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Monday 5/17/21 2pm ET: Sounds of The 70’s

This week we feature music from Jethro Tull, Thin Lizzy, Paper Lace, Cher, Bad Company, Rare Earth, CCR, Jim Croce, Eddie Floyd, Elton John, BTO, Miracles, Big Star, Diana Ross and more . . .

Thursday 4/15/2021 1am ET: Feature LP: Bad Company – Straight Shooter (1975)

Straight Shooter is the second studio album by the English supergroup Bad Company. The album was released on April 2, 1975, a month after the release of the single “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” and four months before the album’s second single “Feel Like Makin’ Love”.

The album reached number 3 in the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200. It was certified gold (500,000 units sold) by the Recording Industry Association of America a month after its release. The album was remastered and re-released in 1994.

Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke stated on In the Studio (which devoted an episode to Straight Shooter) that the track “Shooting Star” (written by lead singer, Paul Rodgers) was lyrically inspired by the drug and alcohol-related deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison.

  1. “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” 3:35
  2. “Feel Like Makin’ Love” 5:12
  3. “Weep No More” 3:59
  4. “Shooting Star” 6:16
  5. “Deal with the Preacher” 5:01
  6. “Wild Fire Woman” 4:32
  7. “Anna” 3:41
  8. “Call on Me” 6:03
  9. “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” (Alternate Vocal & Guitar) 3:21
  10. “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (Take Before Master) 5:44
  11. “Weep No More” (Early Slow Version) 5:07
  12. “Shooting Star” (Alternate Take) 5:33
  13. “Deal with the Preacher” (Early Version) 5:40
  14. “Anna” (Alternate Vocal) 3:42
  15. “Call on Me” (Alternate Take) 5:45
  16. “Easy on My Soul” (Slow Version) 6:47
  17. “Whiskey Bottle” (Early Slow Version) 3:45
  18. “See the Sunlight” (Previously Unreleased) 4:40
  19. “All Night Long” (Previously Unreleased) 4:47
  20. “Wild Fire Woman” (Alternate Vocal & Guitar) 4:10
  21. “Feel like Makin’ Love” (Harmonica Version) 5:52
  22. “Whiskey Bottle” (B-Side of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”) 3:48

Paul Rodgers – vocals, guitar, piano
Mick Ralphs – guitar, keyboards
Boz Burrell – bass
Simon Kirke – drums

Wednesday 2/3/2021 1am ET: Feature LP: Bad Company – Desolation Angels (1979)

Desolation Angels is the fifth studio album by the English rock band Bad Company. The album was released on March 17, 1979. Paul Rodgers revealed on In the Studio with Redbeard (which devoted an episode to Desolation Angels) that the album’s title came from the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac. The title was almost used 10 years previous to name the second album from Rodgers’ previous band, Free, which in the end was called simply Free.

Desolation Angels was recorded at Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey, England in late 1978. It is considered the last strong album by Bad Company with the original lineup, mostly because it contains their last major hit, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”, written by Paul Rodgers and inspired by a guitar synthesizer riff that Rodgers had come up with.

“Gone, Gone, Gone”, written by bassist Boz Burrell, also received substantial airplay on rock stations. The album reached No. 3 on the Billboard album charts in 1979 and went Platinum in 1979 and Double Platinum subsequently.

A cover version of “Oh, Atlanta”, written by Mick Ralphs, was recorded by Alison Krauss and appears on her 1995 album Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection. The original version was used in the open to The Nashville Network’s 1993 broadcast of the Motorcraft 500 when ABC (which originally had the broadcast) could not find time to air the race, which had been postponed six days by a snowstorm in the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The album was remastered and re-released in 1994. In 2020, Rhino put out a deluxe edition to honor the 40th Anniversary with many alternate versions and bonus tracks.

1. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” 3:15
2. “Crazy Circles” 3:32
3. “Gone, Gone, Gone” 3:50
4. “Evil Wind” 4:22
5. “Early in the Morning” 5:45
6. “Lonely for Your Love” 3:26
7. “Oh, Atlanta” 4:08
8. “Take the Time” 4:14
9. “Rhythm Machine” 3:44
10. “She Brings Me Love” 4:42
11. “Smokin’ 45” (Alternative Version 1) 3:36
12. “Smokin’ 45” (Alternative Version 2) 3:13
13. “Rock Fever” (Outtake) 3:03
14. “Oh, Atlanta” (Slow Version with Fender Rhodes) 5:07
15. “Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy” (Alternative Version 1) 3:18
16. “Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy” (Alternative Version 2) 3:19
17. “Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy” (Alternative Version 3) 3:20
18. “Crazy Circles” (Alternative Version) 3:33

1. “Gone, Gone, Gone” (Alternative Version) 4:08
2. “Early In The Morning” (Alternative Version) 6:31
3. “Lonely For Your Love” (Alternative Version 1) 4:07
4. “Take The Time” (Alternative Version 1) 4:14
5. “Evil Wind” (Alternative Version) 5:11
6. “Take The Time” (Alternative Version 2) 4:15
7. “Lonely For Your Love” (Alternative Version 2) 3:34
8. “She Brings Me Love” (Alternate Version) 5:23
9. “What Does It Matter” (Blues Jam) 2:07
10. “Rhythm Machine” (Alternate Version) 3:45
11. “Amen” (A cappella) 2:02

Paul Rodgers – vocals, guitar, piano, synthesisers
Mick Ralphs – guitar, keyboards
Boz Burrell – bass
Simon Kirke – drums

Thursday 1/28/2021 11pm ET: Feature LP: Bad Company (1974)

Bad Company is the debut studio album by the English hard rock supergroup Bad Company. The album was recorded at Headley Grange with Ronnie Lane’s Mobile Studio in November 1973, and it was the first album released on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records label on June 26, 1974.

1. “Can’t Get Enough” 4:17
2. “Rock Steady” 3:47
3. “Ready for Love” 5:03
4. “Don’t Let Me Down” 4:22
5. “Bad Company” 4:51
6. “The Way I Choose” 5:06
7. “Movin’ On” 3:24
8. “Seagull” 4:04

Paul Rodgers – vocals, rhythm (1) and acoustic (8) guitars, piano (4, 5), tambourine (8)
Mick Ralphs – lead guitar (all but 8), keyboards (3, 6)
Boz Burrell – bass (all but 8)
Simon Kirke – drums (all but 8)
Sue Glover and Sunny Leslie – backing vocals (4)

Saturday 8/15/2020 12am ET: Feature LP: Bad Company – Rough Diamonds (1982)

Rough Diamonds is the sixth studio album by the English rock band Bad Company. The album was released in August 1982. Rough Diamonds, like its predecessor, Desolation Angels, was recorded at Ridge Farm Studio in Surrey, England in March and April 1982 and engineered by Max Norman (famed for his work with Ozzy Osbourne).

It was the last album by Bad Company’s original line-up and the most recent studio album to feature Paul Rodgers. The sessions were rough going from the beginning. First, their manager, Peter Grant, withdrew from view after the death of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham in 1980. Then, on another occasion, a fistfight broke out between Paul Rodgers and Boz Burrell, the two bandmates restrained by Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke.

The album’s opening track, “Electricland”, written by Rodgers, was the album’s biggest hit. Rodgers’ “Painted Face” also received substantial airplay on rock stations. The album became the original line-up’s worst-selling album, reaching a disappointing No. 26 on the Billboard album charts in 1982. The album was remastered and re-released in 1994.

1. “Electricland” 5:29
2. “Untie the Knot” 4:07
3. “Nuthin’ on the TV” 3:46
4. “Painted Face” 3:24
5. “Kickdown” 3:35
6. “Ballad of the Band” 2:10
7. “Cross Country Boy” 3:00
8. “Old Mexico” 3:49
9. “Downhill Ryder” 4:09
10. “Racetrack” 4:44

Paul Rodgers – vocals, guitar, piano
Mick Ralphs – guitar, slide guitar, keyboards
Simon Kirke – drums
Boz Burrell – bass
John Cook – piano and synthesizer
Mel Collins – saxophone

Friday 5pm ET: Feature Artist – Bad Company

Bad Company are an English hard rock supergroup formed in Westminster, London, in 1973 by singer Paul Rodgers and guitarist Mick Ralphs, later adding drummer Simon Kirke and bassist Boz Burrell Peter Grant, who managed the rock band Led Zeppelin, also managed Bad Company until 1982.

Bad Company enjoyed great success throughout the 1970s. Their first three albums, Bad Company (1974), Straight Shooter (1975), and Run with the Pack (1976), reached the top five in the album charts in both the UK and US. Many of their singles/songs, such as “Bad Company”, “Can’t Get Enough”, “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Ready for Love”, “Shooting Star”, and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”, remain staples of classic rock radio. They have sold 15.5 million RIAA-certified albums in the United States.

Original Paul Rodgers era (1973–1982)
Brian Howe era (1986–1994)
Robert Hart era (1994–1998)
Return of Paul Rodgers (1998–2002)

Simon Kirke – drums, percussion, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals and guitar (1973–1982, 1986–1999, 2001–2002, 2008–present)
Mick Ralphs – lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1973–1982, 1986–1999, 2008–2016, 2020–present)
Paul Rodgers – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, harmonica (1973–1982, 1998–1999, 2001–2002, 2008–present)
Todd Ronning – bass, backing vocals (2012–present)

Tuesday 12am ET: Feature LP: Bad Company – The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology (1999)

The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology is a compilation album released by Bad Company in 1999 on Elektra Records. This album marks Bad Company’s first new songs since 1982 to feature original lead singer Paul Rodgers. In addition to the classic hits, it also features six B-sides and outtakes. Technical information was retrieved from the 1999 Edition released by Elektra Records. Most songs on this album were previously released on Swan Song Records. The tracks “Tracking Down a Runaway”, “Ain’t It Good”, “Hammer of Love” and “Hey, Hey” were new songs recorded especially for this release. The compilation notably omits the tracks “Young Blood”, “Gone, Gone, Gone” and “Electricland”, all of which were fairly big hits with Rodgers.

“Can’t Get Enough” from Bad Company (1974)
“Rock Steady” from Bad Company
“Ready for Love” from Bad Company
“Bad Company” from Bad Company
“Movin’ On” from Bad Company
“Seagull” from Bad Company
“Superstar Woman” previously unreleased (1974), later re-recorded for use on Paul’s solo album Cut Loose (1983)
“Little Miss Fortune” taken from the B-side of the UK/US single “Can’t Get Enough” (1974)
“Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” from Straight Shooter (1975)
“Feel Like Makin’ Love” from Straight Shooter
“Shooting Star” from Straight Shooter
“Deal with the Preacher” from Straight Shooter
“Wild Fire Woman” from Straight Shooter
“Easy On My Soul” taken from the B-side of the US single “Movin’ On” (1974)
“Whiskey Bottle” taken from the B-side of the US single “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” (1975)
“Honey Child” from Run with the Pack (1976)
“Run with the Pack” from Run with the Pack
“Silver, Blue and Gold” from Run with the Pack
“Do Right by Your Woman” previously unused mix from Run with the Pack
“Burnin’ Sky” from Burnin’ Sky (1977)
“Heartbeat” from Burnin’ Sky
“Too Bad” from Burnin’ Sky
“Smokin’ 45” previously unreleased (1976)
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” from Desolation Angels (1979)
“Evil Wind” from Desolation Angels
“Oh, Atlanta” from Desolation Angels
“Rhythm Machine” from Desolation Angels
“Untie the Knot” from Rough Diamonds (1982)
“Downhill Ryder” from Rough Diamonds
“Tracking Down a Runaway” new track recorded 1998
“Ain’t It Good” new track recorded 1998
“Hammer of Love” new track recorded 1998
“Hey, Hey” new track recorded 1998

Tuesday 12am ET: Feature LP: Bad Company – Here Comes Trouble (1992)

Here Comes Trouble is the tenth studio album by hard rock band Bad Company, it would be the last studio album with Brian Howe as lead vocalist. The album was released in September 1992. The title track from this album received some major air play on Classic rock radio, although “How About That” was the biggest single from the album, spending six weeks at the top of the Album Rock Tracks chart.

1. “How About That” 5:26
2. “Stranger Than Fiction” 5:12
3. “Here Comes Trouble” 4:10
4. “This Could Be the One” 5:17
5. “Both Feet in the Water” 4:42
6. “Take This Town” 4:17
7. “What About You” 3:54
8. “Little Angel” 5:02
9. “Hold on to My Heart” 4:40
10. “Brokenhearted” 4:47
11. “My Only One” 5:01

Wednesday 4pm ET: Sounds of The 70s

This week on the Sounds of The 70s we feature music from: Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, KC & The Sunshine Band, Bad Company, Aerosmith, Henry Gross, Doobie Brothers, Thelma Houston, Grass Roots and more. . . 

Friday 4pm: Across The Tracks: Featuring – One (Part 4)

This installment of Across The Tracks feature tune with “ONE” in the title.  We’ll feature music from Rise Against, INXS, Bad Company, Maroon 5, Kid Rock, Queen, Montgomery Gentry, Doobie Brothers, Theory of A Deadman, Beatles, Smash Mouth, Carole King and much more across the tracks and genres.  

Wednesday 4pm: Sounds of The 70s

Today on Sounds of The 70s:  Cat Stevens, Bette Midler, Manu Dibango, Tommy James, Bad Company, Main Ingredient, David Cassidy, Lake, Warren Zevon, and more . .  

Wednesday 2pm: Sounds of The 70’s

This week we feature music from; Beach Boys, Tavares, Olivia Newton-john, Electric Light Orchestra, Tubes, Elton John, Dan Hartman, Police, Eagles, Hot, Dire Straits, Badfinger, Cat Stevens, Boston, Chic, Bad Company and more . . . 

Wednesday 9pm: Feature Artist – Paul Rodgers

Paul RodgersPaul Bernard Rodgers (born 17 December 1949) is an English singer, songwriter and musician, best known for his success in the 1960s and 1970s as vocalist of Free and Bad Company. He now lives in Canada as a naturalized Canadian citizen. After stints in two less successful bands in the 1980s and early 1990s, The Firm and The Law, he became a solo artist. He has more recently toured and recorded with Queen. Rodgers has been dubbed “The Voice” by his fans. A poll in Rolling Stone magazine ranked him number 55 on its list of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time”. In 2011 Rodgers received the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music.

Rodgers has been cited as a significant influence on a number of notable rock singers, including David Coverdale, John Waite, Steve Overland, Lou Gramm, Jimi Jamison, Eric Martin, Steve Walsh, Joe Lynn Turner, Paul Young, Bruce Dickinson, Robin McAuley, Jimmy Barnes, Richie Kotzen. Joe Bonamassa, and the late Ronnie Van Zant. In 1991, John Mellencamp called Rodgers “the best rock singer ever”. Freddie Mercury, the original Queen vocalist, in particular liked Rodgers and his aggressive style. – Wikipedia

Rock Show 6p – 10p ET

rmaxrockshowAll new edition of the RadioMax Rock Show featuring music from Bad Company, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen,  Queen, Def Leppard, Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Revolver, Chris Cornell, Outfield, Oasis, Switchfoot and more . . . 

The Rock Show 6pm – 10pm ET

RocksReturning to Thursday evening at 6pm ET its the Rock Show.  Featuring music from the Smashing Pumpkins, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Live, Van Halen, Queen, Kiss, .38 Special,  AC/DC, Stone Temple Pilots, Bad Company and more.  . .