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Sunday 12/27/2020 4pm ET: Feature LP: Planet P Project – Pink World (1984)

Pink World is a rock opera and the second album released by American rock music recording artist Planet P Project as a double LP, originally on pink vinyl, on cassette in 1984, and on CD in 1993 on the MCA label. It was remastered and re-released on CD as Pink World on the Renaissance Records label in 2008. Pink World is also the title of the album’s promotional music video. The video features two songs from the album. (The title track is not included in the video.)

Planet P Project is a pseudonym used by American rock musician and producer Tony Carey (born Anthony Lawrence Carey on October 16, 1953) for his more experimental recordings. Pink World is Carey’s fifth solo studio album under his name or his Planet P Project pseudonym. Carey performed all vocals and nearly all instruments on the album, and he composed all of the songs.

The album tells the story of a dystopian society sheltered from nuclear annihilation by the Zone, a protected area created through the psychic powers of a seven-year-old boy named Artemus. The boy is manipulated by government officials into acting as a figurehead to gain public support for their rule, though Artemus himself has nearly absolute power over everybody in the Zone. Artemus eventually leaves the area of safety he created, causing it to vanish as he departs. Pink World was a success among the critics, though sales were initially modest. However, the album has achieved a cult following.

“In the Woods” – 1:00
“To Live Forever” – 4:00
“Pink World” – 4:29
“What I See” – 4:40
“To Live Forever, Pt. 2” – 0:36
“Power” – 4:21
“In the Forest” – 1:14
“A Boy Who Can’t Talk” – 4:32
“The Stranger” – 4:42
“What I See, Pt. 2” – 1:12
“The Shepherd” – 4:50
“Behind the Barrier” – 4:15
“Pink World Coming Down” – 1:27
“Breath” – 0:56
“This Perfect Place” – 4:24
“What Artie Knows” – 4:31
“In the Zone” – 4:27
“Behind the Barrier, Pt. 2” – 0:54
“March of the Artemites” – 4:33
“This Perfect Place, Pt. 2” – 0:45
“A Letter from the Shelter” – 5:26
“What Artie Knows, Pt. 2” – 0:52
“One Star Falling” – 4:19
“Baby’s at the Door” – 3:41
“Requiem” – 1:54
“A Boy Who Can’t Talk, Pt. 2” – 1:14


Sunday 12/27/2020 3pm ET: Feature LP: Planet P Project – (Planet P) Planet P Project (1983)

Planet P Project, first released as Planet P, is an album released in 1983 by the group Planet P Project (originally known as Planet P) led by Tony Carey. The cassette and CD editions have two bonus tracks not found on the LP.

“Static” – 4:04
“King for a Day” – 3:57
“I Won’t Wake Up” – 3:46
“Top of the World” – 4:34
“Armageddon” – 4:20
“Tranquility Base” – 1:55
“Why Me?” – 4:06
“Power Tools” – 3:59
“Send It in a Letter” – 3:52
“Adam and Eve” – 3:36
“Only You and Me” – 3:22
“Ruby” – 3:59

Tuesday 2pm: Sounds of The 80s

This week we feature music from:  Journey, Stray Cats, Juice Newton, Planet P Project, Peter Tosh, Elton John, Dicks, Toto, Huey Lewis and The News, Stevie Nicks, .38 Special, Lionel Richie, Robert Palmer and more . .  .