Monday 3/21/22 9am ET: Feature LP: Eric Carmen: I Was Born To Love You (2000)

I Was Born to Love You is an album released by Eric Carmen in 2000. It was originally released in Japan as Winter Dreams in 1997. Then-former and now-reunited Raspberries bandmate Wally Bryson sat in on guitar for two of the songs: “Every Time I Make Love to You” and “I Could Really Love You”. It stands as his most recent album to date.

The track “Someone That You Loved Before” was covered by Diana Ross on her 1999 LP Every Day Is a New Day.

“I Was Born to Love You”
“Someone That You Loved Before”
“Every Time I Make Love to You”
“Cartoon World”
“Almost Paradise”
“Top Down Summer”
“Isn’t It Romantic”
“I Could Really Love You”
“Caroline, No”
“I Wanna Take Forever Tonight”
“Walk Away Renée”