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Wednesday 5/25/22 10pm ET: Feature LP: Beautiful South – 0898 (1992)

0898 Beautiful South, also referred to as 0898, is the third studio album by English band The Beautiful South. After the success of their previous work over 1989–1991, the band hired prolific record producer Jon Kelly and recorded the album at AIR Studios in London. The album contains a more “muscular” yet sometimes more sombre sound than their previous albums, although still entirely retains lyricist Paul Heaton’s witty and bitter lyrical style. The album “deals in fragile melodies and harmonies, soulful but low-key instrumentation, and lyrics full of subtle social commentary and humour.” The album title refers to the 0898 premium rate dialling code associated with sex hotlines in the UK at the time.

The album was released March 30, 1992 by the band’s record label Go! Discs. Four singles were released from the album, two of them prior to its release; “Old Red Eyes Is Back”, “We Are Each Other”, “Bell Bottomed Tear” and “36D”. It reached number 4 on the UK Album Chart, unlike their previous two albums which reached number 2; the record company blamed this on the cover which showed ladies’ faces on the back of terrapins’ shells.[citation needed] While the first two singles – “Old Red Eyes Is Back” and “We Are Each Other” – charted in the UK at No. 22 and No. 30 respectively, third single “Bell Bottomed Tear” was the only Top 20 hit from the album, reaching No. 16. “36D” was a relative disappointment after this success, only managing No. 46 in the singles charts. “We Are Each Other” was also a success on American alternative rock radio and peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in 1992. It was the band’s biggest hit in the United States.

  1. “Old Red Eyes Is Back” 3:35
  2. “We Are Each Other” 3:39
  3. “The Rocking Chair” 4:43
  4. “We’ll Deal With You Later” 4:07
  5. “The Domino Man” 2:40
  6. “36D” 5:16
  7. “Here It is Again” 3:27
  8. “Something That You Said” 4:20
  9. “I’m Your No. 1 Fan” 4:28
  10. “Bell Bottomed Tear” 4:35
  11. “You Play Glockenspiel, I’ll Play Drums” 5:06
  12. “When I’m 84” 4:32

Paul Heaton – Vocals
David Rotheray – Guitar
Dave Hemmingway – Vocals
Sean Welch – Bass
David Stead – Drums
Briana Corrigan – Vocals

Saturday 1/15/22 12pm ET: RadioMaxMusic Special: A2Z of the Hit of 1990 – Part 1

We interrupt our regular Saturday schedule with an installment of Part 1 of our library of 1990. In this segment we’ll feature music from: Stranglers, Soul II Soul, Tom Petty, Beautiful South, Eric Johnson, Willie Nelson, KC & The Sunshine Band, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nick Lowe, Elton John, Whistle, Robert Planet, Ian Hunter & Mark Ronson, and many more.

12pm to 4pm ET

Tuesday 3pm ET: Feature Artist – Beautiful South

The Beautiful South were an English pop rock group formed in 1988 by Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway, two former members of the Hull group The Housemartins, both of whom performed lead and backing vocals. Other members throughout the band’s existence were former Housemartins roadie Sean Welch (bass), Dave Stead (drums) and Dave Rotheray (guitar). The band’s original material was written by the team of Heaton and Rotheray.

After the band’s first album (recorded as a quintet), they were joined by a succession of female vocalists. All of the following artists performed lead and backing vocals alongside Heaton and Hemingway – Briana Corrigan for albums two and three after appearing as a guest vocalist on one, followed by Jacqui Abbott for the fourth to seventh albums, and finally Alison Wheeler for the final three Beautiful South albums.

The group broke up in January 2007, claiming the split was due to “musical similarities”, having sold around 15 million records worldwide.

Artist Countdown: Beautiful South Top 25 Hits 7:30pm ET @RadioMax

From left: Dave Hemingway, Paul Heaton, Norman...
From left: Dave Hemingway, Paul Heaton, Norman Cook, Stan Cullimore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BeautifulSouthThe Beautiful South was an English pop/rock group formed at the end of the 1980s by two former members of Hull group The Housemartins, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway. Other members were Sean Welch (bass), Dave Stead (drums) and Dave Rotheray (guitar) and a succession of female vocalists – Briana Corrigan, Jacqui Abbott and Alison Wheeler.

The group broke up in January 2007, claiming the split was due to “musical similarities”, having sold around 15 million records worldwide. In January 2009, it was announced that the former members Dave Hemingway, Alison Wheeler, and Dave Stead would reform under the name “New Beautiful South” which was later changed to “The South”.  (Source: Wikipedia)

1 Song For Whoever
2 A Little Time 
3 Perfect 10 
4 You Keep It All In
5 Don’t Marry Her
6 Rotterdam
7 Old Red Eyes Is Back
8 We Are Each Other
9 I’ll Sail This Ship Alone
10 Everybody’s Talkin’
11 My Book
12 Good as Gold (Stupid as Mud)
13 Manchester
14 How Long’s a Tear Take to Dry?
15 One Last Love Song
16 Bell Bottomed Tear
17 Dumb
18 Pretenders to the Throne
19 Dream a Little Dream
20 Just a Few Things That I Ain’t
21 Prettiest Eyes
22 Liars’ Bar
23 36D
24 The Table
25 The Root of All Evil