Monday 11/23/2020 5am ET: Feature LP: Vixen (Debut) (1988)

Vixen is the self-titled debut by the American all-female hard rock/glam metal band Vixen. It was released in 1988 in the United States and Europe, and featured the hit singles “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “Cryin'”.

Richard Marx, one of the late 1980s’ most successful recording artists, was heavily involved in Vixen’s early career, co-producing the album and writing one of their biggest hits “Edge of a Broken Heart”.

The three songs co-written by Jeff Paris, “Cryin'”, “One Night Alone” and the bonus track “Charmed Life” were previously released on Paris’s 1987 solo album Wired Up. “Give It Away” is credited to Paris’s real name Geoffrey Leib and was included on his previous album Race to Paradise from 1986.

Vixen was featured at No. 43 in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time.

1. “Edge of a Broken Heart” 4:24
2. “I Want You to Rock Me” 3:30
3. “Cryin'” 3:32
4. “American Dream” 4:19
5. “Desperate” 4:16
6. “One Night Alone” 3:50
7. “Hell Raisers” 4:27
8. “Love Made Me” 3:18
9. “Waiting” 3:11
10. “Cruisin'” 4:24
11. “Charmed Life” 4:05
12. “Give It Away” 3:32