Thursday 2/10/22 6pm ET: Feature Artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Frankie Goes to Hollywood were a British band who released two studio albums and seven singles before disbanding in 1987. Since then, almost all of their tracks have been rereleased on compact disc, including various compilation albums and CD singles. In recent years, their record company has also released original material that wasn’t released during the band’s heyday.

In 1983, they released their debut single, “Relax”, which was highly controversial, due to its sexually explicit lyrics and highly suggestive music video. The video, which was shot in a gay nightclub, was banned by the BBC and MTV. After an extremely slow climb, including one week where the song actually went down the chart, Relax eventually topped the UK Singles Chart for five weeks, and it still stands today as one of the best-selling UK singles ever. It also gained success in the United States, where it peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band’s debut album, Welcome to the Pleasuredome, was released in October 1984 and reached the top of the UK Albums Chart. Three more singles were released from the album: “Two Tribes”, “The Power of Love” and “Welcome to the Pleasuredome”. “Two Tribes” and “The Power of Love” both reached number one on the UK Singles Chart, while “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” peaked at number 2.