In Memoriam: Bruce Anderson / MX80

Guitarist Bruce Anderson was a co-founder of art-rockers MX-80 Sound, who later changed its name to MX-80. He was also a member of that group’s offshoots, O-Type and the Gizzards. Anderson co-founded MX-80 Sound in Indiana in the mid-’70s, along with bassist Dale Sophiea and drummer Jeff Armour. Flying the banner of Beefheartean weirdness, the group put out several releases during the remainder of the ’70s and into the early ’80s. When MX-80 dissolved for a time, Anderson kept busy with O-Type and the Gizzards, ventures in which Sophiea joined him. Sophiea also played a valuable role in Anderson’s solo work, producing Anderson’s albums of densely layered guitar experimentation and Robert Fripp-like improvisation. Anderson’s 1995 full-length album Brutality collected tracks from his two late-’80s cassette releases and also featured some new material. Meanwhile, the members of MX-80 had reunited in 1987, remaining active well into the ’90s. (Ctsy – AllMusic)

It’s with the most profound sorrow to announce on January 12, 2022, that The guitarist and co-founder of Indiana art-rock greats MX-80 passed away. The heartfelt news has shaken many souls.

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