Wednesday 3/30/22 7pm ET: Feature LP: The Outfield – Play Deep (1985)

Play Deep is the debut studio album by the English rock band The Outfield, released by Columbia Records in 1985. The album received widespread popularity with the success of their debut single, “Say It Isn’t So” (a regional #1 hit), which reached number 18 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart, and the follow up single, “Your Love”, reached number 6 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1986. Play Deep peaked at number 9 at the U.S. album charts and was later certified triple platinum. In total, four of the tracks managed to reach the charts; the aforementioned two, along with “Everytime You Cry” and “All the Love”.

Perhaps befitting a band named for a sport much more popular in America than in the United Kingdom, Play Deep was a hit in the US but not back home in England; indeed, the Outfield would never have an album make the UK music charts. (“Your Love” and “All the Love” did manage to scrape the British singles charts, at #83 and #96 respectively.)

1. “Say It Isn’t So” 3:48
2. “Your Love” 3:36
3. “I Don’t Need Her” 3:51
4. “Everytime You Cry” 4:29
5. “61 Seconds” 4:18
6. “Mystery Man” 4:04
7. “All the Love” 3:32
8. “Talk to Me” 3:34
9. “Taking My Chances” 3:37
10. “Nervous Alibi” 3:52

Tony Lewis – bass guitar, vocals
John Spinks – guitars, vocals
Alan Jackman – drums, percussion

Reg Webb – keyboards, backing vocals
Frank Callaghan – additional vocals