April 10, 2019
Editor In Chief

Wednesday 2pm: Sounds of The 70’s

April 3, 2019
Editor In Chief

Wednesday 2pm: Sounds of The 70’s

March 28, 2019
Editor In Chief

Thursday 2pm: Sounds of The 70’s

Wednesday 10pm: Feature LP: Elvis Presley – Promised Land (1975)

January 9, 2019
Editor In Chief

Promised Land is the twenty-first studio album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley, released by RCA Records on January 8, 1975. It was recorded in December 1973 at Stax Records studios in Memphis and released on Presley’s 40th birthday in January, 1975. In the US the album reached number 47 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and number 1 in Billboard’s Top Country LPs chart. The album rose to number 1 in the Country Cashbox albums chart. In the UK the album reached #21.

1. “Promised Land” 2:57
2. “There’s a Honky Tonk Angel (Who’ll Take Me Back In)” 3:01
3. “Help Me” 2:27
4. “Mr. Songman” 2:08
5. “Love Song of the Year” 3:33

1. “It’s Midnight” 3:21
2. “Your Love’s Been a Long Time Coming” 3:47
3. “If You Talk in Your Sleep” 2:35
4. “Thinking About You” 3:00
5. “You Asked Me To” 2:52

Monday 10pm: LP Lounge with Willie B

October 15, 2018
Editor In Chief

Tonight the LP Lounge drops a needle on the best concert recording of the 1970s. And we have two reasons, beyond the quality of the recording, that make this broadcast worth listening in on (in our own humble opinion) – First, we’ve taken the original quadraphonic vinyl, demodulated it into it’s 4 separate channels, then re-encoded it using the QS system so you can actually get a reasonable approximation of the Quad mix (either by using regular stereo headphones, or playing it through a Dolby pro-logic home theater system) – the other reason – we are bringing you the 12 minutes of Elvis that was cut from the original broadcast when RCA put it on LP. These are being played in QS surround sound as well (even though these were never on LP, we hope you won’t mind). You can hear us on RadioMaxMusic.com, or using the tuneIn app – look for RadioMaxMusic!  Encore Thursday 12am ET

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