Tuesday 1/12/2021 12am ET: Feature LP: Men At Work – Cargo (1983)

Cargo is the second studio album by Australian pop rock band Men at Work, which was released April 29,1983. It peaked at No. 1 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart, No. 2 in New Zealand, No. 3 on the United States Billboard 200, and No. 8 on the United Kingdom Albums Chart. Four singles were released from the album, with “Overkill” being an international top 10 hit in Canada, Ireland, Norway, and US Billboard Hot 100.

1. “Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive” 4:38
2. “Overkill” 3:47
3. “Settle Down My Boy” 3:31
4. “Upstairs in My House” 4:03
5. “No Sign of Yesterday” 6:15
6. “It’s a Mistake” 4:34
7. “High Wire” 3:02
8. “Blue for You” 3:55
9. “I Like To” 4:03
10. “No Restrictions” 4:31

11. “Shintaro”  2:49
12. “Till The Money Runs Out”  3:03
13. “Overkill” 12″  6:59

Colin Hay – lead vocals (except on tracks 3 & 9), guitar, Synclavier, background vocals
Greg Ham – flute, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica, background vocals, lead vocals on track 9
Ron Strykert – guitar, background vocals, lead vocals on track 3
John Rees – bass, background vocals
Jerry Speiser – drums, background vocals

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