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Thursday 8/4/22 9pm ET: Feature LP: Chris de Burgh – Into The Light (1986)

Into the Light is the eighth studio album by British-Irish singer Chris de Burgh, released June 1, 1986 by A&M Records. The album is notable for featuring de Burgh’s biggest hit, “The Lady in Red”.

The album peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart, becoming de Burgh’s first studio album to enter the top ten.

“Fatal Hesitation” was a UK number 44 hit, spending four weeks on the chart. “Say Goodbye to It All” was a continuation of the song “Borderline” from 1982’s The Getaway. Both songs frequently appear in de Burgh’s concerts and compilation albums. The song “For Rosanna” is dedicated to de Burgh’s then-2-year-old daughter Rosanna.

  1. “Last Night” 6:07
  2. “Fire on the Water” 4:28
  3. “The Ballroom of Romance” 4:26
  4. “The Lady in Red” 4:16
  5. “Say Goodbye to It All” 5:23
  6. “The Spirit of Man” 4:40
  7. “Fatal Hesitation” 4:16
  8. “One Word (Straight to the Heart)” 4:30
  9. “For Rosanna” 3:39
  10. “The Leader” 2:16
  11. “The Vision” 3:13
  12. “What About Me?” 3:03

Chris de Burgh – lead and backing vocals, guitars
Danny McBride – guitars
Patrick Miles – all lead guitar solos
Phil Palmer – guitars
Nick Glennie-Smith – keyboards
Glenn Morrow – keyboards
Andy Richards – keyboards
John Giblin – bass
Al Marnie – bass
Pino Palladino – bass
Tony Beard – drums
Jeff Phillips – drums, percussion
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Gary Barnacle – saxophone
Ian Kojima – saxophone
Carol Kenyon – additional backing vocals (6)

Friday 1/7/22 1am ET: Feature LP: Chris De Burgh – Man On The Line (1984)

Man on the Line is the seventh studio album by Chris de Burgh, released in 1984. It produced de Burgh’s second UK hit single, “High on Emotion”, which entered the chart on May 12, 1984 and peaked at number 44. The album itself reached 11 on the UK album chart and remained on the chart for 24 weeks. In Germany and Switzerland, the album hit number one in the weekly charts and was the second-best-selling album of 1984 in both countries.

  1. “The Ecstasy of Flight (I Love the Night)” 4:01
  2. “Sight and Touch” 3:14
  3. “Taking it to the Top” 4:00
  4. “The Head and the Heart” 3:59
  5. “The Sound of a Gun” 4:29
  6. “High on Emotion” 4:26
  7. “Much More Than This” 2:57
  8. “Man on the Line” 4:25
  9. “Moonlight and Vodka” 3:39
  10. “Transmission Ends” 5:59

Chris de Burgh – acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals
Rupert Hine – keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals, orchestral arrangements
Howard Jones – acoustic piano (4)
Phil Palmer – electric guitar
John Giblin – bass guitar (3)
Trevor Morais – drums (5)
Tina Turner – guest vocals (5)

Sunday 8/15/21 1am ET: Feature LP: Chris De Burgh – The Getaway (1982)

The Getaway is singer Chris de Burgh’s sixth original album, released on A&M Records on December 19, 1982. It was the first studio album of de Burgh’s to chart in the UK, following the compilation Best Moves a year earlier. The album peaked at number 30 in the UK and spent 16 weeks on the chart. In the week beginning February 7, 1983, the album went to the top of the album charts in the then West Germany.

“Don’t Pay the Ferryman” – 3:48
“Living on the Island” – 3:31
“Crying and Laughing” – 4:33
“I’m Counting on You” – 4:27
“The Getaway” – 3:52
“Ship to Shore” – 3:49
“All the Love I Have Inside” – 3:18
“Borderline” – 4:37
“Where Peaceful Waters Flow” – 3:54
“The Revolution” – 1:46
“Light a Fire” – 2:08
“Liberty” – 5:02

Chris de Burgh – lead and backing vocals, 6 and 12-string guitars, acoustic piano (8)
Rupert Hine – synthesizers, percussion, orchestral arrangements, backing vocals
David Caddick – acoustic piano (4)
Phil Palmer – acoustic and electric guitars
Tim Wynveen – acoustic and electric guitars (2, 3, 11, 12), additional vocals
John Giblin – bass guitar, fretless bass
Steve Negus – drums
Anthony Thistlethwaite – saxophones
Stephen W. Tayler – saxophones, woodwinds
Nigel Warren-Green – cello (4)
Anthony Head – voice (1)
Diane Davison – additional vocals
Miriam Stockley – additional vocals
Sue Wilkinson – additional vocals