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Friday, May 12, 2023 11pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Abacab (1981)

Abacab is the eleventh studio album by English rock band Genesis, released on September 18, 1981 by Charisma Records. After their 1980 tour in support of their previous album, Duke (1980), the band took a break before they reconvened in 1981 to write and record a new album. Abacab is the first Genesis album recorded at The Farm, a recording studio bought by the group in Chiddingfold, Surrey. It marked the band’s development from their progressive roots into more accessible and pop-oriented songs, and their conscious decision to write songs unlike their previous albums.

Abacab received a mostly positive reception from critics and was a commercial success for the band, becoming their second No. 1 LP on the UK Albums Chart and their first to reach the top ten of the US Billboard 200, peaking at No. 7. Genesis released four singles from the album, the most successful being “Abacab” and “No Reply at All”. The album was certified gold in the UK and double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for selling two million copies in the US. The Abacab Tour visited North America and Europe in 1981, recordings from which formed most of their 1982 live album and concert video Three Sides Live. Three tracks left off the album were released on the EP 3×3.

  1. “Abacab” 6:58
  2. “No Reply at All” 4:33
  3. “Me and Sarah Jane” 6:02
  4. “Keep It Dark” 4:33
  5. “Dodo”/”Lurker” 7:31
  6. “Who Dunnit?” 3:22
  7. “Man on the Corner” 4:28
  8. “Like It or Not” 4:58
  9. “Another Record” 4:38

Tony Banks – keyboards
Phil Collins – drums, vocals
Mike Rutherford – guitars, basses
EWF Horns – horns on “No Reply at All”
Thomas “Tom Tom 84” Washington – horn arrangements on “No Reply at All”

Monday, May 1, 2023 9pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Invisible Touch (1986)

Invisible Touch is the 13th studio album by the English rock band Genesis, released on June 6, 1986 by Atlantic Records in the United States and June 9, 1986 by Charisma and Virgin Records in the United Kingdom. After taking a break in group activity for each member to continue with their solo projects in 1984, the band reconvened in October 1985 to write and record Invisible Touch with engineer and producer Hugh Padgham. As with their previous album, it was written entirely through group improvisations and no material developed prior to recording was used.

Invisible Touch was a worldwide success and reached No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 3 on the US Billboard 200. It remains the band’s highest selling album after it was certified multi-platinum for over 1.2 million copies sold in the UK and 6 million sold in the US. Genesis became the first band and foreign act to have five singles from one album reach the top five on the US Billboard Hot 100, with “Invisible Touch” being their first and only song to reach No. 1 on the charts. The album received mixed reviews upon its release and retrospectively, with several reviews, both positive and negative, observing its similarity to Collins’s solo records and their commercial pop-oriented sound. In 2007, the album was re-released with new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes.

  1. “Invisible Touch” 3:29
  2. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” 8:53
  3. “Land of Confusion” 4:45
  4. “In Too Deep” 4:58
  5. “Anything She Does” 4:09
  6. “Domino”
    Part One – In the Glow of the Night”
    Part Two – The Last Domino”” 10:44
  7. “Throwing It All Away” 3:53
  8. “The Brazilian” 4:50

Tony Banks – Sequential Circuits Prophet 10, Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano, NED Synclavier (ORK version), E-mu Emulator II, ARP Quadra, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha TX816, Bass Synthesizer
Phil Collins – Lead vocals, backing vocals, drums, Simmons electronic drums, percussion, Drum-Machine
Mike Rutherford – Shergold double-neck guitars, bass guitars, Taurus Moog Bass Pedals

Friday, April 28, 2023 12pm ET: The Rock Show

Rock Show featuring Green Day, Ozzy Osbourne, Sammy Hagar, Bad Company, XTC, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Scorpions, Billy Gibbons, Soul Asylum, Genesis, Rolling Stones and many more.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 7pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Duke (1980)

Duke is the tenth studio album by English rock band Genesis, released March 28, 1980 on Charisma Records. The album followed a period of inactivity for the band in early 1979. Phil Collins moved to Vancouver, Canada, in an effort to salvage his failing first marriage, while Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford recorded solo albums. Collins returned to the UK after his marriage ended and wrote a significant amount of material, some of which was used for Duke and some was later reworked for his first solo album, Face Value. Duke contained a mix of individually-written songs and tracks that evolved from jam sessions in mid-1979, while recording took place at the end of the year. The break in activity rejuvenated the band, and they found the album an easy one to work on.

Duke was positively received by music critics, who praised the album for bridging the band’s progressive rock-oriented past, via experimental pieces such as the closing ten-minute “Duke’s Travels”/”Duke’s End” suite, with their more pop rock-oriented, commercially accessible direction, as displayed on the hit singles “Turn It On Again”, “Duchess”, and “Misunderstanding”. It reached No. 11 in the US, and it was the first album by the group to reach No. 1 on the UK charts. It has since been certified Platinum in both the UK and US.

  1. “Behind the Lines” 5:31
  2. “Duchess” 6:40
  3. “Guide Vocal” 1:18
  4. “Man of Our Times” 5:35
  5. “Misunderstanding” 3:11
  6. “Heathaze” 5:00
  7. “Turn It On Again” 3:50
  8. “Alone Tonight” 3:54
  9. “Cul-de-sac” 5:02
  10. “Please Don’t Ask” 4:00
  11. “Duke’s Travels” 8:41
  12. “Duke’s End” (instrumental) 2:04

Tony Banks – keyboards, backing vocals, 12-string guitar, duck[b]
Mike Rutherford – guitars, bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals
Phil Collins – lead vocal, drums, drum machine, percussion, duck

Wednesday 3/1/23 12am ET: Feature Live LP: Genesis – Seconds Out (1977)

Seconds Out is the second live album by English progressive rock band Genesis. It was released as a double album on October 14, 1977 on Charisma Records, and was their first with touring drummer Chester Thompson and their last with guitarist Steve Hackett. The majority was recorded in June 1977 at the Palais des Sports in Paris during the Wind & Wuthering Tour. One track, “The Cinema Show”, was recorded in 1976 at the Pavillon de Paris during their A Trick of the Tail Tour.

Seconds Out received average to positive reviews upon its release, and reached No. 4 in the UK and No. 47 in the US. Hackett left the group to pursue a solo career while the album was being mixed, reducing Genesis to a core trio of keyboardist Tony Banks, guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford, and drummer and singer Phil Collins. Seconds Out was reissued in 1994 and 2009, the latter as part of the Genesis Live 1973–2007 box set.

  1. “Squonk” 6:41
  2. “The Carpet Crawl” 5:21
  3. “Robbery, Assault and Battery” 6:02
  4. “Afterglow” 4:26
  5. “Firth of Fifth” 8:56
  6. “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” 8:45
  7. “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway…” 4:59
  8. “…The Musical Box (Closing Section)” 3:21
  9. “Supper’s Ready” 24:41
  10. “The Cinema Show” 10:59
  11. “Dance on a Volcano…” 5:09
  12. “…Los Endos” 6:20

Tony Banks – RMI Electra piano, Hammond T. organ, ARP Pro Soloist, Mellotron 400, Epiphone 12-string guitar, backing vocals
Mike Rutherford – Shergold electric 12-string and bass guitar, 8-string bass guitar, Alvarez 12-string guitar, Moog Taurus bass pedals, backing vocals
Steve Hackett – Gibson Les Paul, Hokada 12-string guitar
Phil Collins – lead vocals, Premier and Gretsch drums
Chester Thompson – Pearl drums, percussion (except “The Cinema Show”)
Bill Bruford – Ludwig and Hayman drums, percussion (“The Cinema Show” only)

Wednesday 11/2/22 9pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Calling All Stations (1997)

Calling All Stations is the fifteenth and most recent studio album by English rock band Genesis, released on September 1, 1997 by Virgin Records. After longtime drummer and lead vocalist Phil Collins left the group in 1996, the remaining members—founding keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford—decided to continue and write new music for an album. After an auditioning process throughout 1996, they chose Scottish singer Ray Wilson as Genesis’s new lead singer.

Calling All Stations was released to mostly negative reviews from music critics who chastised its lack of direction, but praised Wilson’s performance. It sold poorly in comparison to their earlier albums; it reached No. 2 in the UK and performed well in Europe, but it peaked at No. 54 in the US. This marked their first not to crack the top 50 there since 1973. “Congo”, the first of three singles from the album, went to No. 29 in the UK. Genesis toured Europe in 1998 for the Calling All Stations Tour, but cancelled their planned US tour due to low ticket sales. The group disbanded at the European tour’s conclusion; Collins later returned to Genesis for the Turn It On Again Tour in 2006 and the upcoming The Last Domino? Tour in 2021.

1. “Calling All Stations” 5:43
2. “Congo” 4:51
3. “Shipwrecked” 4:23
4. “Alien Afternoon” 7:51
5. “Not About Us” 4:38
6. “If That’s What You Need” 5:12
7. “The Dividing Line” 7:45
8. “Uncertain Weather” 5:29
9. “Small Talk” 5:02
10. “There Must Be Some Other Way” 7:54
11. “One Man’s Fool” 8:58

Tony Banks – keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Mike Rutherford – guitars, bass, backing vocals
Ray Wilson – lead vocals

Friday 9/23/22 8pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Selling England By The Pound (1973)

Selling England by the Pound is the fifth studio album by the English progressive rock band Genesis, released in October 1973 on Charisma Records. It reached No. 3 in the United Kingdom and No. 70 in the United States. A single from the album, “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”, was released in February 1974 and became the band’s first top 30 hit in the UK.

The album was recorded in August 1973 following the tour supporting the previous album, Foxtrot (1972). The group set aside a short period of time to write new material, which covered a number of themes, including the loss of English folk culture and an increased American influence, which was reflected in the title. Following the album’s release, the group set out on tour, where they drew an enthusiastic reception from fans.

Critics and the band members themselves have given mixed opinions of the album, though guitarist Steve Hackett has said it is his favorite Genesis record. Its reputation has improved over time, appearing on various critical and fan-voted rankings of the best progressive rock albums. The album has continued to sell and has reached Gold certification by the British Phonographic Industry and the Recording Industry Association of America. It was remastered for CD in 1994 and 2007. Several of the album tracks became fan favorites and featured as a regular part of the band’s live setlist into the 1980s.

  1. “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight” 8:04
  2. “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” 4:10
  3. “Firth of Fifth” 9:40
  4. “More Fool Me” 3:13
  5. “The Battle of Epping Forest” 11:43
  6. “After the Ordeal” 4:15
  7. “The Cinema Show” 10:41
  8. “Aisle of Plenty” 1:58

Peter Gabriel – vocals, flute, oboe, percussion
Tony Banks – Hammond organ, Mellotron, Hohner Pianet, ARP Pro Soloist, piano, 12-string guitar
Steve Hackett – electric guitar, nylon guitar
Mike Rutherford – 12-string guitar, bass, electric sitar, cello
Phil Collins – drums, assorted percussion, lead vocals on “More Fool Me”, backing vocals

Wednesday 7/27/22 10pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – We Can’t Dance (1991)

We Can’t Dance is the fourteenth studio album by English rock band Genesis, released on October 28, 1991 by Atlantic Records in the United States and November 11, 1991 on Virgin Records in the United Kingdom. It is their last studio album recorded with drummer and singer Phil Collins before his departure in 1996 to pursue solo projects full time. Production began after a four-year period of inactivity from the group, following the commercial success of Invisible Touch (1986) and its tour.

We Can’t Dance was a worldwide commercial success for the band. It became the band’s fifth consecutive No. 1 album in the UK and reached No. 4 in the US, where it sold over 4 million copies. Between 1991 and 1993, six tracks from the album were released as singles, including “No Son of Mine” and “I Can’t Dance”. The latter received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals in 1993. Genesis toured in support of We Can’t Dance in 1992 playing large stadiums and arenas across North America and Europe.

  1. “No Son of Mine” 6:41
  2. “Jesus He Knows Me” 4:23
  3. “Driving the Last Spike” 10:10
  4. “I Can’t Dance” 4:04
  5. “Never a Time” 3:52
  6. “Dreaming While You Sleep” 7:21
  7. “Tell Me Why” 5:00
  8. “Living Forever” 5:42
  9. “Hold on My Heart” 4:40
  10. “Way of the World” 5:40
  11. “Since I Lost You” 4:10
  12. “Fading Lights” 10:16

Tony Banks – keyboards
Phil Collins – drums, percussion, vocals, drum machines
Mike Rutherford – guitars, bass guitar

Wednesday 7/13/22 1am ET: Live Track Show


Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, CCR, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Dave Matthews Band, Rockpile, Jethro Tull, Chuck Berry, Neil Young, Who, America, Iron Maiden, Tori Amos, Supertramp, Three Dog Night, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Specials, Air Supply, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Wings, Queen, Cars, Firehouse,

Sunday 3/20/22 11pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Three Sides Live (1982)

Three Sides Live is the third live album by the English rock band Genesis, released as a double album on 4 June 1982 on Charisma Records in the United Kingdom. It was released by Atlantic Records in the United States. After touring in support of their studio album Abacab ended in December 1981 the band entered an eight-month break in activity, during which they selected recordings from their previous tours for a live album. Three Sides Live includes recordings between 1976 and 1981; the UK edition contains additional live tracks while the international edition features tracks from their 1982 EP 3×3 with B-sides from Duke.

Three Sides Live received a mostly positive critical reception and was a commercial success, peaking at No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 10 on the US Billboard 200, where it sold 500,000 copies. Its release coincided with the band’s Three Sides Live concert film. It was remastered in 1994 and 2009, the latter for their Genesis Live 1973–2007 box set.

1. “Turn It On Again” 5:16
2. “Dodo”/”Lurker” 7:19
3. “Abacab” 8:47

1. “Behind the Lines” 5:26
2. “Duchess” 6:43
3. “Me & Sarah Jane” 5:59
4. “Follow You Follow Me” 4:58

1. “Misunderstanding” 4:06
2. “In the Cage (Medley – Cinema Show – Slippermen) 11:53
3. “Afterglow” 5:14

1. “Paperlate” 3:20
2. “You Might Recall” 5:31
3. “Me and Virgil” 6:20
4. “Evidence of Autumn” 4:57
5. “Open Door” 4:06

Thursday 3/17/22 6pm ET: Feature LP: Genesis – Foxtrot (1972)

Foxtrot is the fourth studio album by the English progressive rock band Genesis, released on October 6, 1972 on Charisma Records. It features their longest recorded song, the 23-minute track “Supper’s Ready”.

The album was recorded following the tour in support of their previous album, Nursery Cryme (1971), which saw them gain popularity, including a well-received slot at the Great Western Express Festival, Lincolnshire in May 1972. The album was written over the summer of 1972 and combined songs that had already been performed live with new material worked out in jam sessions. Recording began in August with John Anthony, but sessions were prone to tension and disagreements. After a short Italian tour, sessions resumed with Dave Hitchcock taking over production duties. The cover was the final Genesis work to be designed by Paul Whitehead, featuring a fox wearing a red dress. Frontman Peter Gabriel wore the dress and a fox’s head on stage for the following tour, which gathered press attention and greatly improved the group’s profile.

Foxtrot was the first Genesis album to chart in the UK, reaching No. 12, and received largely positive reviews. It went to number one in Italy, their first album reaching number one globally. A non-album single “Happy The Man” was released at the same time. The album has continued to attract critical praise and was reissued with a new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mix as part of their 2008 Genesis 1970–1975 box set.

  1. “Watcher of the Skies” 7:23
  2. “Time Table” 4:46
  3. “Get ‘Em Out by Friday” 8:36
  4. “Can-Utility and the Coastliners” 5:45
  5. “Horizons” 1:41
  6. “Supper’s Ready” 23:06
    a. “Lover’s Leap”
    b. “The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man”
    c. “Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men”
    d. “How Dare I Be So Beautiful?”
    e. “Willow Farm”
    f. “Apocalypse in 9/8 (Co-Starring the Delicious Talents of Gabble Ratchet)”
    g. “As Sure as Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men’s Feet)”

Tony Banks – Hammond organ, Mellotron, electric and acoustic pianos, 12-string guitar, backing vocals
Steve Hackett – electric guitar, 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar
Phil Collins – drums, backing vocals, assorted percussion
Peter Gabriel – lead vocals, flute, bass drum, tambourine, oboe
Mike Rutherford – bass guitar, bass pedals, cello, 12-string guitar, backing vocals

Thursday 2/24/22 8am ET: Feature LP: Genesis – The Last Domino? – The Hits (2021)

The Last Domino? – The Hits is a greatest hits album by the English rock band Genesis, released on 17 September 2021 by Virgin Records. The set coincides with the upcoming The Last Domino? Tour, staged following the announcement of their reunion after a 13-year hiatus. It features songs originally released between Selling England by the Pound (1973) and We Can’t Dance (1991).

  1. “Turn It On Again”
  2. “Land of Confusion”
  3. “Home by the Sea”
  4. “That’s All”
  5. “Throwing It All Away”
  6. “Follow You Follow Me”
  7. “No Son of Mine”
  8. “Hold on My Heart”
  9. “I Can’t Dance”
  10. “Invisible Touch”
  11. “Afterglow”
  12. “Duchess”
  13. “Misunderstanding”
  14. “Jesus He Knows Me”
  15. “In Too Deep”
  16. “Domino”
  17. “Mama”
  18. “The Carpet Crawlers”
  19. “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”
  20. “Firth of Fifth”
  21. “Abacab”
  22. “Los Endos”
  23. “Fading Lights”
  24. “The Cinema Show”
  25. “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”
  26. “The Musical Box” Tony Banks – keyboards, 12 string guitar

    Mike Rutherford – lead guitar (except below), bass guitar, 12 string guitar
    Phil Collins – drums, lead vocals (except below)
    Steve Hackett – guitar on “The Cinema Show”, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”, “Firth of Fifth”, “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”, “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”, “The Carpet Crawlers”, “The Musical Box”, “Afterglow”, “Los Endos”
    Peter Gabriel – lead vocals, flute on “The Cinema Show”, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”, “Firth of Fifth”, “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)”, “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”, “The Carpet Crawlers”, “The Musical Box”

Tuesday 2/15/22 2am ET: Feature LP: Genesis – A Trick of The Tail (1976)

A Trick of the Tail is the seventh studio album by English progressive rock band Genesis. It was released in February 1976 on Charisma Records and was the first album to feature drummer Phil Collins as lead vocalist following the departure of Peter Gabriel. It was a critical and commercial success in the UK and U.S., reaching No. 3 and No. 31 respectively.

Following Gabriel’s decision to leave the band, the remaining members wanted to carry on and show they could still write and record successful material. The group wrote and rehearsed new songs during mid-1975, and listened to numerous audition tapes for a replacement frontman. They entered Trident Studios in October with producer David Hentschel to record the album without a definitive idea of who was going to perform lead vocals. After the search for a singer proved unfruitful, Collins was persuaded to sing “Squonk”, and the performance was so strong, he sang lead on the rest of the album.

Upon release, critics were impressed by the improved sound quality and the group’s ability to survive the loss of Gabriel without sacrificing the quality of the music. The group went out on tour with Collins as frontman and Bill Bruford as an additional drummer, and the resulting performances in the US raised Genesis’ profile there.

  1. “Dance on a Volcano” 5:55
  2. “Entangled” 6:27
  3. “Squonk” 6:29
  4. “Mad Man Moon” 7:36
  5. “Robbery, Assault and Battery” 6:16
  6. “Ripples…” 8:06
  7. “A Trick of the Tail” 4:35
  8. “Los Endos” 5:46

Phil Collins – drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals
Steve Hackett – electric guitar, 12-string guitars
Mike Rutherford – bass guitar, bass pedals, 12-string guitar
Tony Banks – pianos, synthesizers, Hammond organ, Mellotron, 12-string guitar, backing vocals

Monday 1/3/22 2pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: The Music of 1973 A to Z – Part 5

This RadioMax special features our Library of music from 1973 A2Z.

We continue with land complete letter E into G and feature music from: Ohio Players, Doobie Brothers, Merle Haggard, Chicago, Freda Payne, Hues Corporation, Elvia Presley, Genesis, T.Rex, Chairmen of The Board, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queen and many more.

2pm to 6pm ET

Tuesday 6/1/21 2pm ET: Sounds of The 80’s

Featuring tunes from David Lee Roth, Southern Pacific, Ray Parker Junior, Kathy Mattea, Whitney Houston, Queen, Paula Abdul, Carlene Carter, Police, Ramones, Oak Ridge Boys, Honeymoon Suite, Alabama, Genesis and more. . . 2pm – 6pm ET