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Tuesday 1/18/22 1pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 16

This RadioMax extended special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue our travels into T.

1pm to 6pm ET

Monday 1/17/22 1pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 15

This RadioMax extended special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We complete letter S and begin our travels into T.

1pm to 4pm ET

Friday 1/14/22 1pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 14

This RadioMax extended special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with the letter S.

1pm to 4pm ET

Thursday 1/13/22 2pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 13

This RadioMax extended special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with the completion of letter R and start with S into T.

2pm to 6pm ET

Wednesday 1/12/22 12pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 12

This RadioMax extended special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with the completion of letter N and start with O into R and feature music from: Hurricane Smith, Shocking Blue, Rod Stewart, Spinners, America, Three Dog Night, Eagles, Jackson Browne, Led Zeppelin, Ringo Starr, Jim Croce, Lighthouse, Clarence Carter, Allman Brothers Band and many more.

12pm to 6pm ET

Tuesday 1/11/22 2pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 11

This RadioMax special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with the completion of letter M and start with N and feature music from: Paul McCartney & Wings, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Aretha Franklin, John Lennon, Steeleye Span, America, Pink Floyd, Tufano & Giammarese, Queen, Michael Jackson, Sweet, Doobie Brothers and many more.

2pm to 6pm ET

Thursday 1/6/22 2pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 8

This RadioMax special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with the completion of letter I and J and start the K list and feature music from: David Bowie, Queen, Seals and Crofts, Allman Brothers Band, Argent, Spinners, Baby Washington, Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, Electric Light Orchestra, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Chicago and many more.

2pm to 6pm ET

Wednesday 1/5/22 2pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 7

This RadioMax special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with the completion of letter H and start letter I and feature music from: Al Green, Abba, Who, Ripple, John Lennon, Donovan, Gary Glitter, Tommy Cash, Five Man Electrical Band, Barry White, Merle Haggard, Don Covay, Clarence Carter, Brinsley Schwarz, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas and many more.

2pm to 6pm ET

Friday 10/8/21 1pm ET: Feature Artist: John Lennon

John Lennon was an English singer-songwriter and one of the four principal members of the Beatles. His first three studio albums are experiments with Yoko Ono using tape loops, interviews, musique concrète, and other avant-garde performance techniques. Lennon also released one live album and three singles under his own name before the break-up of the Beatles. Studio album discography in Lennon’s home idiom of rock and roll begins with Plastic Ono Band from 1970.

By 2012, Lennon’s solo album sales in the US had exceeded 14 million units. He had 25 number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart as a writer, co-writer or performer.

Monday 1/4/2021 12am ET: Feature LP: John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy (1980)

Double Fantasy is the fifth album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, released in November 1980 on Geffen Records. Produced by Lennon, Ono and Jack Douglas, it was the seventh and final studio album released by Lennon during his lifetime. The album marked Lennon’s return to recording music full-time, following his five-year hiatus to raise his son Sean. Recording sessions took place at The Hit Factory in New York City between August and October 1980. The final album features songs from both Lennon and Ono, largely alternating between the two in its track listing. Other tracks recorded by Lennon from the sessions were compiled by Ono for release on Milk and Honey in 1984.

Upon its release, the album stalled on music charts and received largely negative reviews from music critics, with many focusing on the album’s idealisation of Lennon and Ono’s marriage. However, following Lennon’s murder three weeks after its release, it became a worldwide commercial success and went on to win the 1981 Grammy Award for Album of the Year at the 24th Annual Grammy Awards in 1982. In subsequent decades, the album has been viewed favourably, with Lennon’s songs in particular garnering praise as some of his finest.

In 2010, Ono and Douglas released a remix of the album, titled Double Fantasy Stripped Down, which featured less lavish production than the original.

1. “(Just Like) Starting Over” 3:56
2. “Kiss Kiss Kiss” 2:42
3. “Cleanup Time” 2:58
4. “Give Me Something” 1:35
5. “I’m Losing You” 3:57
6. “I’m Moving On” 2:20
7. “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” 4:02

1. “Watching the Wheels” 4:00
2. “Yes, I’m Your Angel” 3:08
3. “Woman” 3:32
4. “Beautiful Boys” 2:55
5. “Dear Yoko” 2:34
6. “Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him” 4:02
7. “Hard Times Are Over” 3:20

15. “Help Me to Help Myself” 2:37
16. “Walking on Thin Ice” 6:00
17. “Central Park Stroll” (dialogue) 0:17

John Lennon – lead, harmony and background vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, synthesiser, arranger and producer
Yoko Ono – lead and background vocals, arranger and producer
Randal S Turner – background vocals
Jack Douglas – arranger and producer
Earl Slick – lead guitar
Hugh McCracken – lead guitar
Tony Levin – bass guitar
George Small – keyboards, piano, synthesizer
Andy Newmark – drums
Arthur Jenkins – percussion
Ed Walsh – keyboards, synthesiser
Randy Stein – English concertina
Robert Greenidge – steel drum on “Beautiful Boy”
Matthew Cunningham – hammer dulcimer on “Watching the Wheels”
Howard Johnson – horns
Grant Hungerford – horns
John Parran – horns
Seldon Powell – horns
George “Young” Opalisky – horns
Roger Rosenberg – horns
David Tofani – horns
Ronald Tooley – horns
Tony Davillo – horn arrangements and musical associate
Cas Mijac (Michelle Simpson, Cassandra Wooten, Cheryl Mason Jacks), Eric Troyer, Benny Cummings Singers, The Kings Temple Choir – background vocals

Tuesday 12/8/2020 4pm ET: John Lennon Final Interview (December 8, 1980)

John Lennon’s last days were filled with professional and domestic routines characteristic of both a typical wealthy New Yorker and a legendary rock star and activist: making breakfast and watching Sesame Street with his son Sean, going on epic shopping sprees, spending late nights in the studio, staging demonstrations, arguing with his retinue of servants and hangers-on. After five years in semi-retirement, or “siege like retreat,” spent raising Sean, John Lennon seemed ready to emerge from seclusion and renew his career. On his final day, December 8, 1980, he was feeling hopeful about his creative future. He had just learned that his album with Yoko, Double Fantasy, had gone gold, and he and Yoko were engaged in promotion, and were looking forward to their next musical endeavor.

That morning, Annie Leibovitz and her assistant came to the Lennon’s apartment building, The Dakota, to shoot those now iconic photographs for Rolling Stone of the Lennon’s in bed. Meanwhile, a devoted fan named Paul Goresh, and Lennon’s murderer Mark David Chapman, started to hang around outside the building. Less than two hours later, a crew from San Francisco’s RKO radio arrived at The Dakota to interview John and Yoko. Interviewer Dave Sholin remembers meeting Lennon, who was getting dressed after the nude photo shoot: “the door opens and John jumps in with his arms extended, like ‘here I am folks!’ We were meeting John Lennon and we were all maybe a little nervous but that just put us right at ease in probably less than a minute.” “He was a regular guy, very, very sharp and extremely quick witted,” Sholin continued. “And he connected with all of us. He had been out of the public eye for five years and he was open to speaking about anything. He did not hold back.”

You can hear that interview as John and Yoko talk in great detail about Double Fantasy, about parenting, about meeting, falling in love, and working together. Lennon also talks about his social vision and the need for “holistic” solutions to “stop this paranoia of 90-year old men playing macho games with the world and possibly the galaxy.” Notably, he offers his assessment of the cultural shifts from the sixties through the seventies.

The bit about the sixties we were all full of hope and then everybody got depressed and the seventies were terrible – that attitude that everybody has; that the sixties was therefore negated for being naïve and dumb. And the seventies is really where it’s at, which means, you know, putting makeup on and dancing in the disco – which was fine for the seventies – but I don’t negate the sixties. I don’t negate the seventies. The … the seeds that were planted in the sixties – and possibly they were planted generations before – but the seed… whatever happened in the sixties the… the flowering of that is in the feminist, feminization of society. The meditation, the positive learning that people are doing in all walks of life. That is a direct result of the opening up of the sixties. Now, maybe in the sixties we were naïve and like children everybody went back to their room and said, ‘Well, we didn’t get a wonderful world of just flowers and peace and happy chocolate and, and, and it wasn’t just pretty and beautiful all the time’ and that’s what everybody did, ‘we didn’t get everything we wanted’ just like babies and everybody went back to their rooms and sulked. And we’re just gonna play rock and roll and not do anything else . We’re gonna stay in our rooms and the world is a nasty, horrible place ’cause it didn’t give us everything we cried for’, right? Cryin’ for it wasn’t enough. The thing the sixties did was show us the possibility and the responsibility that we all had. It wasn’t the answer. It just gave us a glimpse of the possibility, and the seventies everybody gone ‘Nya, nya, nya, nya’. And possibly in the eighties everybody’ll say, ‘Well, ok, let’s project the positive side of life again’, you know? The world’s been goin’ on a long time, right? It’s probably gonna go on a long time… ”

After the interview, Sholin boarded a plane back to San Francisco, and John and Yoko went back to work, meeting with producer Jack Douglas. When they returned home that night, they found Mark David Chapman still waiting outside The Dakota with his .38. At 11:15 that night, Lennon was pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital.

Monday 10/12/2020 12pm ET: Feature LP: John Lennon – Gimmie Some Truth (2020)

01. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Ultimate Mix)
02. Cold Turkey (Ultimate Mix)
03. Working Class Hero (Ultimate Mix)
04. Isolation (Ultimate Mix)
05. Love (Ultimate Mix)
06. God (Ultimate Mix)
07. Power To The People (Ultimate Mix)
08. Imagine (Ultimate Mix)
09. Jealous Guy (Ultimate Mix)
10. Gimme Some Truth (Ultimate Mix)
11. Oh My Love (Ultimate Mix)
12. How Do You Sleep? (Ultimate Mix)
13. Oh Yoko! (Ultimate Mix)
14. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Angela (Ultimate Mix)
15. Come Together (Live / Ultimate Mix)
16. Mind Games (Ultimate Mix)
17. Out The Blue (Ultimate Mix)
18. I Know (I Know) (Ultimate Mix)
19. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Ultimate Mix)
20. Bless You (Ultimate Mix)
21. #9 Dream (Ultimate Mix)
22. Steel And Glass (Ultimate Mix)
23. Stand By Me (Ultimate Mix)
24. Angel Baby (Ultimate Mix)
25. (Just Like) Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)
26. I’m Losing You (Ultimate Mix)
27. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Ultimate Mix)
28. Watching The Wheels (Ultimate Mix)
29. Woman (Ultimate Mix)
30. Dear Yoko (Ultimate Mix)
31. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (Ultimate Mix)
32. Nobody Told Me (Ultimate Mix)
33. I’m Stepping Out (Ultimate Mix)
34. Grow Old With Me (Ultimate Mix)
35. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Ultimate Mix)
36. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Give Peace A Chance (Ultimate Mix)

Friday 6/19/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: John Lennon – Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon (1997)

Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon is the third official compilation album of John Lennon’s solo career, coming after 1975’s Shaved Fish and 1982’s The John Lennon Collection.  Because neither collection spanned Lennon’s releases up to and including 1984’s Milk and Honey, Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon – considered the definitive Lennon retrospective – was compiled to rectify the situation. It was released in the UK October 27, 1997 through Parlophone and early 1998 in the US by EMI Records.

Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon peaked at number 3 on the UK Albums Chart and certified 2x Platinum by the BPI in May 1998. The album has also certified Platinum in the US and Canada as of December 2008. In the history of Japanese Oricon chart, Lennon Legend has been one of the longest charting albums that failed to reach top 40, selling more than 190,000 copies up to late 2006.

The album re-entered the UK Chart on June 18, 2007, almost ten years after its release, at number 30. The album also appeared in a commercial for Apple’s iPod touch.

“Imagine” – 3:02
“Instant Karma!” – 3:20
“Mother” – 3:53
“Jealous Guy” – 4:14
“Power to the People” – 3:17
“Cold Turkey” – 5:01
“Love” – 3:23
“Mind Games” – 4:11
“Whatever Gets You thru the Night” – 3:19
“#9 Dream” – 4:46
“Stand By Me” – 3:27
“(Just Like) Starting Over” – 3:55
“Woman” – 3:26
“Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” – 4:00
“Watching the Wheels” – 3:31
“Nobody Told Me” – 3:33
“Borrowed Time” – 4:30
“Working Class Hero” – 3:49
“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” – 3:33
“Give Peace a Chance” – 4:52