In Memoriam: Ana Bejerano (Mocedades) 1961 – 2022

Ana Bejerano, soloist of the Spanish group Mocedades after replacing the mythical Amaya Uranga, has died at the age of 60.

In 1985 she joined the group Mocedades with the task of replacing Amaya Uranga , who had started her career as a soloist. During her tenure with the group she recorded three albums as the main soloist: You have a friend , Ana y Miguel and Las Palabras . She also recorded the soundtrack for Las 1001 Américas . In 1992 she participated in the album Lilura Urdinak, by Amaya Uranga. In 1994 she left the group.

In 1996 she founded the Txarango group together with two members of Mocedades: Roberto Uranga and José Ipiña; and two other members of Trigo Limpio : Amaya Saizar and Javier Saizar. The new group recorded a single album, Everything has its place under the sky . The departure of the two former members of Trigo Limpio and Roberto Uranga, and the arrival of guitarist Luis Mateos led the group to be renamed Txarango Trío . With this group they performed for several years mainly in the Basque Country .

In 2012 she formed a jazz quartet under the name of Ana Bejerano Concept. In 2019 she returned, together with Javier Garay, to Mocedades, with whom she was performing on the tour held on the occasion of the group’s 50th anniversary.

She died on the morning of January 2, 2022 at the Urdúliz Hospital (Vizcaya), at the age of sixty, due to a serious problem in the digestive system for which he had been admitted on December 11.