Sunday 4/24/22 2:15pm ET: Feature LP: Prism – See Forever Eyes (1978)

See Forever Eyes is the second studio album by the Canadian rock band Prism. It was originally released in June 1978 by the Canadian record label, GRT. The album was recorded over a period of five months in 1978, at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver, at Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver, and at Pinewood Studios. It was produced by the future multi-award winning producer Bruce Fairbairn.

The album was received negatively by the majority of music critics, while other reviewers noted good points to the album. It was also a commercial disappointment, peaking at number 158 on the Billboard 200. However, Prism found some moderate success with the song “Flyin'”. The single peaked at 53 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

“Hello” 2:48
“Flyin'” 4:33
“Nickels and Dimes” 4:08
“Crime Wave” 4:35
“You’re Like The Wind” 3:44
“N-N-N-No!” 2:51
“Take Me Away” 3:17
“You’re My Reason” 3:36
“Just Like Me” 4:40
“See Forever Eyes” 5:10

Ron Tabak – lead vocals
Lindsay Mitchell – guitars, backing vocals
Rocket Norton – drums
John Hall – keyboards, backing vocals
Al Harlow – bass guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals