Thursday 3/18/21 12am ET: Feature LP: Supertramp – Slow Motion (2002)

Slow Motion is the eleventh and final studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released April 23, 2002.

In North America, Slow Motion was only available via mail-order from the band’s website, released on their own label.

The song “Goldrush” was actually written in the early 1970s under the first Supertramp line-up, and was used as the opening number in all their shows prior to Crime of the Century. The band had tried to record it on several previous occasions, but had never before been able to recreate it in the studio to their satisfaction.

“Slow Motion” – 3:50
“Little By Little” – 4:30
“Broken Hearted” – 4:28
“Over You” – 5:06
“Tenth Avenue Breakdown” – 8:57
“A Sting in the Tail” – 5:17
“Bee in Your Bonnet” – 6:27
“Goldrush” – 3:06
“Dead Man’s Blues” – 8:26

Rick Davies – harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Mark Hart – guitars, keyboards, vocals
John Helliwell – saxophone, woodwinds
Cliff Hugo – bass
Bob Siebenberg – drums
Lee Thornburg – horns, background vocals
Carl Verheyen – guitars
Jesse Siebenberg – percussion, background vocals