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Artist Countdown: Poison Top 30 Hits – 6pm ET

poisonPoison is an American glam metal band that achieved great success in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s. Poison has sold over 30 million records worldwide and have sold 15 million records in the United States alone. The band has also charted ten singles to the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including six Top 10 singles and the Hot 100 number-one single, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. The band become icons of the ’80s MTV era and have had widespread commercial success. The band’s break through debut album, the multi-platinum Look What the Cat Dragged In was released in 1986 and they hit their peak with the second album, the multi-platinum selling Open Up and Say… Ahh! which became the band’s most successful album. The popularity continued into the new decade with their third consecutive multi-platinum selling album Flesh & Blood.

In the 90s following the release of the bands first live album Swallow This Live, the band experienced some line up changes and the fall of  Pop Metal with the grunge movement, but despite a drop in popularity the band’s fourth studio album Native Tongue still achieved Gold status and the bands first compilation album Poison’s Greatest Hits: 1986–1996 went double platinum.

In the 2000s, with the original line up back together, the band found new popularity after a successful greatest hits reunion tour in 1999. The band began the new decade with the release of the long awaited Crack a Smile… and More!, followed by the Power to the People album. The band toured almost every year to sold out stadiums and arenas. They released a brand new album Hollyweird in 2002 and in 2006 the band celebrated their 20 year Anniversary with The Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock tour and album, which was certified Gold and marked Poison’s return to the Billboard 200 top 20 charts for the first time since 1993. Band members have released several solo albums and starred in successful reality TV shows. After 25 years, the band is still recording music and performing.

Since their debut in 1986, they have released seven studio albums, four live albums, five compilation albums, and have issued 28 singles to radio. -Wikipedia

1 Unskinny Bop
2 Every Rose Has Its Thorn
3 Your Mama Don’t Dance
4 Something to Believe In
5 Fallen Angel
6 Nothin’ but a Good Time
7 Stand
8 Talk Dirty to Me
9 I Won’t Forget You
10 Ride the Wind
11 Rock and Roll All Nite
12 Until You Suffer Some
13 So Tell Me Why
14 Life Goes On
15 I Want Action
16 (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice
17 Cry Tough
18 Body Talk
19 Be the One
20 The Last Song
21 Rockstar
22 Squeeze Box
23 Shooting Star
24 We’re an American Band
25 What I Like About You
26 SexyBack
27 Want Some., Need Some
28 Let Me Go To The Show
29 Just What I Needed
30 Ball and Chain