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Tuesday, May 23, 2023 8pm ET: Feature LP: Janet Jackson – Janet (1993)

Janet is the fifth studio album by American singer Janet Jackson, released on May 18, 1993, by Virgin Records America. Prior to its release, Jackson was at the center of a high-profile bidding war over her recording contract. In 1991, her original label A&M sought to renew her contract, while others, such as Atlantic, Capitol, and Virgin all vied to sign her. After meeting with Virgin owner Richard Branson, she signed with the label. The contract was worth an estimated $40 million, making her the world’s then-highest paid musical act.

Criticism that her success in the music industry was attributed to being a member of the Jackson family and a producer-dependent artist led her to write all lyrics for the album, in addition to co-producing every song and co-writing each of their arrangements with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Its title, read “Janet, period.”, is meant to disassociate her public image from her family, dropping her surname. A pop and R&B record, Janet incorporated hip hop, opera, house and jazz, eliminating the rigid, industrial sound of her previous records. Lyrically, the theme of Janet is sexual intimacy—an abrupt departure from her conservative image. Much of her lyrics emphasize a woman’s perspective on sexuality and the demand for practicing safe sex.

In the United States, Janet became the singer’s third consecutive album to top the Billboard 200 and her first to debut at number one. Selling 350,000 copies in its first week, it set a record for the highest first week sales for a female artist at that time. Certified sixfold platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it has sold over seven million copies in the US according to Nielsen SoundScan. Internationally, Janet topped the record charts in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom, and has sold an estimated 14 million copies worldwide.

Janet remains one of only seven albums in history to produce six top-ten hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, including the number-one singles “That’s the Way Love Goes” and “Again”. The MTV-sponsored Janet World Tour supporting the album received critical acclaim for Jackson’s elaborate stage performances, reinforcing her reputation as one of the preeminent artists of the MTV generation. Janet cemented her as an international icon and sex symbol, and is listed by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the 200 Definitive Albums of All Time. Academics argued the erotic imagery in her music videos have contributed to a higher degree of sexual freedom among women.

  1. “Morning” 0:31
  2. “That’s the Way Love Goes” 4:24
  3. “You Know…” 0:12
  4. “You Want This” 5:05
  5. “Be a Good Boy…” 0:07
  6. “If” 4:31
  7. “Back” 0:04
  8. “This Time” 6:58
  9. “Go on Miss Janet” 0:05
  10. “Throb” 4:33
  11. “What’ll I Do” 4:05
  12. “The Lounge” 0:15
  13. “Funky Big Band” 5:22
  14. “Racism” 0:08
  15. “New Agenda” 4:00
  16. “Love Pt. 2” 0:11
  17. “Because of Love” 4:20
  18. “Wind” 0:11
  19. “Again” 3:46
  20. “Another Lover” 0:11
  21. “Where Are You Now” 5:47
  22. “Hold on Baby” 0:12
  23. “The Body That Loves You” 5:32
  24. “Rain” 0:18
  25. “Any Time, Any Place” 7:08
  26. “Are You Still Up” 1:36
  27. “Sweet Dreams” 0:14
  28. “Whoops Now” 4:59

(Ex) Cat Heads – rap
Alice Preves – viola
Ann Nesby – background vocals
Bernie Edstrom – horn arrangements, trumpet
Carolyn Daws – violin
Celine Leathead – violin
Chuck D – rap
Core Cotton – background vocals
Daria Tedeschi – violin
Dave Karr – flute
David Barry – guitar
David Bullock – violin
David Carr – flute
David Eiland – sax (alto)
David Rideau – mixing
Frank Stribbling – guitar
Gary Raynor – bass
Hanley Daws – violin
Jamecia Bennett – background vocals
Janet Jackson – main performer, record producer, vocals, background vocals
Jean Krikorian – design
Jeff Gottwig – clarinet, trumpet
Jeff Taylor – bass, vocals
Jellybean Johnson – producer
Jimmy Jam – keyboards, producer, vocals
James “Big Jim” Wright – keyboards, vocals
Jossie Harris – talking
Kathleen Battle – vocals
Ken Holman – clarinet, sax (tenor)
Kool & the Gang
Laura Preves – bassoon

Lawrence Waddell – organ (hammond)
Lee Blaskey – orchestration
Len Peltier – art direction, design
Marie Graham – background vocals
Mark Haynes – bass, drum programming, programming
Merilee Klemp – oboe
Mike Sobieski – violin
Patrick Demarchelier – photography
Robert Hallgrimson – sax (alto), trumpet
Steve Hodge – mixing
Steve Wright – trumpet
Steven Pikal – trombone
Stokley – drums
Tamas Strasser – viola
Terry Lewis – producer
The Average White Band
Tina Landon – talking
Tom Kornacker – violin

Thursday 2/2/23 11pm ET: Feature LP: Herb Alpert – Keep Your Eye On Me (1987)

Keep Your Eye on Me is a pop/R&B/dance album by Herb Alpert, released February 13,1987. It contains two hit singles, “Diamonds” and “Making Love in the Rain” (both featuring lead and background vocals by Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith). These Billboard Top 40 hits, along with the title track and “Pillow” (featuring co-lead vocals by Alpert and singer/wife Lani Hall) were produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The remainder of the album consists of tracks produced by Herb Alpert and various producers. Keep Your Eye On Me was constructed with Side 1 (Tracks 1-5) featuring up-tempo songs, while Side 2 (Tracks 6-10) featured down tempo songs and ballads.

All trumpet solos were played by Herb Alpert.

The album was released on CD by A&M Records, along with extended CD singles of the title track and “Diamonds”. It was re-released on September 12, 2013 in a download-only version available exclusively through Alpert’s official website, HerbAlpertPresents.com.

“Keep Your Eye on Me” 5:13
“Hot Shot” 3:56
“Diamonds” 4:53
“Traffic Jam” 3:16
“Cat Man Do” 5:26
“Pillow” 4:32
“Our Song” 3:55
“Making Love in the Rain” 5:56
“Rocket to the Moon” 3:52
“Stranger on the Shore” 2:54
“Making Love in the Rain” 4:05 (Single Edit)

Thursday 11/24/22 9pm ET: Feature LP: Janet Jackson (1982)

Janet Jackson is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Janet Jackson, released on September 21, 1982 by A&M Records. Janet Jackson is described as a dance and contemporary R&B record. Songwriters Angela Winbush and René Moore contributed to much of the album’s lyrics. Moore and Winbush share production credits with Foster Sylvers, Jerry Weaver, and Bobby Watson. On release Janet Jackson charted on the Billboard 200 and in New Zealand. Three singles from the album had little impact on Billboard Hot 100 charts, among them “Young Love”, “Come Give Your Love to Me” and “Say You Do”, though these singles achieved success on the R&B charts. Jackson performed “Young Love” and “Say You Do” on American TV shows American Bandstand and Soul Train in 1982. The cover artwork of Jackson’s body submerged in water was based on a photo of Elizabeth Taylor. Worldwide, the album has sold 300,000 copies.

  1. “Say You Do” 6:49
  2. “You’ll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)” 4:09
  3. “Young Love” 4:56
  4. “Love and My Best Friend” 4:47
  5. “Don’t Mess Up This Good Thing” 3:53
  6. “Forever Yours” 4:57
  7. “The Magic Is Working” 4:09
  8. “Come Give Your Love to Me” 5:03

Janet Jackson – vocals
Bobby Watson, James Jamerson, Jr., Leon F. Sylvers III, Ricky Smith – bass guitar
Foster Sylvers – synthesizer, bass, drums, producer, rhythm arrangements
Marlo Henderson, Greg Moore, Tony Maiden, Fred West, Michael McGloiry, Fred Jenkins, Pepper Read – guitars
Paulinho Da Costa, Edmund Sylvers, Melvin Webb – percussion
André Fischer, John JR Robinson – drums
Wardell Potts, Jr. – drums, rhythm arrangements
René Moore – keyboards, background vocals, handclapping, producer, rhythm arrangements, Moog bass
Angela Winbush – keyboards, background vocals, producer, rhythm arrangements
Phillip Ingram – keyboards, string machine, background vocals
Joey Gallo – keyboards, synthesizer
Eddie Fluellen – string machine
Jerry Hey – horn arrangements
Humberto Gatica – mixing
Stuart Furusho – engineer, mixing assistant
Kirk Ferraioli – assistant engineer
Gene Dozier – keyboards, horn arrangements, string arrangements
Jeff Lorber, Barry Sarna, Ian Underwood – synthesizers
Attala Zane Giles – background vocals
Monica Joy Rhodes, Wendell C. Wellman – handclaps
Dana Meyers – background vocals, vocal arrangement
Howard Hewett – background vocals

Friday 11/11/22 8pm ET: Feature LP: Janet Jackson – Velvet Rope (1997)

The Velvet Rope is the sixth studio album by American singer Janet Jackson. The album was released on October 7, 1997, through Virgin Records. Prior to its release, she renegotiated her contract with Virgin for US$80 million, the largest recording contract in history at that time.

Upon experiencing an emotional breakdown, Jackson began facing a long-term case of depression. She in turn developed her new record as a concept album, using introspection as its theme. Its title is a metaphor for emotional boundaries, as well as an allusion to an individual’s need to feel special. Its lyrics address subject matter such as depression, self-worth, social networking, and domestic violence. It also encompasses themes of sexuality, including BDSM, sexual orientation and same-sex relationships. Due to its sexually explicit content, the album reinforced Jackson’s public image as a sex symbol and as one of the most erotic vocalists of the 1990s. Its incorporation of social issues regarding sexual orientation and combating homophobia also established her reputation as a gay icon and received the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music.

The record was co-written and co-produced by Jackson, her then-husband René Elizondo Jr., Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, with additional contributions by various songwriters. Songs on the album also include British violinist Vanessa-Mae, Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell and American rapper Q-Tip as featured artists. Its composition fuses various genres, including pop, R&B, trip hop, folk, jazz, rock and electronic music. Considered to be Jackson’s most mature recording, it is regarded as a template for pop artists transitioning to a darker or rebellious sound and as a precursor to the development of alternative R&B.

The Velvet Rope became Jackson’s fourth consecutive album to top the Billboard 200. It also reached the top of charts in Denmark and the top five in major markets such as Australia, Canada, France, and Germany. The album was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and has sold an estimated eight million copies worldwide. Of the six singles released from the project, “Got ’til It’s Gone” won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Music Video, “Together Again” became an international number-one hit, and “I Get Lonely” became Jackson’s 18th consecutive top-ten single on the US Billboard Hot 100, making her the only female artist in history to achieve that feat. The Velvet Rope Tour, in support of the album, drew critical acclaim for its theatricality, as well as controversy for its depictions of domestic violence and bondage.

  1. “Interlude – Twisted Elegance” 0:41
  2. “Velvet Rope” (featuring Vanessa-Mae) 4:55
  3. “You” 4:42
  4. “Got ’til It’s Gone” (featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell) 4:01
  5. “Interlude – Speaker Phone” 0:54
  6. “My Need” 3:44
  7. “Interlude – Fasten Your Seatbelts” 0:19
  8. “Go Deep” 4:42
  9. “Free Xone” 4:57
  10. “Interlude – Memory” 0:04
  11. “Together Again” 5:01
  12. “Interlude – Online” 0:19
  13. “Empty” 4:32
  14. “Interlude – Full” 0:12
  15. “What About” 4:24
  16. “Every Time” 4:17
  17. Tonight’s the Night” 5:07
  18. “I Get Lonely” 5:17
  19. “Rope Burn” 4:15
  20. “Anything” 4:54
  21. “Interlude – Sad” 0:10
  22. “Special” 7:55

David Barry – guitar
Lee Blaske – string arrangements
Jan Chong – violin
Carolyn Daws – violin
Hanley Daws – violin
Glen Donnellen – viola
Lynne Erickson – trumpet
Charles Gray – viola
Alyssa Hanson – vocals
Rayvaline Harrell – choir director
Shawnette Heard – vocals
Camilla Heller – cello
Joshua Koestenbaum – cello
Kelly Konno – vocals
Tina Landon – vocals
Brenda Mickens – violin
Joni Mitchell – performer
Debbie Morrison – vocals
Dale Newton – cello
Willie R. Norwood – choir director
Alice Preves – viola
Prof. T. – vocals
Q-Tip – rap, performer
Myrna Rain – viola
Nicholas Raths – guitar
Gary Raynor – bass
Alexander Richbourg – vocals, drum programming, rhythm arrangements
Miko Salone – vocals
Mike Scott – guitar
Leslie Shank – violin
Daryl Skobba – cello
Liz Sobieski – violin
Mike Sobieski – violin
Daria Tedeschi – violin
United Children’s Choir – choir, chorus
Vanessa-Mae – violin, performer
James “Big Jim” Wright – organ, keyboards, vocals, rhythm arrangements

Sunday 4/17/22 3pm ET: Feature LP: Janet Jackson – Design of a Decade (1995)

Design of a Decade: 1986–1996 is the first greatest hits album by American singer Janet Jackson, released on October 10, 1995 by A&M Records. It features 14 of Jackson’s top 40 hits from her three previous albums; Control (1986), Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989), janet. (1993), and two new tracks; “Runaway” and “Twenty Foreplay”. The International Edition includes new remakes of the Single Versions especially done in 1995 for this release.

It was well received by many critics, who cited the number of hit singles on the record, but many noted its misleading title, since a majority of the songs came from the period of 1986–1991. It was certified Double Platinum by the RIAA, within 4 months of release sold more than 4.3 million copies.

  1. “Runaway” 3:35
  2. “What Have You Done for Me Lately” 3:32
  3. “Nasty” 3:45
  4. “When I Think of You” 3:56
  5. “Escapade” 4:45
  6. “Miss You Much” 3:52
  7. “Whoops Now” 4:08
  8. “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” 4:35
  9. “Alright” (Shep Pettibone Remix) 4:39
  10. “The Best Things in Life Are Free” 4:07
  11. “Control” 3:29
  12. “The Pleasure Principle” 4:14
  13. “Black Cat” 4:30
  14. “Rhythm Nation” 4:28
  15. “That’s the Way Love Goes” 4:27
  16. “Come Back to Me” 5:38
  17. “Let’s Wait Awhile” 4:37
  18. “Twenty Foreplay” 5:20
  19. “Young Love” (12″ dance mix) 5:09
  20. “Diamonds” (Cool Summer Mix Edit) 4:02
  21. “The Knowledge” (Q Sound Mix) 4:01
  22. “Say You Do” 6:49
  23. “Don’t Stand Another Chance” 4:17

Saturday 1/22/22 12pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: A2Z of the Hit of 1990 – Part 2

We interrupt our regular Saturday schedule with an installment of Part 2 of our library of 1990. In this segment we’ll feature music from: Vixen, Madonna, Danger Danger, Rush, Lenny Kravitz, Warrant, Fleetwood Mac, Nelson, Soul Asylum, Jon Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, Larry Gatlin and many more.

12pm to 4pm ET

Saturday 1/15/22 12pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: A2Z of the Hit of 1990 – Part 1

We interrupt our regular Saturday schedule with an installment of Part 1 of our library of 1990. In this segment we’ll feature music from: Stranglers, Soul II Soul, Tom Petty, Beautiful South, Eric Johnson, Willie Nelson, KC & The Sunshine Band, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nick Lowe, Elton John, Whistle, Robert Planet, Ian Hunter & Mark Ronson, and many more.

12pm to 4pm ET

Sunday 11/14/21 4pm ET: Feature LP: Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Janet Jackson, released on September 19, 1989, by A&M Records. Although label executives wanted material similar to her previous album, Control (1986), Jackson insisted on creating a concept album addressing social issues. Collaborating with songwriters and record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, she drew inspiration from various tragedies reported through news media, exploring racism, poverty, and substance abuse, in addition to themes of romance. Although its primary concept of a sociopolitical utopia was met with mixed reactions, its composition received critical acclaim. Jackson came to be considered a role model for youth because of her socially conscious lyrics.

As with Control, recording for Rhythm Nation 1814 took place at Lewis and Jam’s Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota where they worked in seclusion with Jackson to complete the album. Noted for its use of sample loop and utilizing swing note and synthesized percussion throughout its production, the record encompasses a variety of musical styles, such as new jack swing, hard rock, pop, dance and industrial music. Songs range from mechanized dance rhythms to soft balladry, giving it appeal across multiple radio formats. It is the only album in the history of the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart to have seven commercial singles peak within the top five positions. It is also the first album to produce number one hits on the chart in three separate calendar years, beginning with “Miss You Much” in 1989, “Escapade” and “Black Cat” in 1990, and culminating with “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” in 1991.

Rhythm Nation 1814 became Jackson’s second consecutive album to top the Billboard 200 and was certified 6x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It became the best-selling album of 1990 in the United States and has sold an estimated 12 million copies worldwide. Due to its innovative production and lyrical exploration, critics have come to regard it as the pinnacle of Jackson’s artistic achievement. Music scholars note the record garnered her a level of cross-cultural appeal unmatched by industry peers. Considered a “landmark” album, it has also been cited as an influence in the works of numerous music artists, setting stylistic trends in the years following its release.

Visuals in music videos and live performances further elevated Jackson’s superstardom. The 30-minute Rhythm Nation 1814 film, a film depicting two aspiring musicians whose lives are disrupted by substance abuse, aired on MTV to promote the album. Jackson’s Rhythm Nation World Tour 1990 became the most successful debut concert tour by a recording artist at the time. She was regarded as a fashion icon, with various attire the album’s promotional tour and music videos being emulated by youth. Jackson received nine Grammy Award nominations, becoming the first woman to be nominated for Producer of the Year and winning Best Long Form Music Video for Rhythm Nation 1814. Jackson received the MTV Video Vanguard Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her significant contributions to popular culture. Her handwritten lyrics to the album’s title track “Rhythm Nation” as well as her militaristic uniform for its music video have been preserved by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2021, the Library of Congress announced it selected the album for preservation in the National Recording Registry as part of the class of 2020, deeming it “culturally, historically, or artistically significant.”

  1. “Interlude: Pledge” 0:47
  2. “Rhythm Nation” 5:31
  3. “Interlude: T.V.” 0:22
  4. “State of the World” 4:48
  5. “Interlude: Race” 0:05
  6. “The Knowledge” 3:54
  7. “Interlude: Let’s Dance” 0:03
  8. “Miss You Much” 4:12
  9. “Interlude: Come Back” 0:21
  10. “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” 5:50
  11. “Livin’ in a World (They Didn’t Make)” 4:41
  12. “Alright” 6:26
  13. “Interlude: Hey Baby” 0:10
  14. “Escapade” 4:44
  15. “Interlude: No Acid” 0:05
  16. “Black Cat” 4:50
  17. “Lonely” 4:59
  18. “Come Back to Me” 5:33
  19. “Someday Is Tonight” 6:00
  20. “Interlude: Livin’ In Complete Darkness” 1:07

Herb Alpert – trumpet, horn, brass
Julie Ayer – violin
Stephen Barnett – conductor
Steve Barnett – conductor
David Barry – electric and 12-string guitar
Lee Blaske – arranger
Chris Brown – bass
Carolyn Daws – violin
Hanley Daws – violin
David Eiland – programming
Rene Elizondo – background vocals
Johnny Gill – percussion, special effects, finger snaps
James Greer – background vocals
Peter Howard – cello
Janet Jackson – arranger, keyboards, vocals, background vocals, producer
Jimmy Jam – percussion, piano, drums, keyboards, programming, producer
Jellybean Johnson – guitar, drums, vocals, background vocals, producer
Jesse Johnson – guitar
Lisa Keith – background vocals
Kathy Kienzle – harp
Joshua Koestenbaum – cello
Jamila Lafleur – background vocals
Terry Lewis – bass, percussion, arranger, background vocals, producer
Tshaye Marks – background vocals
John McClain – background vocals, executive producer
Tamika McDaniel – vocals
Tarnika McDaniel – background vocals
John McLain – guitar, background vocals
Shante Owens – background vocals
Amy Powell – vocals
Randy Ran – background vocals
Nicholas Raths – guitar, classical guitar
Sonya Robinson – background vocals
Clarice Rupert – background vocals
Warlesha Ryan – background vocals
Tamas Strasser – viola
John Tartaglia – viola
Reshard Taylor – background vocals
Romuald Tecco – concert master
Anthony Thomas – background vocals
Hyacinthe Tlucek – concert master
Steve Wilson – background vocals

Wednesday 6/9/21 3pm ET: Sounds of The ’90s

This week we feature music from Alannah Myles, Collective Soul, Sheryl Crow, Cher, Amy Grant, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, UB40, Janet Jackson, Tears For Fears, Roxette and more. . . 3 – 6pm ET

Tuesday 5/18/21 2pm ET: Sounds of The 80’s

2 – 6pm ET

Featuring tunes from Pablo Cruise, Def Leppard, Dire Straits, Little Richard, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, KT Oslin, Neil Diamond, Janet Jackson, Was (Not) Was, Fleetwood Mac, Lou Gramm, Irene Cara, Genesis, and more . . .

Tuesday 9/22/2020 12:45am ET: Feature LP: Janet Jackson – All For You (2001)

All for You is the seventh studio album by American singer Janet Jackson. Released on April 24, 2001 by Virgin Records America, its development and theme was rooted in Jackson’s separation from husband René Elizondo, Jr, getting to know what dating is like for the first time. Unlike The Velvet Rope, which saw Jackson tackling darker issues such as domestic violence and depression, All for You showcased a mix of upbeat dance-pop and slow R&B sounds, incorporating rock, disco, and funk, as well as soft rock and Oriental music. Its lyrics focus on passion, romance, and intercourse, also discussing themes of betrayal and deceit. The explicit language and sexual content of several songs drew media controversy, causing the album to be banned in several countries.

All for You received generally positive reviews from music critics, who commended its upbeat nature and the sonic innovation of several songs. It was also considered one of her sexiest albums and among the best of her career. The album received three Grammy Award nominations, including Best Pop Vocal Album, winning Best Dance Recording for its title track. It became Jackson’s fifth consecutive album to top the Billboard 200 albums chart in the United States and had the biggest opening week sales of her career. Upon its release, it also had the second highest first week sales for a female artist in Nielsen SoundScan history. It reached the top five of most countries internationally and was the biggest selling international pop album of the year in Japan. Certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it has sold over three million copies in the US according to Nielsen SoundScan and an estimated five million copies internationally. All for You was the year’s twelfth biggest selling album worldwide, and was one of the best selling albums of the decade, in the United States.

Lead single “Doesn’t Really Matter” became Jackson’s ninth number-one single in the United States and stayed atop the chart for three weeks. It was Jackson’s twenty-first single to be certified, which ranked her as the second female artist with the most certified singles. “All for You” was one of Jackson’s most successful singles and broke multiple airplay records. In the US, it was the biggest hit of the year, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks and became a top ten hit on the majority of singles charts worldwide. “Someone to Call My Lover” reached number three on the Hot 100 and within the top twenty internationally while “Son of a Gun” peaked within the top 40 in most territories. “Come On Get Up” was also released as a promotional single in Japan. In promotion for the album, Jackson was declared MTV’s inaugural icon, receiving a televised tribute titled MTV Icon: Janet Jackson. The special honored Jackson’s contribution within music and popular culture, in recognition of “one of the most influential and beloved tastemakers in contemporary pop.” Jackson was presented numerous career accolades, including the American Music Award’s Award of Merit, TMF Award’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Recording Academy’s Governor’s Award.

1. “Intro” 1:00
2. “You Ain’t Right” 4:32
3. “All for You” 5:29
4. “2wayforyou (Interlude)” 0:19
5. “Come On Get Up” 4:47
6. “When We Oooo” 4:34
7. “China Love” 4:36
8. “Love Scene (Ooh Baby)” 4:16
9. “Would You Mind” 5:31
10. “Lame (Interlude)” 0:11
11. “Trust a Try” 5:16
12. “Clouds (Interlude)” 0:19
13. “Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)” 5:56
14. “Truth” 6:45
15. “Theory (Interlude)” 0:26
16. “Someone to Call My Lover” 4:32
17. “Feels So Right” 4:42
18. “Doesn’t Really Matter” 4:24
19. “Better Days” 5:05
20. “Outro” 0:09

Michael Abbott – engineer
Alex Al – bass
David Anthony – producer
David Ashton – assistant engineer
David Barry – guitar
Lee Blaske – string arrangements
Mike Bozzi – assistant mastering engineer
Evelina Chao – viola
Nathaniel Cole – violin
Fran Cooper – make-up
D-Man – remixing, mixing
Jonathan Dayton – video director
Diddy – remixing
Sean Donnelly – design, animation
René Elizondo, Jr. – video director
Missy Elliott – performer
Valerie Faris – video director
Brian Gardner – mastering
Charles Gray – viola
Gael Guilarte – assistant engineer
Jeri Heiden – art direction
Steve Hodge – engineer, mixing
Janet Jackson – vocals, producer, executive producer
Jimmy Jam – multi-instruments, producer, executive producer
Seb Janiak – video director
John Kennedy – violin
Kathy Kienzle – harp
Joshua Koestenbaum – cello
Tom Kornacker – violin
Kim Kyu Young – violin
Terry Lewis – multi-instruments, producer, executive producer
David Mallet – video director
Andrew McPherson – photography
Dave Meyers – video director
Karen Mitchell – make-up assistant
James C. Moore – producer
Adrian Morgan – producer
Elsa Nilsson – violin
Julia Persitz – violin
Alice Preves – viola
Q-Tip – rap
Jason Rankins – assistant engineer
Alexander Richbourg – drum programming, MIDI programming, Pro-Tools
David Rideau – engineer, mixing
Rockwilder – producer, drum programming, MIDI programming
Matthew Rolston – video director
Mike Scott – guitar
Dominic Sena – video director
Chris Seul – engineer
Laura Sewell – cello
Dexter Simmons – mixing
Carly Simon – performer
Daryl Skobba – cello
Xavier Smith – drum programming, assistant engineer, mixing, MIDI programming
Smog – design
Michal Sobieski – violin
Tamas Strasser – viola
Tom Sweeney – assistant engineer, mixing
James “Big Jim” Wright – keyboards
Bradley Yost – assistant engineer, mixing
Janet Zeitoun – hair stylist

Friday 5/15/20 4pm ET: Feature Artist – Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. A prominent figure in popular culture, she is known for innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative records, and elaborate stage shows.

The tenth and youngest child of the Jackson family, she began her career with the variety television series The Jacksons in 1976 and went on to appear in other television shows throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, including Good Times, Diff’rent Strokes, and Fame. After signing a recording contract with A&M Records in 1982, she became a pop icon following the release of her third and fourth studio albums Control (1986) and Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989). Her collaborations with record producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis incorporated elements of rhythm and blues, funk, disco, rap and industrial beats, which led to crossover success in popular music.

In 1991, Jackson signed the first of two record-breaking multi-million-dollar contracts with Virgin Records, establishing her as one of the highest-paid artists in the industry. Her fifth album Janet (1993) saw her develop a public image as a sex symbol as she began to explore sexuality in her music. That same year, she appeared in her first starring film role in Poetic Justice, and has since continued to act in feature films. Jackson then released her sixth studio album The Velvet Rope (1997), which is distinguished for its innovative production and dark lyrical content. By the end of the 1990s, she was named by Billboard magazine as the second most successful recording artist of the decade after Mariah Carey. Her seventh album All for You (2001) coincided with a celebration of her impact on the recording industry as the inaugural MTV Icon. After parting ways with Virgin Records, she released her tenth album Discipline (2008), her first and only album with Island Records. In 2015, she partnered with BMG Rights Management to launch her own record label, Rhythm Nation, and released her eleventh album Unbreakable the same year.

Having sold over 100 million records, Jackson is one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time. She has amassed an extensive catalog, with singles such as “Nasty”, “Rhythm Nation”, “That’s the Way Love Goes”, “Together Again” and “All for You”; she holds the record for the most consecutive top-ten entries on the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart by a female artist with 18. In 2008, Billboard placed her number seven on its list of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, and in 2010 ranked her fifth among the “Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists of the Past 25 Years”. In December 2016, the magazine named her the second most successful dance club artist of all-time after Madonna. She has been cited as an inspiration among numerous performers. Jackson was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.

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