “Get Down, Make Love” (Instrumental) 3:49
  34. “It’s Late” (USA Radio Edit 1978) 3:52
  35. “Sheer Heart Attack” (Live in Paris, February 1979) 3:35
  36. “We Will Rock You (Fast)” (Live in Tokorozawa, November 1982) 2:59
  37. “My Melancholy Blues” (Live in Houston, December 1977) 4:11
  38. “Get Down, Make Love” (Live in Montreal, November 1981) 4:35
  39. “Spread Your Wings” (Live in Europe, February 1979) 5:20
  40. “We Will Rock You” (Live at the Milton Keynes Bowl, June 1982) 2:08
  41. “We Are the Champions” (Live at the Milton Keynes Bowl, June 1982) 3:32

Freddie Mercury – lead vocals (1-3, 5, 7, 9-11), backing vocals (1-2, 4, 7, 9-11), piano (2, 5, 7, 11), cowbell (9)
Brian May – electric guitar (all except 11), acoustic guitar (9), piano (4),[19] maracas (9), backing vocals (1, 2, 10), lead vocals (4, 8)
Roger Taylor – drums (all except 1), rhythm guitar (3), bass guitar (3, 6), additional guitars (6), backing vocals (1-3, 6, 10), lead vocals (6)
John Deacon – bass guitar (2, 4, 5, 7-11), acoustic guitar (5, 9)

Tuesday 6/1/21 2pm ET: Sounds of The 80’s

Featuring tunes from David Lee Roth, Southern Pacific, Ray Parker Junior, Kathy Mattea, Whitney Houston, Queen, Paula Abdul, Carlene Carter, Police, Ramones, Oak Ridge Boys, Honeymoon Suite, Alabama, Genesis and more. . . 2pm – 6pm ET

Wednesday 4/28/21 12pm ET: Artist Countdown: Queen Top 30 Hits

Queen are a British rock band, whose classic line-up consisted of vocalist and pianist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon. Founded in 1970, Queen released their self-titled debut album in 1973. Despite not being an immediate success, Queen gained popularity in Britain with their second album Queen II in 1974. Their 1975 single, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, was No. 1 in the UK charts for nine weeks (and a further five weeks in 1991, after Mercury’s death) and is the third biggest-selling single of all time in the UK. In the US, “Bohemian Rhapsody” hit the Billboard Top 40 charts in three different decades, reaching No. 9 on its original release in 1975, No. 2 in 1992 after being featured in the film Wayne’s World, and hitting the Top 40 once more in 2018 upon the release of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. The 1981 compilation Greatest Hits is the biggest-selling album in UK history, with 6.0 million copies sold by 2014. The 1991 compilation Greatest Hits II is also one of the UK’s top ten biggest-sellers of all time, with 3.8 million copies sold by 2012.

In 2012, Queen were ranked as being the seventh biggest-selling singles artist in United Kingdom with 12.6 million singles sold. In a time period stretching from 1991 up to October 1995, Queen sold five million copies in Italy alone.

This countdown created by RadioMaxMusic.

RadioMax Stats

1Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2Another One Bites the Dust
3Radio Ga Ga
4These Are the Days of Our Lives
5I Want to Break Free
6Under Pressure (with David Bowie)
7I Want It All
8A Kind of Magic
9Bohemian Rhapsody
10We Are the Champions / We Will Rock You
11Bicycle Race
12Fat Bottomed Girls
14Body Language
15Heaven for Everyone
16Killer Queen 
17Somebody to Love
18Play the Game
20Don’t Stop Me Now
21One Vision
22The Show Must Go On
23You Don’t Fool Me
24You’re My Best Friend
26The Invisible Man
27A Winter’s Tale
28It’s a Hard Life
29Tie Your Mother Down

Thursday 1/28/2021 10pm ET: Feature LP: Queen – Innuendo (1991)

Innuendo is the fourteenth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on February 4, 1991 by Parlophone in the United Kingdom and it is the band’s first studio album to be released by Hollywood Records in the United States. Produced by David Richards and the band, it was the band’s last album to be released in lead singer Freddie Mercury’s lifetime, and their most recent one to be composed of entirely new material. It reached the No. 1 spot on the UK album charts and stayed at that position for two weeks, and also peaked at No. 1 in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland, staying at No. 1 for three weeks, four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks, respectively. It was the first Queen album to go Gold in the US upon its release since The Works in 1984.

The album was recorded between March 1989 and November 1990. In the spring of 1987, Mercury had been diagnosed with AIDS, although he kept his illness a secret from the public and denied numerous media reports that he was seriously ill. The band and producers were aiming for a November or December release date in order to catch the crucial Christmas market, but Mercury’s declining health meant that the release of the album did not take place until February 1991. Stylistically, Innuendo is in some sense a return to Queen’s roots, with its harder rock sound, complex musical composition (title track), psychedelic effects (“I’m Going Slightly Mad”), and strong vocals from Mercury ranging over three octaves (F2-A5). Nine months after the album was released, Mercury died of AIDS-derived bronchopneumonia.

The album cover was designed by Queen and Richard Gray. The booklets and single covers from the album are by Grandville, or are inspired by his illustrations. Innuendo was voted the 94th greatest album of all time in a national 2006 BBC poll.

1. “Innuendo” 6:31
2. “I’m Going Slightly Mad” 4:22
3. “Headlong” 4:38
4. “I Can’t Live with You” 4:33
5. “Don’t Try So Hard” 3:39
6. “Ride the Wild Wind” 4:42
7. “All God’s People” 4:21
8. “These Are the Days of Our Lives” 4:15
9. “Delilah” 3:35
10. “The Hitman” 4:56
11. “Bijou” 3:36
12. “The Show Must Go On” 4:35

1. “I Can’t Live with You” (1997 Rocks retake) 4:50
2. “Lost Opportunity” (B-side) 3:53
3. “Ride the Wild Wind” (early version with guide vocal) 4:14
4. “I’m Going Slightly Mad” (mad mix) 4:37
5. “Headlong” (embryo with guide vocal) 4:44

Freddie Mercury – lead vocals (all tracks), backing vocals (1–4, 6–9), keyboards (1, 2, 5, 6, 8–11), drum machine (2, 9)
Brian May – electric guitar (all tracks), backing vocals (2–4, 10, 12), keyboards (3, 4, 12), drum machine (3, 4), acoustic guitar (1), lead vocals (“Lost Opportunity”)
Roger Taylor – drums (1–3, 5–8, 10, 12), backing vocals (3–4, 6, 12), percussion (1, 7, 8), keyboards (6, 8), drum machine (2), additional vocals (6)
John Deacon – bass (all but 11), keyboards (10)


Friday 9/4/2020 12pm ET: Feature Artist – Queen

Queen are a British rock band that formed in London in 1970. Their classic line-up was Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano), Brian May (lead guitar, vocals), Roger Taylor (drums, vocals), and John Deacon (bass guitar). Queen’s earliest works were influenced by progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal, but the band gradually ventured into more conventional and radio-friendly works by incorporating further styles, such as arena rock and pop rock, into their music.

Before forming Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in Smile. Mercury, then known by his birth name, Farrokh “Freddie” Bulsara, was a fan of Smile and encouraged them to experiment with more elaborate stage and recording techniques. Mercury joined in 1970, suggested the name “Queen”, and adopted his familiar stage name. Deacon was recruited before the band recorded their eponymous debut album in 1973. Queen first charted in the UK with their second album, Queen II, in 1974, but it was the release of Sheer Heart Attack later that year and A Night at the Opera in 1975 which brought them international success. The latter featured “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which stayed at number one in the UK for nine weeks and helped popularise the music video.

The band’s 1977 album News of the World contained “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”, which have become anthems at sporting events. By the early 1980s, Queen were one of the biggest stadium rock bands in the world. “Another One Bites the Dust” (1980) became their bestselling single, while their 1981 compilation album Greatest Hits is the best-selling album in the UK and is certified eight times platinum in the US. Their performance at the 1985 Live Aid concert has been ranked among the greatest in rock history by various music publications. In 1991, Mercury died of bronchopneumonia, a complication of AIDS, and Deacon retired in 1997. May and Taylor have performed under the Queen name with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert as vocalists on several tours since.

Queen have released 18 number-one albums, 18 number-one singles, and 10 number-one DVDs. Estimates of their record sales range from 150 million to 300 million records, making them one of the world’s best-selling music artists. Queen received the Outstanding Contribution to British Music Award from the British Phonographic Industry in 1990. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

Friday 12am ET: Feature LP: Queen – The 12″ Collection

The 12″ Collection is a compilation album by British rock band Queen. It features various 12-inch single format recordings and remixes. “Bohemian Rhapsody” was never released on a 12-inch single and the sleeve notes state that it is included due to its length.  Released in 1992.

“The Show Must Go On” did appear on a 12-inch single, but not as an extended version. The sleeve notes do not mention why it was included.

01 Bohemian Rhapsody 05:58
02 Radio Ga-Ga [Extended Version] 06:53
03 Machines (or ‘Back To Humans’) [12″ Instrumental] 05:08
04 I Want To Break Free [Extended Mix] 07:19
05 It’s A Hard Life [12” Extended] 05:05
06 Hammer To Fall [The Headbanger’s Mix] 05:23
07 Man On The Prowl [Extended Version] 06:04
08 A Kind Of Magic [Extended Version] 06:25
09 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure [12″ Version] 06:01
10 Breakthru [Extended Version] 05:44
11 The Invisible Man [12” Version] 05:30
12 The Show Must Go On 04:34

Wednesday 4pm: Sounds of The 70’s

This week on the Sounds of The 70s:  Yes, Wet Willie, Tony Orlando & Dawn, John Mellencamp, Elton John, Rattles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Abba, Queen, Chicago, Billy Joel, Helen Reddy, Jackson Browne and more . .  

Friday 4pm: Across The Tracks: Featuring – One (Part 4)

This installment of Across The Tracks feature tune with “ONE” in the title.  We’ll feature music from Rise Against, INXS, Bad Company, Maroon 5, Kid Rock, Queen, Montgomery Gentry, Doobie Brothers, Theory of A Deadman, Beatles, Smash Mouth, Carole King and much more across the tracks and genres.  

Thursday 10pm: Feature LP: Queen – A Day At The Races (1976)

A Day at the Races is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on December 10, 1976. It was the band’s first completely self-produced album, and the first not to feature producer Roy Thomas Baker. Recorded at Sarm East, The Manor and Wessex Studios in England, A Day at the Races was engineered by Mike Stone. The title of the album followed suit with its predecessor A Night at the Opera, taking its name from the subsequent film by the Marx Brothers.

The album peaked at #1 in the UK, Japan and the Netherlands. It reached #5 on the US Billboard 200 and was Queen’s fifth album to ship gold in the US, and subsequently reached platinum status in the same country.

A Day at the Races was voted the 67th greatest album of all time in a national 2006 BBC poll.

1. “Tie Your Mother Down” 4:48
2. “You Take My Breath Away” 5:09
3. “Long Away” 3:34
4. “The Millionaire Waltz” 4:54
5. “You and I” 3:25
6. “Somebody to Love” 4:56
7. “White Man” 4:59
8. “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” 2:54
9. “Drowse” 3:45
10. “Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)” 5:50

Thursday 6pm: Across The Tracks: Featuring – One (Part 3)

This installment of Across The Tracks feature tune with “ONE” in the title.  We’ll feature music from James Taylor, Laura Branigan, Queen, Ronnie Dyson, Deep Purple, Tommy Cash, Murray Head, Wallflowers, Jethro Tull and much more across the tracks and genres.  

Thursday 6pm: Across The Tracks Feature – One (Part 2)

This installment of Across The Tracks feature tune with “ONE” in the title.  We’ll feature music from Keb’ Mo’, Jackson 5, Mary J Blige & U2, Creed, Christine McVie, Joe Simon, Britney Spears, Queen and much more across the tracks and genres.