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Thursday 6/30/22 10am ET: Feature LP: Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing (1978)

Shadow Dancing is the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Andy Gibb, released in June 1978 in the United States and September 1978 in the United Kingdom. It was Gibb’s highest charting album in some countries including America and in Canada. This LP was his only album to chart in the UK. Four singles, including the three US Top 10 singles, were released from the album.

Continuing the momentum of his first successes, notably “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”, he began work with the Gibb-Galuten-Richardson production team on his second album. Although the album is not currently in print, it was released to iTunes along with the other two Andy Gibb albums in 2011.

  1. “Shadow Dancing” 4:34
  2. “Why” 4:31
  3. “Fool for a Night” 3:20
  4. “An Everlasting Love” 4:06
  5. “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away” 4:07
  6. “One More Look at the Night” 3:45
  7. “Melody” 4:00
  8. “I Go For You” 4:19
  9. “Good Feeling” 3:46
  10. “Waiting For You” 4:13

Andy Gibb – lead vocals
Barry Gibb – background vocals on “Shadow Dancing”, “Why”, “An Everlasting Love”, Don’t Throw It All Away”, orchestral arrangement on “Shadow Dancing”, “An Everlasting Love”, “One More Look at the Night”, “Good Feeling” and “Don’t Throw It All Away”
John Sambataro – harmony and backing vocals, slide guitar on “Why”
Joey Murcia – guitar
Tim Renwick – guitar
Don Felder – guitar on “I Go for You”
Jock Bartley – guitar on “Why”
George Bitzer – keyboards, synthesizer
Paul Harris – keyboards on “Don’t Throw It All Away”
Harold Cowart – bass guitar
Joe Lala – percussion
Ron Ziegler – drums
Neil Bonsanti – horns
Ken Faulk – horns
Peter Graves – horns
Bill Purse – horns
Whit Sidener – horns
Stan Webb – horns
Albhy Galuten – orchestral arrangement
Blue Weaver – orchestral arrangement on “Don’t Throw It All Away”

Thursday 6/16/22 8pm ET: Feature LP: Andy Gibb – Flowing Rivers (1977)

Flowing Rivers is the debut studio album by English singer-songwriter Andy Gibb. The album was produced by Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson, with Barry Gibb on two tracks. It was released in September 1977 on RSO. Flowing Rivers was re-released by Polydor Records in 1998 in CD version.

Although the album is not currently in print, it was released to iTunes along with the other two Andy Gibb albums in 2011. From the album, two singles were released, “I Just Want to Be Your Everything” and “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water” (both peaked No. 1 in the US). Amy Hanson of AllMusic considered the songs in this LP as classic rock. The album was mainly produced by Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson, with Barry Gibb on two songs.

  1. “I Just Want to Be Your Everything” 3:45
  2. “Words and Music” 4:38
  3. “Dance to the Light of the Morning” 3:19
  4. “Too Many Looks in Your Eyes” 4:10
  5. “Starlight” 3:32
  6. “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water” 4:15
  7. “Flowing Rivers” 3:37
  8. “Come Home for the Winter” 4:05
  9. “Let It Be Me” 3:30
  10. “In the End” 3:16

Andy Gibb – vocals
Barry Gibb – background and harmony vocals on “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”, “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water”
John Sambataro – background vocals
Joey Murcia – guitar
George Terry – guitar
Joe Walsh – guitar on “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”, “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water”
Don Buzzard – steel guitar
Paul Harris – piano, keyboards
Albhy Galuten – synthesizer, orchestral arrangement
Harold Cowart – bass guitar
Ron Ziegler – drums
Nelson Pedron – percussion
Mike Lewis – conductor

Thursday 5pm ET: Feature Artist – Andy Gibb

Andrew Roy Gibb (March 5, 1958 – March 10, 1988) was an English singer, songwriter, performer, and teen idol. He was the younger brother of the Bee Gees: Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

Gibb came to international prominence in the late 1970s with six singles that reached the Top 10 in the United States, starting with “I Just Want to Be Your Everything” (1977), followed by three other top 20 singles. Gibb’s success was brief due to drug addiction and depression. He died five days after his 30th birthday while attempting a comeback.

By late January 1988 to early February 1988, Gibb had seemingly beaten his drug addiction, regained his health, and was ready to begin recording a new album. However, he still battled depression over his breakup with Victoria Principal. According to Robin Gibb, his brother “just went downhill so fast… he was in a terrible state of depression”. On March 5 1988, Gibb celebrated his 30th birthday in London while working on the new album. Two days after celebrating his birthday, he entered John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford complaining of chest pains.

At around 8:30 am on 10 March 1988, Gibb’s doctor told him that more tests were needed to determine the cause of his chest pains. Later that day, Gibb slumped into unconsciousness and died as a result of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle caused by years of cocaine abuse that fatally weakened his heart. This diagnosis was supported by William Shell, a cardiologist who had previously treated Gibb.

With the announcement of Gibb’s death, his ex-wife, Kim Reeder, was not surprised. “I always knew that one day I’d get a call with news like this. It was only a matter of time.” The Gibb family would also maintain it was not an overdose that killed Gibb, as some media reports suggested, but natural causes after years of substance abuse.

Gibb’s body was returned to the United States, where he was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. The headstone reads “Andy Gibb / March 5, 1958 – March 10, 1988 / An Everlasting Love”, after one of his hit singles.

Wednesday 4pm: Sounds of The 70s

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