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Wednesday 7/13/22 1am ET: Live Track Show


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Wednesday 2/9/22 10pm ET: Feature LP: Melissa Etheridge – Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled (2005)

Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled is a 2005 compilation album by Melissa Etheridge, released by Island Records. It featured 17 tracks from her then-17-year career, five of which were newly recorded. Eight of the other 12 tracks were specially remixed for this compilation.

“Refugee” – 3:37 [new track]
“Similar Features” – 4:44 [remix]

“Like the Way I Do” – 5:25 [remix]
“Bring Me Some Water” – 3:54 [remix]

“You Can Sleep While I Drive” – 3:15 [remix]
“No Souvenirs” – 4:33 [remix]
“Ain’t It Heavy” – 4:24 [remix]
“I’m the Only One” – 4:16 [single edit]
“Come to My Window” – 3:35 [single edit]
“If I Wanted To” – 3:55
“I Want to Come Over” – 5:24 [remix]
“Angels Would Fall” – 4:39 [remix]
“Lucky” – 3:58
“Christmas in America” – 4:21 [new track]
“Piece of My Heart” – 4:19 [new track]
“This Is Not Goodbye” – 3:37 [new track]
“I Run for Life” – 4:21 [new track]

Friday 5/28/21 12pm ET: Artist Countdown: Melissa Etheridge Top 30 Hits

Melissa Etheridge has released 14 studio albums, 43 singles and 38 music videos on Island Records and ME Records.

Over the course of her career, Etheridge has amassed 5 Platinum albums, three of which are multi-platinum, and 2 Gold albums. She also has 11 Billboard Hot 100 charting singles, with 6 of them hitting the Top 40, and 11 Billboard Adult Contemporary charting singles, all peaking in the Top 40.

1I Want to Come Over1996
2I’m the Only One1993
3Angels Would Fall1999
4Come to My Window1994
5Your Little Secret1995
6Bring Me Some Water1988
7Nowhere to Go1996
8No Souvenirs1989
9If I Wanted To1995
10Ain’t It Heavy1992
11Similar Features1988
12Let Me Go1989
14Fearless Love2010
15All American Girl1994
16Dance Without Sleeping1992
17Message to Myself2007
19I Run for Life2005
20Like the Way I Do (live)1992
21Enough of Me2000
22Chrome Plated Heart1989
23Must Be Crazy for Me1993
24Cry Baby/Piece of My Heart with Joss Stone2005
25The Angels1989
26I Need to Wake Up2006
27You Can Sleep While I Drive1992
28Falling Up2012
30Respect Yourself2016

Tuesday 10pm: Feature LP: Melissa Etheridge – This Is M.E. (2014)

This Is M.E. is the thirteenth studio album by American rock/pop musician Melissa Etheridge, released on September 30, 2014 by Etheridge’s own label ME Records, which is distributed by Primary Wave Records. It features eleven tracks on the standard release and four bonus tracks on the Target exclusive version.

Click Here for album contents from Wikipedia

Feature LP: Melissa Ehteridge – This Is M.E. (2014) 12pm ET

This_Is_M.EThis Is M.E. is the twelfth studio album by American rock/pop musician Melissa Etheridge, released on September 30, 2014 by Etheridge’s own label ME Records, which is distributed by Primary Wave Records. It features eleven tracks on the standard release and four bonus tracks on the Target exclusive version.

Allmusic said of the album, “There’s something appealing in hearing Etheridge try a number of new sounds: not everything fits but the restlessness is admirable”, and awarded the album three stars. Rolling Stone also awarded the album three stars, and wrote “As always, her voice can walk a fine line between passionate and histrionic, but when she dials it back on the smoldering ‘Like A Preacher’, it’s clear that this honeymoon might be the start of a whole new her.”

No. Title
1 I Won’t Be Alone Tonight  
2 Take My Number  
3 A Little Hard Hearted  
4 Do It Again  
5 Monster  
6 Ain’t That Bad  
7 All The Way Home  
8 Like A Preacher  
9 Stranger Road  
10 A Little Bit Of Me  
11 Who Are You Waiting For  
12 Favorite Song  
13 What I Do  
14 Soul Brothers  
15 Saturday Dancing  

Artist Countdown: Melissa Etheridge Top 35 Hits 6pm ET @radiomax @speak_true

metheridgeMelissa Lou Etheridge (born May 29, 1961) is an American rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist.

Etheridge was born in Leavenworth, Kansas, the younger of two girls, to John Etheridge, a psychology teacher at Leavenworth High School, and Elizabeth Williamson, a computer consultant. She attended David Brewer School, which is still located at 17th and Osage Streets. She graduated in 1979 from Leavenworth High School (LHS), 10th Avenue and Halderman. Etheridge was a member of the first “Power and Life” musical/dance group at LHS. Her childhood home was at 1902 Miami Street.

Etheridge’s interest in music began early; she picked up her first guitar at 8. She began to play in all-men country music groups throughout her teenage years, until she moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music.

While in Berklee, Etheridge played the club circuit around Boston. After three semesters, Etheridge decided to drop out of Berklee and head to Los Angeles to attempt a career in music. Etheridge was discovered in a bar called Vermie’s in Pasadena, CA. She had made some friends on a women’s soccer team and those new friends came to see her play. One of the women was Karla Leopold, whose husband, Bill Leopold, was a manager in the music business. Karla convinced Bill to see her perform live. He was impressed, and has remained a pivotal part of Etheridge’s career ever since.[3] This, in addition to her gigs in lesbian bars around Los Angeles, led to her discovery by Island Records chief Chris Blackwell. She received a publishing deal to write songs for movies including the 1986 movie Weeds.

In 1985, prior to her signing, Etheridge sent her demo to Olivia Records, a lesbian record label, but was ultimately rejected. She saved the rejection letter, signed by “the women of Olivia”, which was later featured in Intimate Portrait: Melissa Etheridge, the Lifetime Television documentary of her life.
After an unreleased first effort that was rejected by Island Records as being too polished and glossy, she completed her stripped-down self-titled debut in just four days. Her eponymous debut album Melissa Etheridge was an underground hit, and the single, “Bring Me Some Water“, a turntable hit, was nominated for a Grammy.

At the time of the album’s release, it was not generally known that Etheridge was a lesbian. While on the road promoting the album, she paused in Memphis, Tennessee to be interviewed for the radio syndication, Pulsebeat—Voice of the Heartland, explaining the intensity of her music by saying: “People think I’m really sad—or really angry. But my songs are written about the conflicts I have…I have no anger toward anyone else.” She invited the radio syndication producer to attend her concert that night. He did and was surprised to find himself one of the few men in attendance

Etheridge is known for her mixture of confessional lyrics, pop-based folk-rock, and raspy, smoky vocals. She has also been an iconic gay and lesbian activist since her public coming out in January 1993. (Source: Wikipedia)

1 I’m the Only One
2 I Want to Come Over
3 Come to My Window
4 Your Little Secret
5 Nowhere to Go
6 If I Wanted to
7 Angels Would Fall
8 No Souvenirs
9 Bring Me Some Water
10 Ain’t It Heavy
11 Like the Way I Do
12 Let Me Go
13 Similar Features
14 Breathe
15 Fearless Love
16 All American Girl
17 I Want to Be in Love
18 Dance without Sleeping
19 Message to Myself
20 2001
21 I Run for Life
22 Enough of Me
23 Chrome Plated Heart
24 Must Be Crazy for Me
25 Cry Baby/ Piece of My Heart (with Joss Stone)
26 The Angels
27 This Moment
28 Don’t You Need
29 You Can Sleep while I Drive
30 Refugee
31 I Need to Wake Up
32 Falling Up
33 Burning Love
34 Nervous
35 My Back Door


Feature LP: Melissa Etheridge – 4th Street Feeling – 12pm ET


On this edition of Feature LP we play Melissa Etheridge latest 4th Street Feeling.  From Melissa Etheridge . Com

Release date: September 4, 2012

What’s the 4th Street Feeling?

“4th Street is in Leavenworth,” says Melissa Etheridge.

That’s her home town in Kansas, pop. 35,000, known mostly for its prison and Army base.

And it’s the place evoked in the title, and title song, of 4th Street Feeling, the 12th studio album of her singular, 25-year recording career.

“It’s kind of the main drag, starting in the old downtown,” she says of her old stomping grounds. “I remember the first McDonald’s in town there. The town’s pretty small. That’s where we would hang out, the Burger King parking lot, the football games. Everything was on Fourth Street. That’s where we would cruise. And then it turns into Highway 7 that goes out of town to Kansas City.”

That’s exactly where the album opens, with the bluesy, harmonica-spiced “Kansas City.” The scene is set with Etheridge driving in “my old man’s Delta 88,” reliving road-trips fueled on “Lucky Charms, Tic Tacs and Mom’s amphetamines.” Only this time, the woman who left Leavenworth for Hollywood years ago is taking herself — and us — home. It’s a trip to where she’s from. But also a trip to where she’s headed. Click for more

1. Kansas City
2. 4th Street Feeling
3. Falling Up
4. Shout Now
5. The Shadow Of A Black Crow
6. Be Real
7. A Disaster
8. Sympathy
9. Enough Rain
10. A Sacred Heart
11. I Can Wait
12. Rock And Roll Me
13. You Will
14. The Beating Of Your Heart
15. Change The World