Thursday 11/24/22 3pm ET: Feature LP: Led Zeppelin – Mothership (2007)

Mothership is a compilation album by English rock band Led Zeppelin, released by Atlantic Records and Rhino Entertainment on November 12, 2007 in the United Kingdom, and November 13, 2007 in the United States. It was released on the same day that Led Zeppelin’s entire catalogue became available in digital stores, including the iTunes Store. The cover was designed by artist Shepard Fairey.

The songs included were chosen by the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, and represent the band’s eight studio albums. In addition to a two-disc set, the album is also available in both “deluxe” and “collector’s” editions with a DVD featuring varied live content from the previously released Led Zeppelin DVD (2003). A 4-LP vinyl package was also released on August 28, 2008. On November 6, 2015, the album was reissued using the audio from the band’s 2014–15 remaster campaign.

  1. “Good Times Bad Times” 2:48
  2. “Communication Breakdown” 2:29
  3. “Dazed and Confused” 6:28
  4. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” 6:42
  5. “Whole Lotta Love” 5:33
  6. “Ramble On” 4:28
  7. “Heartbreaker” 4:16
  8. “Immigrant Song” 2:27
  9. “Since I’ve Been Loving You” 7:24
  10. “Rock and Roll” 3:41
  11. “Black Dog” 4:55
  12. “When the Levee Breaks 7:10
  13. “Stairway to Heaven” 8:02
  14. “The Song Remains the Same” 5:32
  15. “Over the Hills and Far Away” 4:49
  16. “D’yer Mak’er” 4:24
  17. “No Quarter” 7:00
  18. “Trampled Under Foot” 5:36
  19. “Houses of the Holy” 4:04
  20. “Kashmir” 8:35
  21. “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” 6:30
  22. “Achilles Last Stand” 10:23
  23. “In the Evening” 6:51
  24. “All My Love” 5:54

John Bonham – drums, percussion
John Paul Jones – bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin, recorders
Jimmy Page – acoustic and electric guitars, production
Robert Plant – vocals, harmonica
Ian Stewart – piano on “Rock and Roll”

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