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Monday 11/7/22 8pm ET: Feature LP: Prince – Graffiti Bridge (1990)

Graffiti Bridge is the twelfth studio album by American recording artist Prince and is the soundtrack album to the 1990 film of the same name. It was released on August 20, 1990 by Paisley Park Records and Warner Bros. Records.

The album was much better received in sales than the film. It reached number 6 in the United States and was his third consecutive chart-topper (following Lovesexy and Batman) on the UK Albums Chart. Nearly every song on the record was written by Prince despite the handful of artists performing, including Tevin Campbell, Mavis Staples, and the Time. The album produced the hit singles “Thieves in the Temple” and “New Power Generation”, an anthem in two parts celebrating Prince’s newly created backing band, the New Power Generation. “Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got” was released in the Philippines only. The band would get its first official outing on Prince’s next album, Diamonds and Pearls.

  1. “Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got” 4:24
  2. “New Power Generation, Part 1” 3:39
  3. “Release It” 3:54
  4. “The Question of U” 3:59
  5. “Elephants & Flowers” 3:54
  6. “Round and Round” 3:55
  7. “We Can Funk” 5:28
  8. “Joy in Repetition” 4:53
  9. “Love Machine” 3:34
  10. “Tick, Tick, Bang” 3:31
  11. “Shake!” 4:01
  12. “Thieves in the Temple” 3:19
  13. “The Latest Fashion” 4:02
  14. “Melody Cool” 3:39
  15. “Still Would Stand All Time” 5:23
  16. “Graffiti Bridge” 3:51
  17. “New Power Generation, Part 2” 2:57

Prince – lead and backing vocals and various instruments
Morris Day – drums (2, 17), lead vocals (3, 11), co-lead vocals (9, 13)
Joseph “Amp” Fiddler – additional keyboards and backing vocals (7)
Boni Boyer – organ and background vocals (16)
Levi Seacer, Jr. – bass and backing vocals (16)
Sheila E. – drums and background vocals (16)
Candy Dulfer – saxophone (3, 9, 13)
Eric Leeds – saxophone (7)
Atlanta Bliss – trumpet (7)
Tevin Campbell – lead vocals (6), backing vocals (16, 17)
George Clinton – co-lead vocals (7)
Elisa Fiorillo – co-lead vocals (9) (credited as Elisa)
Mavis Staples – lead vocals (14), backing vocals (16, 17)
Rosie Gaines – backing vocals (2)
Michael “Clip” Payne – additional drumming and backing vocals (7)
T.C. Ellis – rap (17)
Paul Hill – backing vocals
Steven Parke – album artwork design
Harmonica on 12 played by Lester Chambers, sampled from “I Can’t Stand It” (1967) by the Chambers Brothers.
Drums on 3 played by David Garibaldi, sampled from “Squib Cakes” (1974) by Tower of Power.
Michael Koppelman – engineer

Sunday 2/27/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Prince – Diamonds and Pearls (1991)

Diamonds and Pearls is the 13th studio album by American recording artist Prince, and the first with his new backing band The New Power Generation. It was released on October 1, 1991, by Paisley Park Records and Warner Bros. Records. The album produced several hit singles, including “Gett Off”, “Cream”, “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night”, “Insatiable”, and the title track. Dancers Lori Werner (then dancing under the stage name of Lori Elle) and Robia LaMorte, known as “Diamond” and “Pearl” respectively, appeared on the holographic cover (re-pressings of the album are non-holographic). Diamond and Pearl also appeared in the music videos for “Cream”, “Strollin'”, “Gett Off”, and the title track, and also participated in Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls Tour.

Diamonds and Pearls contains a hybrid of music styles, from the funk of “Daddy Pop”, “Jughead”, and first single “Gett Off”, to some of the more mainstream pop/rock songs Prince had recorded in some time, such as “Cream”, “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” and the title song. “Willing and Able” was used in a video montage during the closing credits of CBS coverage of Super Bowl XXVI.

1. “Thunder” 5:45
2. “Daddy Pop” 5:17
3. “Diamonds and Pearls” 4:45
4. “Cream” 4:13
5. “Strollin'” 3:47
6. “Willing and Able” Prince, Levi Seacer, Jr., Tony Mosley 5:00
7. “Gett Off” 4:31
8. “Walk Don’t Walk” 3:07
9. “Jughead” Prince, Tony Mosley, Kirk Johnson 4:57
10. “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” Prince, Rosie Gaines 4:46
11. “Push” Prince, Rosie Gaines 5:53
12. “Insatiable” 6:39
13. “Live 4 Love (Last Words from the Cockpit)” Prince, Tony Mosley 6:59

Tuesday 2/8/22 8pm ET: Feature LP: Prince – The Black Album (1994)

The Black Album is the sixteenth studio album by American recording artist Prince. It was released on November 22, 1994, by Warner Bros. Records. It was originally planned for release on December 8, 1987, as the follow-up to Sign o’ the Times and was to appear in an entirely black sleeve with no title or even a credit to Prince; hence it was referred to as The Black Album. Dubbed The Funk Bible by preceding press releases, and in a hidden message within the album itself, the work seemed to be a reaction to criticism that Prince had become too pop-oriented. It was his attempt to regain his Black audience.

The 1987 promo-only release had no printed title, artist name, production credits or photography printed; a simple black sleeve accompanied the disc. On promotional copies, only a song listing and catalog number—25677—were printed on the disc itself. The commercial version was to only have the catalog number—printed in pink—on the spine. The original compact disc pressing was made by Sony DADC rather than WEA Manufacturing. After Prince became convinced that the album was “evil”, he ordered it to be withdrawn a week before its release date. It was replaced with the album Lovesexy, a brighter pop-oriented album with elements of religious affirmation.

“Le Grind” – 6:44
“Cindy C.” – 6:15
“Dead on It” – 4:37
“When 2 R in Love” – 3:59 *
“Bob George” – 5:36
“Superfunkycalifragisexy” – 5:55
“2 Nigs United 4 West Compton” – 7:01
“Rockhard in a Funky Place” – 4:31

*Also appears on Lovesexy.

Prince – lead vocals and various instruments
Sheila E. – backing vocals (1), percussion (2), drums (7)
Eric Leeds – saxophone (1, 2, 8)
Atlanta Bliss – trumpet (1, 2, 8)
Cat Glover – backing vocals (1), backing vocals and rap (2), spoken vocals (7)
Boni Boyer – backing vocals (1)
Susannah Melvoin – backing vocals (8)
Susan Rogers – engineer

Monday 11:30pm ET: Feature LP: Prince – 1999 (Super Deluxe Edition) (2019)

1999 is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Prince, and the first to feature his band the Revolution. It was released on October 27, 1982, by Warner Bros. Records. According to the Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), “1999 may be Prince’s most influential album: Its synth-and-drum machine-heavy arrangements codified the Minneapolis sound that loomed over mid-’80s R&B and pop, not to mention the next two decades’ worth of electro, house, and techno.”

1999 was Prince’s first top ten album on the Billboard 200, peaking at number nine. It was the fifth-best-selling album of 1983. “1999”, a protest against nuclear proliferation, was a Billboard Hot 100 top 20 hit, peaking at number 12 whilst also reaching the top 10 in six other countries. It has since become one of Prince’s most recognizable compositions. “Little Red Corvette” peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Prince’s highest charting US single at the time. The music videos for both “1999” and “Little Red Corvette” both received heavy rotation on MTV. 1999 received widespread acclaim from critics, and was seen as Prince’s breakthrough album. 1999 is certified quadruple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

1999’s critical and commercial success secured Prince a place in the public psyche, and marked the beginning of two years of heightened fame via massively successful tours, hit singles and a Hollywood movie. It has been ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time. In 2008, the album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Following Prince’s death in 2016, the album re-peaked at that peak at number seven on the Billboard 200. A re-release and remaster of the album, including 35 previously unreleased recordings, was released in November 2019.

Disc 1: 2019 Remaster
1. “1999”
2. “Little Red Corvette”
3. “Delirious”
4. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”
5. “D.M.S.R.”
6. “Automatic”
7. “Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)”
8. “Free”
9. “Lady Cab Driver”
10. “All the Critics Love U in New York”
11. “International Lover”

Disc 2: Single Edits & B-Sides
1. “1999 (7″ Stereo Edit)”
2. “1999 (7″ Mono Promo-only Edit)”
3. “Free (Promo-only Edit)”
4. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore (“1999″ B-side)”
5. “Little Red Corvette (7″ Edit)”
6. “All The Critics Love U In New York (7” Edit)”
7. “Lady Cab Driver (7″ Edit)”
8. “Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix Promo-only Edit)”
9. “Little Red Corvette (Special Dance Mix)”
10. “Delirious (7” Edit)”
11. “Horny Toad (“Delirious” B-side)”
12. “Automatic (7″ Edit)”
13. “Automatic (Video Version)”
14. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ Edit)”
15. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married (7″ Mono Promo-only Edit)”
16. “Irresistible Bitch (“Let’s Pretend We’re Married” B-side)”
17. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married (Video Version)”
18. “D.M.S.R. (Edit)”

Disc 3: The Vault, Part I
1. “Feel U Up”
2. “Irresistible Bitch”
3. “Money Don’t Grow on Trees”
4. “Vagina”
5. “Rearrange”
6. “Bold Generation”
7. “Colleen”
8. “International Lover (Take 1, Live in Studio)”
9. “Turn It Up”
10. “You’re All I Want”
11. “Something in the Water (Does Not Compute) (Original Version)”
12. “If It’ll Make U Happy”
13. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore? (Take 2, Live in Studio)”

Disc 4: The Vault, Part II
1. “Possessed (1982 version)”
2. “Delirious (full length)”
3. “Purple Music”
4. “Yah, You Know”
5. “Moonbeam Levels (previously released on the 2016 compilation, 4Ever)”
6. “No Call U”
7. “Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got”
8. “Do Yourself A Favor”
9. “Don’t Let Him Fool Ya”
10. “Teacher, Teacher”
11. “Lady Cab Driver / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Head / Little Red Corvette (tour demo)”

Disc 5: Live In Detroit, November 30, 1982 (Midnight Show)
1. “Controversy”
2. “Let’s Work”
3. “Little Red Corvette”
4. “Do Me, Baby”
5. “Head”
6. “Uptown”
7. “Interlude”
8. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?”
9. “Automatic”
10. “International Lover”
11. “1999”
12. “D.M.S.R.”

Tuesday 4pm: Sounds of The 80s

This week on Sounds of The 80s we feature music from:  Toto, Kenny Loggins, Prince, Dan Fogelberg, Gloria Estefan, Robin Williams, Blues Brothers, Elton John, Billy Joel, Peter Cetera, Alabama, Romeo Void and more . . .

Thursday 10pm: Feature LP: Prince – Originals (2019)

Originals is a posthumous demo album by American musician Prince, released through Warner Bros. Records on June 7, 2019, exclusively through Tidal, with a wide release following on June 20, 2019. It compiles the original demo versions of songs Prince wrote and gave to other artists. All but Prince’s recording of “Nothing Compares 2 U”, which was first officially released in 2018, were previously unreleased.

1. “Sex Shooter” 3:06
2. “Jungle Love” 3:04
3. “Manic Monday” 2:51
4. “Noon Rendezvous” 3:00
5. “Make-Up” 2:27
6. “100 MPH” 3:30
7. “You’re My Love” 4:24
8. “Holly Rock” . 6:38
9. “Baby, You’re a Trip” 5:51
10. “The Glamorous Life” 4:12
11. “Gigolos Get Lonely Too” 4:41
12. “Love… Thy Will Be Done” 4:07
13. “Dear Michaelangelo” 5:22
14. “Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me?” 5:56
15. “Nothing Compares 2 U” 4:40

Tuesday 2pm: Sounds of The 80’s

This week on Sounds of The 80’s:  Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Murphy, Kenny Rogers, Dire Straits, Robert John, Prince, Ramones, Air Supply, Steely Dan, America, Boston, Elton John, Poison, Stevie Nicks, Queen, Men At Work and many many more .. .