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Wednesday 7/29/2020 10pm ET: Across The Tracks with Bob Shannon

Across The Tracks archive program by Bob Shannon, song about Space!

Monday 10pm ET: Across The Tracks with Bob Shannon

Bob Shannon is Across The Tracks with tunes with Happy in the title or the tune.

Monday 12am ET: Lost Hits with Bob Shannon

From the RadioMax Archives (August 1999) The first edition of Bob Shannon’s Lost Hits.

Happy Thanksgiving

Today on RadioMaxMusic 1 and 2


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Thursday 8pm ET: Across The Tracks with Bob Shannon

Across the Tracks with Bob Shannon featuring tunes about working . . .

Thursday 8pm ET: Across The Tracks

This installment feature the topic “Colors” join Bob Shannon 8pm ET on RadioMaxMusic.

Thursday 12pm: 2005 8th Annual MusicRadio77 Top 77 with Allan Sniffen & Bob Shannon

From 2005 we present Allan Sniffen and Bob Shannon counting down the Top 100 from the annual listener created survey.

Sunday 3pm: Across The Tracks with Bob Shannon

In this edition of Across The Tracks Bob Shannon plays tunes about walking and with same in the title.

Friday 9pm: WABC Classic Top 14 Countdown with Bob Shannon

In this edition of the WABC Classic 14 Countdown we feature the hits on WABC from April 2, 1962, hosted by Bob Shannon.

Wednesday 10pm: RadioMax Special: 1968: Ten Albums with Bob Shannon

From a 1968 weekend we did in 2008.  This is a special created and spoken by Bob Shannon featuring 10 albums from 1968.

Saturday 5pm: Across The Tracks with Bob Shannon

This edition feature tunes about Cowboys

Wednesday 10pm: RadioMax Rewind Part Two

In part two we feature another WABC Classic Top 14 Countdown from January 15, 1977 with Bob Shannon.  Originally aired January 22, 2002 on RadioMaxMusic.

Wednesday 10pm: RadioMax Rewind

This week on RadioMax Rewind.  We go back to September 11, 2009 featuring Bob Shannon hosting Across The Tracks In Color.  10pm ET

Wednesday 10pm: RadioMax Rewind

This week on Rewind we go back to 2010 with Sounds of The Sixties programmed by Bob Shannon.  Aired June 26, 2010.

Wednesday 10pm: RadioMax Rewind with Bob Shannon (1999)

Back in the early days of RadioMaxMusic, we were always discussing creating new programs that would never air on terrestrial radio.  Bob Shannon has numerous thoughts and ideas on the topic and we always used him as a sounding board for our thoughts and ideas.   He mentioned that he wanted to do a Lost Hits program.  SO back then we created a Lost Hits website and Bob hosted 3 different programs featuring Lost Hits.  This program is the first and keep in mind that we have had to resample the program from the early days.  

This program will eventually be included in our on-demand area featuring Bob Shannon Programs hosted live and for RadioMaxMusic..