Thursday 11/19/2020 11pm ET: Feature LP: REM – Automatic For The People (1992)

Automatic for the People is the eighth studio album by American alternative rock band R.E.M., released on October 5, 1992, by Warner Bros. Records. R.E.M. began production on the album while their previous album, Out of Time (1991), was still ascending top albums charts and achieving global success. Aided by string arrangements from John Paul Jones, Automatic for the People features ruminations on mortality, loss, mourning and nostalgia.

Upon release, it received widespread acclaim from critics, reached number two on the US albums chart, and yielded six singles. Rolling Stone reviewer Paul Evans concluded of the album, “This is the members of R.E.M. delving deeper than ever; grown sadder and wiser, the Athens subversives reveal a darker vision that shimmers with new, complex beauty.” Automatic for the People has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide.

“Drive” – 4:31
“Try Not to Breathe” – 3:50
“The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite” – 4:06
“Everybody Hurts” – 5:17
“New Orleans Instrumental No. 1” – 2:13
“Sweetness Follows” – 4:19
“Monty Got a Raw Deal” – 3:17
“Ignoreland” – 4:24
“Star Me Kitten” – 3:15
“Man on the Moon” – 5:13
“Nightswimming” – 4:16
“Find the River” – 3:50

Bill Berry – drums, percussion, keyboards, bass guitar, backing vocals, melodica
Peter Buck – electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass guitar, bouzouki on “Monty Got a Raw Deal”
Mike Mills – bass guitar, piano, keyboards, accordion, backing vocals
Michael Stipe – lead vocals

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