Thursday 1/14/2021 1:30am ET: Feature LP: Supertramp – Free As A Bird (1987)

Free as a Bird is the ninth studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released October 13, 1987.

The album was a turn of direction of sorts, with most of the songs stepping back from their progressive rock sound, employing synthesized dance beats and rhythms. Chief songwriter Rick Davies later recalled, “Free as a Bird was an experiment to try and be modern and build it up with computers and drum machines and have people come in one by one, which makes you lose the band spirit a little bit.”

1. “It’s Alright” 5:01
2. “Not the Moment” 4:37
3. “It Doesn’t Matter” 4:53
4. “Where I Stand” Davies, Mark Hart 3:42
5. “Free as a Bird” 4:25
6. “I’m Beggin’ You” 5:30
7. “You Never Can Tell with Friends” 4:19
8. “Thing for You” 4:00
9. “An Awful Thing to Waste” 7:50

Rick Davies – piano, organ, synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, vocals
John Helliwell – saxophone, brass
Dougie Thomson – bass
Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion

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