Sunday 9am / 10pm: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B (Gregg Allman Special)

Yes we lost another music legend – this week, and maybe next, we pay tribute to Gregg Allman.

No – we will not be playing cuts from “Two the hard way” – this week we feature “All My Friends” On January 10, 2014, a star-studded tribute concert to Gregg Allman was held at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. All My Friends is a rousing success. Haynes and Trucks open up the show, then there’s a stretch that showcases the group’s blues and soul roots — Sam Moore and Keb’ Mo’ show up, then Taj Mahal and Dr. John. There’s space made for Americana maverick John Hiatt, ’70s peer Jackson Browne, jam band Widespread Panic, and country stars Trace Adkins, Vince Gill, Zac Brown, and Eric Church before the Allman Brothers Band ties things up with “Dreams” and “Whipping Post.” All My Friends illustrates just how rich Gregg Allman’s contribution to American music is and what we’ll miss.

It happens 9am today on The VInyl Resting Place on RadioMaxMusic and encore at 10pm.

Sunday 9am/10pm: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

Today the Vinyl Resting Place will be offering its afternoon in the morning. Couple of weeks back we offered up songs of the morning – today, starting at 9am (with a replay at 10PM) we spin platters that take us from noon to early evening – sound confusing? – It is (I can’t figure it out) – maybe the playlist will help…… Join Willie B on RadioMaxMusic.

Sunday 9am / 10pm: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B (Mothers Day Special)

Sunday at 9am (or 10pm ET) for the Vinyl Resting Place on (or on the TuneIn app). Where else could you hear a program that has LL Cool J, Patty Duke, Elvis and Al Jolson on the same program? Well it’s mothers’ day and The Vinyl Resting place pays tribute to all the mothers out there –
And I mean all the mothers – even test tube babies has a womb with a view.

Today I finally get to play one of my all time radio heroes; Jean Shepard, with an intro for Mothers’ day, live, from the Limelight. Our first hour together includes Jolie with “Remember Mothers Day”, Derek
Pilgrim, Patti Page with “Throw Mama from the Train”, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Linda Carr & The Love Squad, Good Charlotte, The Spice Girls, Tanya Tucker, Red Sovine, Sister Sledge Elvis and more

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

Its the colors of the day on The Vinyl Resting place. This week we spend 3 hours in the morning – you know waking up, having breakfast – we also have our second installment of mixing the hits – we play some of the individual tracks from the Beatles A Day in the Life – then present our own quadraphonic mix of that song – so wake up with Willie and the Vinyl Resting Place on RadioMaxMusic or on the TuneIn app – this Sunday at 9 (and if you’re not careful – we’ll do it all again at 10PM)…

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

This week we take to the friendly skies – hoping its over booked so we can cash in on that $10 grand offer.

Lots of songs that help us take flight, and our new multi track feature during hour 3 so come fly with us on The Vinyl Resting Place – we’re on the TuneIn app or on line at

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

This week on The Vinyl Resting Place – we’re twice as good (or bad, depending on your point of view). As a way of introducing a new feature we hope to present each week, We are playing 2 complete quadraphonic LPs as well as a smattering of tracks from various LPs of the 70s.

Here’s the neat thing about this type of Quadraphonic recordings – they were designed to be compatible with standard stereo playback/broadcast – BUT – you can still experience the effect if you listen to the show either through headphones (the phase shifting tricks the brain into thinking sounds are coming from behind you) – or if you play the show through a modern surround sound system.

So we’ve gone with the greats – hour 1 we offer up the complete Dark Side of the Moon LP by Pink Floyd. Never released in the US, so we had to send to Australia for our copy.
Hour 2 – we play the the complete Greatest Hits album by Sly and the Family Stone (we’ll even throw in a bonus hit or two).

Finally – our third hour together offers up some classic tracks with mixes you are probably only familiar with, if you’ve been a loyal listener (or know either one of those who are).

So join the fun – and starting next week, you’ll be subjected to tracks mixed for quad that you can only hear on The Vinyl Resting place – because we’re taking the multi track master tapes, and doing the mixing ourselves.