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Artist Countdown: Don Williams Top 60 Hits 6pm ET @radiomax

DonWilliamsDon Williams (born May 27, 1939, Floydada, Texas, United States), is an American country singer, songwriter and a 2010 inductee to the Country Music Hall of Fame. He grew up in Portland, Texas, and graduated in 1958 from Gregory-Portland High School. After seven years with the folk-pop group Pozo-Seco Singers, he began his solo career in 1971, singing popular ballads and amassing 17 No. 1 Country & Western hits.

His straightforward yet smooth bass-baritone voice, soft tones, and imposing build earned him the nickname: “Gentle Giant” of country music. (Source: Wikipedia)

1 I Believe in You
2 She Never Knew Me
3 Tulsa Time
4 I’m Just a Country Boy
5 Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
6 You’re My Best Friend
7 Love Me Over Again
8 Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good
9 If Hollywood Don’t Need You (Honey I Still Do)
10 Love Is on a Roll
11 That’s the Thing About Love
12 It Must Be Love
13 Nobody but You
14 Heartbeat in the Darkness
15 Back in My Younger Days
16 If I Needed You (w/ Emmylou Harris)
17 Listen to the Radio
18 Stay Young
19 Say It Again
20 Rake and Ramblin’ Man
21 Lay Down Beside Me
22 Good Ole Boys Like Me
23 Walkin’ a Broken Heart
24 We’ve Got a Good Fire Goin’
25 The Ties That Bind
26 (Turn Out the Light And) Love Me Tonight
27 Miracles
28 Mistakes
29 Then It’s Love
30 Old Coyote Town
31 One Good Well
32 Falling Again
33 I Wouldn’t Want to Live If You Didn’t Love Me
34 I’ve Been Loved by the Best
35 Just as Long as I Have You
36 I Wouldn’t Be a Man
37 I’ve Got a Winner in You
38 I’ll Never Be in Love Again
39 SeƱorita
40 Maggie’s Dream
41 Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy
42 It’s Time for Love
43 Maybe That’s All It Takes
44 Atta Way to Go
45 Cracker Jack Diamond
46 Til the Rivers All Run Dry
47 True Love
48 We Should Be Together
49 Another Place, Another Time
50 Desperately
51 Come Early Morning
52 Down the Road I Go
53 I Recall a Gypsy Woman
54 Shelter of Your Eyes
55 Amanda
56 Too Much Love
57 It’s Who You Love
58 I Just Come Here for the Music (with Alison Krauss)
59 Imagine That (with Keith Urban)
60 Millers’s Cave