Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

This week on The Vinyl Resting Place – we’re twice as good (or bad, depending on your point of view). As a way of introducing a new feature we hope to present each week, We are playing 2 complete quadraphonic LPs as well as a smattering of tracks from various LPs of the 70s.

Here’s the neat thing about this type of Quadraphonic recordings – they were designed to be compatible with standard stereo playback/broadcast – BUT – you can still experience the effect if you listen to the show either through headphones (the phase shifting tricks the brain into thinking sounds are coming from behind you) – or if you play the show through a modern surround sound system.

So we’ve gone with the greats – hour 1 we offer up the complete Dark Side of the Moon LP by Pink Floyd. Never released in the US, so we had to send to Australia for our copy.
Hour 2 – we play the the complete Greatest Hits album by Sly and the Family Stone (we’ll even throw in a bonus hit or two).

Finally – our third hour together offers up some classic tracks with mixes you are probably only familiar with, if you’ve been a loyal listener (or know either one of those who are).

So join the fun – and starting next week, you’ll be subjected to tracks mixed for quad that you can only hear on The Vinyl Resting place – because we’re taking the multi track master tapes, and doing the mixing ourselves.

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

This week the Vinyl Resting Place features tributes and recordings of two we lost this week. Paul O’Neil – the mystic mainspring behind the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – and Don Rickles – who released 2 vinyl albums back in the late 1960’s (and we feature cuts from both).  It will be a real mix as we offer up TSO’s recordings, both classical and Christmas – and we inter cut those with some of Mr Rickles’ recordings and TV appearances.

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

Last week on The Vinyl Resting Place we paid tribute to the Late Chuck Berry with some interviews with, and a few hours of Live concert performances by, the father of Rock and Roll. This week we let other’s pay the tributes, as all of Chuck children are out there, playing his licks. You’ll hear 3 hours of the most amazing covers of the best in rock and roll – and you’ll hear it from artists as diverse as Green Day, Emmylou Harris, Buddy Holly, AC/DC, Elvis, Motorhead and more – just to prove how Berry’s music transcends genres and the ages. So be with us at The Vinyl Resting Place, on Sunday Morning at 9, Sunday night at 10 – or both!

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place Special with Willie B

With the passing of one of the last of the founding fathers of Rock and Roll – we are dedicating all three hours of our show (The Vinyl Resting Place) this week to Mr Chuck Berry. There will be interviews, and live performances from the 50’s to just a few months past. So tune in (there is an app) or surf on over to at 9am or for the encore at 10pm – or both – and lets celebrate a life in music. Next week we’ll give Mr Berry the full Vinyl Resting Place treatment, with lots of odd facts, history and music you might be unfamiliar with – but for this Sunday – it’s all Berry for all 3 hours.

Sunday 9am: Vinyl Resting Place with Willie B

vynal-resting-place2-final-021717Sunday at 9 (am) or 10 (pm) on The Vinyl Resting Place, Its Academy Awards time – during hour 1 we’ll play all 18 AAN (Academy Award Nominated) songs from the Disney Studios. – during our second hour – its Bond; James Bond, and all 6 Bond songs that have been nominated. we’ll then play the reaming nominated songs from 2016 (one of which will win Sunday) – and for our last hour – we play the rest of the AA winners from 1998 to 2014. Even if you can’t bear to watch the actual show – at least the tunes are worth listening to…. Join Willie B on RadioMaxMusic.