Thursday 1/14/2021 12am ET: Feature LP: AJR – Neotheater (2019)

Neotheater is the third major-label studio album by pop band AJR. It was released on April 26, 2019, by the band’s label AJR Productions. The album was self-produced by the trio.

The 12 tracks were collectively described as “a coming of age tale that hears the band coming to terms with the sacrifices that come with growing older now that they are in their 20s”. A description of the album also stated: “The buoyant and uplifting music is juxtaposed with darker lyrical narratives that touch on anxiety, naivete and searching for integrity.”

1. “Next Up Forever” 4:17
2. “Birthday Party” 3:44
3. “100 Bad Days” 3:33
4. “Don’t Throw Out My Legos” 4:11
5. “Break My Face” 3:46
6. “Turning Out Pt. II” 3:43
7. “The Entertainment’s Here” 3:07
8. “Karma” 4:05
9. “Beats” 3:19
10. “Wow, I’m Not Crazy” 3:17
11. “Dear Winter” 2:48
12. “Finale (Can’t Wait to See What You Do Next)” 4:38

Adam Met – vocals, bass guitar, programming, samples, percussion
Jack Met – lead vocals, guitar, melodica, ukulele, drums, percussion, keyboards, synthesizers, samples, programming, trumpet, composition
Ryan Met – vocals, programming, keyboards, ukulele, trumpet, production, composition

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