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Artist Countdown: Highway 101 Top 30 w/Paulette Carlson & Nikki Nelson 6pm ET @HIGHWAY101band

highway-101Highway 101 is an American country music band founded by Paulette Carlson (lead vocals), Jack Daniels (guitar), Curtis Stone (bass guitar, mandolin) and Scott “Cactus” Moser (drums). With Carlson as lead vocalist, the band recorded three albums for Warner Bros. Records Nashville and charted ten consecutive Top Ten hits on the Hot Country Songs charts, four of which went to Number One. After Carlson left in 1990, the band recorded a fourth album for Warner with Nikki Nelson on lead vocals before exiting the label. One album each followed on Liberty, Intersound and Free Falls Records. Moser, Stone, Nelson and Andy Gurley comprise the current lineup.

Paulette Tenae Carlson (born October 11, 1952) is a country singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the 1980s as the founder and lead vocalist for the country band Highway 101. With Highway 101, she charted four No. 1 hit singles, seven Top 10 hits. As a solo artist, she has charted five times on Hot Country Songs and recorded three studio albums. Her most successful solo single is “I’ll Start with You”, which peaked at number 21 in 1991.

Nikki Nelson (born January 3, 1969 in La Mesa, California) is an American country music singer. At the age of 7, her family moved to Topaz Lake, Nevada. In 1991, she replaced Paulette Carlson as lead vocalist for the band Highway 101, and their first album together was that year’s Bing Bang Boom. She also sang lead vocals on the band’s next album, 1993’s The New Frontier. Carlson returned to Highway 101 in 1995 for the album Reunited, and Nelson signed a solo recording deal with Columbia Records, Nashville. She released the single “Too Little Too Much” in 1997 and charted at No. 62 on the Hot Country Songs charts. Chrislynn Lee replaced Carlson after the Reunited album, and remained that band’s lead vocalist until 2006, when Nelson rejoined. – Wikipedia

1 Somewhere Tonight
2 Cry, Cry, Cry
3 (Do You Love Me) Just Say Yes
4 Who’s Lonely Now
5 Whiskey, If You Were a Woman
6 Walkin’, Talkin’, Cryin’, Barely Beatin’ Broken Heart
7 Setting Me Up
8 Honky Tonk Heart
9 The Bed You Made for Me
10 All the Reasons Why
11 This Side of Goodbye
12 Someone Else’s Trouble Now
13 Baby, I’m Missing You
14 Bing Bang Boom
15 The Blame
16 I’ll Start with You (Paulette Carlson)
17 Honky Tonk Baby
18 Too Little Too Much (Nikki Nelson)
19 Not With My Heart You Don’t (Paulette Carlson)
20 You Gotta Get to My Heart (Before You Lay a Hand on Me) (Paulette Carlson) 
21 You Baby You
22 I’d Say Yes (Paulette Carlson)
23 Can You Fool (Paulette Carlson)
24 It Must Be Love
25 Six Gold Coins
26 That Old Glass Case (Paulette Carlson)
27 Tell It To My Heart (Nikki Nelson)
28 You Go First (Nikki Nelson)
29 Storm of Love
30 River of Tears