Wednesday 11/30/22 7pm ET: Feature LP: Lisa Keith – Walkin’ In The Sun (1993)

Lisa Keith (born 1960) is an American contemporary/pop singer, probably best known for her work as a backing vocalist for other artists and lead vocalist on Herb Alpert’s hit single from 1987, “Making Love in the Rain”. In 1993 she released her solo debut album, Walkin’ in the Sun on Perspective Records; which featured production from Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Narada Michael Walden and Keith’s husband Spencer Bernard. The first single “Better Than You” peaked at No. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100, while the follow-up single “I’m in Love” reached No. 84.

Keith was credited on several albums throughout the 1980s and 1990s. She is well known for her background vocals being featured on work by Janet Jackson, Alexander O’Neal, Karyn White, New Edition, and S.O.S. Band, plus other acts produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (as well as lead vocals on the chorus of MC Lyte’s 1993 single “Ice Cream Dream”). In the late 1980s she also fronted a live Minneapolis Funk band called Rocket (whose members also included producer/session musician Shaun Labelle and drummer John “Bam Bam” Morgan).

In addition to working as a backing vocalist, Keith has also co-written several songs for other artists; such as New Edition’s “Crucial” and Nona Hendryx’s “Why Should I Cry”.

Walkin’ in the Sun, Released by Perspective Records, August 17, 1993

“Love Isn’t Body… It’s Soul”
“Better Than You”
“Love Is Alive and Well”
“I’m in Love”
“Days Like These”
“Love for All Seasons”
“World of Joy”
“Sunshine Daydreamin'”
“Love Me Like You Do”
“Free as You Wanna Be”
“True to You”
“Walkin’ in the Sun”