Wednesday 12/2/2020 8pm ET: Feature Artist / LP: Scott Wieland – 12 Bar Blues (1998)

On this anniversary of Scott Wieland’s passing, we feature his first solo album.  12 Bar Blues is the debut solo album from Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland. Released March 31, 1998. Its sound and style differ greatly from STP’s previous releases. The design concept of the cover is a homage to the cover design of John Coltrane’s Blue Train album. The title name comes from the simple chord progression known as “twelve-bar blues.”

“Desperation #5” – 4:05
“Barbarella” – 6:36
“About Nothing” – 4:48
“Where’s the Man” – 4:55
“Divider” – 4:23
“Cool Kiss” – 4:55
“The Date” – 5:21
“Son” – 5:04
“Jimmy Was a Stimulator” – 3:58
“Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” – 5:26
“Mockingbird Girl” – 5:02
“Opposite Octave Reaction” – 4:18

Scott Weiland – lead vocals, beatbox, guitar, keyboards, piano, bass, synthesized bass, drum loops
Tracy Chisolm – theremin
Blair Lamb – beatbox
Holly Reiger – guitars
Jeff Nolan, Zander Schloss – guitars
Sheryl Crow – accordion
Brad Mehldau – piano
Peter DiStefano – guitars, bass
Victor Indrizzo – vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, drums
Daniel Lanois – synthesizers
Tony Castaneda – guitars, bass
Martyn LeNoble – bass, cello
Michael Weiland – drums, percussion, drum loops
Suzie Katayama – cello
Novi Novog – viola
Joel Derouin, Robin Lorentz – violin

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