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Feature Year: 2000 6pm ET

The year 2000 was the subject of Y2K concerns: fears that computers would not shift from 1999 to 2000 correctly. However, by the end of 1999, many companies had already converted to new, or upgraded their existing software. Some even obtained Y2K certification. As a result of massive effort, much of it mis-directed, relatively few problems occurred.
January 6 – The last natural Pyrenean Ibex is found dead, apparently killed by a falling tree.
January 10 – America Online announces an agreement to purchase Time Warner for $162 billion (the largest-ever corporate merger).
February 7 – Big Pun, American rapper (b. 1971) Died
February 12 – Oliver, American pop singer (b. 1945) Died
February 12 – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, American rock singer and performer (b. 1929) Died
March 4 – The PlayStation 2 is released in Japan, and in North America several months later. It becomes the best-selling game console of all time.
March 27 – Ian Dury, English singer, songwriter (b. 1942) Died
April 25 – David Merrick, American stage producer (b. 1911) Died
May 31 – Tito Puente, American jazz musician (b. 1923) Died
June 21 – Alan Hovhaness, American composer (b. 1911) Died
August 12 – Dave Edwards, American musician (b. 1941) Died
August 14 – Dora the Explorer, one of Nickelodeon’s hottest shows, debuts.
October 3 – Benjamin Orr, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and singer for the band The Cars (b. 1947) Died
October 18 – Julie London, American singer and actress (b. 1926) Died
October 31 – Willow Smith, American actress and singer
December 13 – Bush v. Gore: The U.S. Supreme Court stops the Florida presidential recount, effectively giving the state, and the Presidency, to George W. Bush.
December 19 – Roebuck “Pops” Staples, patriarch of The Staple Singers (b. 1914) Died
DEcember 23 – Victor Borge, Danish-born comedian and pianist (b. 1909)