Thursday 12/30/21 10pm ET: Feature LP: Cameo – Word Up! (1986)

Word Up! is an album by American funk/R&B group Cameo, released September 9, 1986. The album made Cameo one of the most successful bands of the 1980s and includes two of their biggest hit singles, “Word Up!” and “Candy”.

  1. “Word Up” 4:21
  2. “Candy” 5:39
  3. “Back and Forth” 6:33
  4. “Don’t Be Lonely” 5:19
  5. “She’s Mine” 4:37
  6. “Fast, Fierce & Funny” 4:09
  7. “You Can Have the World” 4:38
  8. “Word Up” Extended 5:58

Larry Blackmon – lead vocals, bass guitar, drums, percussion, backing vocals
Tomi Jenkins – lead vocals, backing vocals

Nathan Leftenant – backing vocals
Charlie Singleton – guitar, backing vocals
Aaron Mills – bass guitar
Michael Burnett – bass guitar, backing vocals
Bernard Wright, Eric Rehl, Kenni Hairston, Kevin Kendrick, Merv de Peyer – keyboards
Duduka Fonseca, Giovanni Hidalgo, Steve Thornton – percussion
Melvin Wells – saxophone, backing vocals
Michael Brecker – tenor saxophone (solo on “Candy”, “Don’t Be Lonely” and “She’s Mine”)
Randy Brecker – trumpet

Arno Hecht – tenor saxophone
Crispin Cioe – alto saxophone, baritone saxophone
Robert Funk – trombone
Paul Litteral – trumpet
Sammy Merendino – drum programming
Pat Buchanan – guitars
Peter Scherer – Synclavier programming
Willie Morris – backing vocals