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Saturday 2/4/23 2pm ET: Across The Tracks: New Music Show

Featuring new music from:

Rita Ora
Jaws of Brooklyn
Jen Cloher
Jake Shears
Katie Costello
Sammy Hager & The Circle
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New Music: Travis Releases Deluxe Edition of The Invisible Band

Multi-platinum Scottish rock band Travis are commemorating the 20th anniversary of their worldwide chart topping album The Invisible Band with a special deluxe box set reissue out today. As part of this week’s celebration, the band appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden this past Wednesday, performing their hit single “Side” from the historic Saint Luke’s Church in Glasgow.

The Invisible Band serves as a major landmark for Travis, who found themselves in the limelight of success following the album’s release. The record debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart, enjoying four weeks in the top spot and a total of twenty-five weeks in the Top 100. Meanwhile in the US, the album held rank on the Billboard 200 Chart for seven weeks. In the year following the release of The Invisible Band, Travis were recognized with a 4x platinum certification–a testament to their status as global sensations.

The band had already become household names with their previous album The Man Who, winning the titles of British Group and British Album of the Year at the Brit Awards, as well as NME’s award for Artist of the Year. Then the arrival of The Invisible Band only solidified their reputation, as Travis went on to win Band of the Year at the coveted GQ Awards in New York, and yet another Brit Award for British Group of the Year.

In a recent interview with The Independent, who cite Travis as “one of the biggest British bands in the world,” Fran shared the ups and downs of life in the Hollywood spotlight, from a comical moment at an Alanis Morissette party, to living next door to Drew Barrymore, and dealing with the relentless demands of the music industry. Fran also dives into his relationship with The Strokes, another trendsetting group of the times, who ultimately became friends even though the media tried to pit their musical styles against one another.

The monumental imprint of The Invisible Band is still very much alive today. Travis inspired a league of other bands alongside the garage-rock movement, including the likes of Keane and Coldplay, who’s Chris Martin has been publicly outspoken on the impact of Travis, deeming them as “the band that invented my band and lots of others.”

RadioMax New Music: The Mad Game

“Freedom, truth, and love, these are the things worth fighting for: the rest is just a Mad Game.”

They’ve collided with governments, security services, and local mafia. Together, animated group The Mad Game fight back from the heart of Ukraine, against folly they have witnessed time and again, with an electronic-soaked devilish glee on their debut EP Player One.

A group like no other, The Mad Game operate as a multimedia middle finger to ‘The Mad Game’ – society’s absurdities that have become our day-to-day realities. For band members, Sudo (Composer, Producer, Vocals), Karla (Vocals, Composer), and Sonya (A&R, Project Direction), this hits particularly close.

Against the backdrop of late and post-soviet rule, ‘golden child’ Karla joined the Mickey Mouse Club in Ukraine, graduating to concerts across the UK, US, and Europe. Karla used her stardom for good performing at concerts to raise awareness of Ukraine’s brutal orphanage conditions. Her growing star was almost extinguished by corruption and abuse, eventually having to flee the Ukraine after a systemic campaign of threats. She now returns, determined to fight back with her talent and music as part of The Mad Game.

Her drive is further supported by Sudo and Sonya, the other two pillars of the project who bring their own potent experiences into the mix. Sudo channels a deep-rooted suspicion of authority into his production, stemming from multiple confrontations with power, indifference, and corruption. Honed by post-soviet Crimean chaos, Sonya focuses the project with her sharp mind and perception, the very qualities that outwitted threats to her life and freedom.

The group’s tenacious spirit is on show more than ever on their single Game Over. Its sound rooted in electronic and its heart rooted in punk, the track opens with Karla’s reverberating vocals. Heavy synths pulse throughout the single punctuated by a bass that will shake you to your core and a message that will do the same.

Audiences can plug into The Mad Game when their debut EP Player One releases 12/11/21.

WATCH THE GAME OVER LYRICS VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXqFS954U9o

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadGameOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madgameofficial/
Website: http://www.madgameofficial.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/25Aqc6ubzXLDlNUw6qYV35
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/uk/artist/the-mad-game/1561382548
Bandcamp: https://madgameofficial.bandcamp.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUhBz3vBndOL6fV__qTn-qQ

For more information, please contact marketing@quitegreat.co.uk

RadioMax New Music: City Weezle

Part Alt Metal, part Rock Fusion, part Funk Rock, all dressed in a wry smile, City Weezle are the multinational band bursting back onto the scene ready to kick some ass with their highly anticipated album No. 2.

Less chaotic than their 1st LP Taboo and more focused with catchy hooks amongst the insanity, the band return from a long hiatus having perfected their craft, reaching new technical heights and instrumental wizardry amongst colourful, rich backdrops. A project founded in Paris, France by Irishman Simon Fleury then exported worldwide from Cork – Ireland to Tokyo – Japan, Paris – France, to Cologne – Germany.

City Weezle is Simon Fleury – The Vocal Viking (guitar & vocals, Ireland), Ai Uchida – The Drum Ninja (drums, Japan), Kengo Mochizuki – The Bass Samurai (bass, Japan), and Axel Steinbiss – Wunderkind (keyboards, Germany). The album also boasts a host of guests across the piano, organ, harpsichord, string arrangements, and breakcore star Gautier Serre aka Igorrr (30M YouTube views, 148.9K monthly Spotify Streams) on production and guesting on certain tracks.

Satirizing classical and dark fantasy sounds with a metal twist on their previous singles, Captain Introspective and Underground in Europe, the band flex their punk muscles on the album’s focus track She’s a Stomper. From its opening dark guitar and drum stabs, the track sinks its hooks into anyone who dares listen, rewarding them with Fleury’s brooding vocals tying together infectious riffs that send shocks through you like lightning bolt!

With the album’s release on December 3, 2021 and City Weezle poised to return to the stage, fans of truly original music are in for quite a treat…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cityweezle
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cityweezle
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cityweezle/
Website: https://cityweezle.bandcamp.com/
Store: https://cityweezle.bigcartel.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/city-weezle
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ii6ZSUfxuPp8CtKrtHruo
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/cityweezle
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@cityweezle

More info http://www.quitegreat.co.uk

NEW MUSIC / Jack Rose New Release ‘Overdrive’

Chart topping music act and ghost hunting TV host Jack Rose got more than he was expecting when searching for the ghost of Great Train Robber Robert Welch at Shrewsbury prison. Within minutes of arriving, it was as though all his electronic items had taken on a life of their own with his beloved iPhone playing his then-unrelease single Overdrive, repeating the lyrics “Take me to another dimension… Only you can make me come alive…”.

Inspired, Rose performed the song at his next performance to acclaim. It was then Rose knew it had to be his next release.

The single is set to propel Jack to his third chart topper with his last two releases both landing him on the Official UK Music Week Commercial Pop Top 10, and has already enamoured his 200,000+ followers fanbase and by the sounds of things, new fans from another plane altogether…

When Jack isn’t working on his music, he hosts the Amazon TV series Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose where – joined by a celebrity guest – he braves the UK’s most haunted sites. With phones always off over the course of filming, the message came as a shock to the star and crew. If calls from an unknown number are one thing, a message from the other side is another thing entirely.

With Shrewsbury Prison once housing the notorious train robber Robert Welch, could Overdrive have been the spectre’s call for a return to the plane of the living? Was the phantom looking to trade literal bars for lyrics ones?

Between its haunting vocals, otherworldly pop production, and lyrics that have taken on an (after)life of their own, it is no wonder that fans have latched on to the club scene’s next big hit. With Jack Rose having the front and back covers of Music Week magazine, being championed by the Official Charts Company as “The One to Watch”, and 3.3+m views all under his belt at the age of 19, it’s clear there’s no need to wear Rose tinted glasses: This Rose is real, now and is happening…

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jackjohnrose
Twitter: twitter.com/JackRoseReal
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jackrosereal
Website: http://www.jackroseonline.co.uk

NEW MUSIC / Mysterious Metal Monsters ‘Supreme Unbeing’ Return With Stunning New Single ‘Face Of Evil’

SUPREME UNBEING is a mysterious 5-piece metal band led by vocalist/prophet Zac Red, who acts as the physical form of our collective consciousness, the ambient quantum entanglement of our most personal thoughts. With his fellow prophets, D.Vine, D.Sciple, Unknown & Al Mytee, the band is on a quest to enlighten the people of the Earth through heavy riffs, astounding solos, & intriguing lyrics.

Although the band just recently transformed from animated characters into real flesh and blood entities, their impact has been felt in the physical domain since the release (October 2020) of their debut full-length album Enter Reality which garnered an 8/10 rating in Metal Hammer (Greece) and a 3 place in “Album of the Year 2020” according to the readers of Sweden Rock Magazine, amongst other noteworthy accomplishments such as landing Spotify Editorial Playlist placements on Thrashers & New Metal Tracks, and combining a staggering +5.5 million digital & video streams in less than 12 months since the debut.

Highly demanded, Supreme Unbeing, today, October 22, 2021, release the first, daunting and ominously sounding, single – Face Of Evil – from their upcoming, second, full-length album Enduring Physicality (to be released 5.5.22). Supreme Unbeing sees their songs as important messages to the people of the Earth, and yet again has an important message to share through the song.

Not much is known about the physical entities, the people, behind the band, but their animated videos for singles You’ll Never Make It & Animals, both who premiered through REVOLVER Magazine last year, have been wildly successful leaving the bands following to expect the same type of visual presence in their new music video for Face Of Evil, which also released today, staring Swedish actor Dragomir Mrsic (known from “Snabba Cash”, and “Edge Of Tomorrow” where he co-starred along Tom Cruise).

“When the band asked me to play the leading role in their video, I immediately accepted, the bands messages are too important to ignore. Besides, my naturally looking evil eyebrows made me feel at home with the character in the video”. Says Dragomir Mrsic.

Mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann, of German metal outfit Orden Ogan, the track is available today on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all major streaming services. Copyright © 2021 Quite Great PR, All rights reserved.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/supremeunbeing
Twitter: https://twitter.com/supremeunbeing
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supremeunbeing/
Website: https://www.supremeunbeing.com/

New Music / Hurricane Highway


We have added a new feature which you will see from time to time here featuring new music releases. Today we feature Hurricane Highway with info from their website.

Amazing things have happened Hurricane Highway in their short few years together. From a chance meeting in a pub, singer Ed Holland and guitarist Kevin Collins recorded their first single ‘Your Man’ in 2014. It received great critical acclaim and very quickly became a radio hit. A video of the same song they made also did very well for them.

The band plays a style of American Country Rock that appeals to a lot of people. Based out of the West Coast of Ireland the have been creating ripples in the industry which have become waves recently. ‘Yeah’ was their second release also accompanied by a video which was quickly picked up by satellite TV stations and started the brand building process for them. Then came the recording and video of ‘Keep them Kisses Comin’ which catapulted Hurricane Highway to new heights. This reached nearly two million views between YouTube and Facebook and other internet platforms and still growing. This was boosted by the amount of airplay on Sky channels 191, 266, 389 and other Country Music channels not to mention a slot on the Ray Darcy TV Show and being play listed by RTE 1 Radio. National exposure and regional airplay has driven national awareness and brand recognition for the band. ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ was the next single and was accompanied by a beautiful video which featured an older man looking back on his life. This has already touched over half a million people and won the Irish TV Country Music Award 2016 Best Video of the Year.

The hallmark of Hurricane Highways success has been the high quality of their recordings and videos. This is well recognised in the industry and Country Music channels and Radio stations always look forward to receiving their new material. Ed Holland and Kevin Collins come from two different musical backgrounds and sometimes when these are mixed something magical happens. Hurricane Highway is a perfect example of this.

Listen for their new single “Spin Dizzy” on RadioMaxMusic.

Facebook      www.facebook.com/hurricanehighwayband
Website        www.hurricanehighway.net
Bio                 www.hurricanehighway.net/about

Hurricane Highway – Dancing on The Ceiling

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